My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) 18+ Chapter One

Chapter One – We Don´t Treat Women Like That!

He squeezes tighter around your throat, you desperately try to tell him to stop, but because of his grip, you can’t make a sound. You feel like your lungs are about to explode. You look at him, your eyes pleading him to stop, but he only smiles back at you. You can feel your eyes closing, and the energy leaving your body. *This is it, he’s really going to kill me*


You are awaken by your own scream, covered in sweat, and breathing heavily. Fuck, another nightmare. That’s just fucking perfect. Third time this week, and it’s only Thursday. You turn around in your bed, and look at the time. 6pm, shit you fell alseep again, you should be unpacking. You sit up, and look around your bedroom. Still packed with cardboard boxes. Leaving David and Chicago was the only right choice, after what happened. But the move to New York, and this new job got you exhausted even though you haven’t started working yet.

You take a shower, the warm water relaxes you, and you are finally able to shake off the nightmare. You put on some new clothes, and decide to go out for a drink, or ten. You could really use some, and you dont start work until Monday, so you are allowed one hangover Day. God knows, you need it.

The bar down the street is still quiet. It’s still early. The only ones there are some regulars at the bar, and a group of badass guys all dressed in black, at one of the tables. You look at them. They all have the same shirts on. All black, exept a white logo, on the left arm. Looks like a bird of some kind. They look totally jacked, like they are mercenarys or something. What kind of place did they actually put you in. You got your apartment through work. And they promised you that it was the safest place in the City.

You order a drink, and look around once more. You never feel safe anymore. David is still sending threatening messages, saying he’ll find you. And you know what’ll happen if he does.

After a couple more drinks, the bar starts to fill up, with more and more people. You start to feel the panic taking over. You don’t have control anymore. You go to the ladies room to compose yourself.

You splash your face with water, and look at yourself in the mirror. *Get it together YN. He would have found you by now*. You take a deep breath, before you open the door, and walk out into the hallway.

Before you can even think, someone is grabbing your neck, spins you around, and pins you to the wall. And then you look into those eyes. HIS eyes. You are so scared you can’t make a sound. Tears are running from your eyes, and every fiber in you prepares for the inevetable. *God, this is it. He is going to kill me. I am going to die, outside the ladies room, in a fucking sleezy bar*. You are pretty sure you can hear the adrenaline pumping away in your vains. You are totally paralyzed. Even when he lets go of your arms, to grab your throat, you are unable to move. You close your eyes. You will never in a million years give him the satisfaction of looking into your eyes when he does this.

You expect him to grab your throat, but that doesnt happen. Instead you feel someone yanking him away from you. Then you hear a loud bang, as he hits the wall on the other side of the hall. Then another bang. You finally dare to open your eyes. And then you see one of those badass guys standing over David, punching him repeatedly.

– We don’t treat women like that!

One punch for each word spoken. You are still paralyzed. You want to say something, but your whole body is in shock.

Then the guy standing over David, takes out a knife from his boot. You did not see that coming. You take one step forward. You are shaking so bad, that you have to steady yourself against the wall. So again, you just observe.

The guy puts the whole lenght of the blade against David’s throat.

– God knows I want to do this. BUT, I won’t, because of this beautiful lady standing behind me. But if I EVER see you put one finger on her or any other lady for that matter again. Trust me when I say, I will use it on you. Now, leave, before I change my mind!

David gets up, glance at you once, and then he leaves. You still cant make a sound. The guy comes over to you.

– Are you OK? Do you know that guy?

You take a deep breath, and look up at him. He is handsome. He is well built. You can see that, even trough his clothes. Dark hair, Brown eyes. He has a playful boyish kinda look, but at the same time, you can tell that he is older than you.

– Did he hurt you?

You shake your head..

– He.. He is my… WAS my boyfriend.

The guy looks at you.

– Boyfriend? Really? How did a beautiful girl like you, end up with a loser like him?

You look at him.. Beautiful?

– It’s a long story..

– Well I’ve got time. If not, I can walk you home. You wouldn’t believe how many of him it is out there.

You contemplate having a drink with him, and talk. But decide against it. You do however take him up on the offer of walking you home.

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