My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – Can I Tell You A Little Secret?

You don’t say much on the way back to your place. You are still a bit shaken up, and you don’t know what to say to him. You don’t even ask for his name.

When you reach your building, you stop.

– Well, this is my place. Thank you. You saved my life.

He looks at you, and then he looks at your building.

– You live here?

You don’t quite understand the question.

– Yes. Is it something wrong with this place?

– No, nothing wrong. I just didn’t know you lived here. I live right across the street. Up there.

He points up to the top floor of the building next to yours.

– Oh, so we’re neighbours then? Want to come up for a drink?

As soon as the words leave you, you regret it. You don’t even know this guy’s name. And even though he saved you, he could be dangerous. Hell, he probably is, carying a knife around like that. Who knows what more he hides inside his clothes. The thought drives your mind to a whole other side. Now it’s not weapons you think about anymore. *fuck, why did he have to be this handsome?*

– A drink sounds good. Yours or mine?

Great, he’s one of those. Confident, cocky. Probably rough. But then again, that’s how you like it. You think for a second..

– Mine. I think I have something to offer you.

Probably best and safest to use your place for this. You unlock the door, and lead the way up to your apartment. He follows, not showing a single sign of regret or anything actually. His face is determined. Like a predator, going after what he wants. Are you the prey?

Inside your appartment, you instantly regret choosing your place for this. Cardboard boxes everywhere. A total mess.

– God, I forgot all of this. I just moved in..

He smiles. Finally an expression on his face. You almost believed he was incapable of that. He walks over to your couch. Sits down.

– No worries. I can sit right here, and you.. You can sit there..

He points to the floor in front of him. You blink a couple of times..

– What? Why would I sit on the floor?

He tilts his head. Then he gets up, and comes over to you. Once again you are paralyzed. But this time because of exitement. This guy is intoxicating. You don’t even know his name, and you are completely lost. He has some kind of hold on you, something you can’t explain. He is standing dangerously close to you, your back is against the wall. Then he leans forward, and whispers to you.

– Can I tell you a little secret?

You can’t form words. Your whole body is drawn to him. His breath tickles your neck, and all you want to do is grab his shirt and just… He doesn’t wait for an answer. He just continues to whisper in your ear..

– I like to dominate.

You breathe in, hard. He stops for a second, but then he realises, that you’re not moving away, and continues his little foreplay.

– Don’t worry. I’ll never do anything you don’t want to. Pick a safe word.

His lips are now on your neck, and you lean your head back against the wall. You are shivering. You still can’t make a sound. It’s like you’re hypnotized.

– Pick. A. Safe. word. I can’t help you if you don’t…

He let’s the words linger for a second. *God, YN, just say something. Anything. Think of a fucking word* There is no use. Your brain stopped working. All you know is that you want this guy. Right now! You put your hands on his hips. But he removes them, still breathing into your neck. You can’t take this anymore. You try to touch him again. But this time, he pins your arms over your head, and looks you in the eye. His eyes are hungry. It’s like they look straight into your soul.

– So.. Safe word? Or don’t you need one?

You open your mouth to say something. But nothing is coming out. He is still looking at you, smiling.

– I think I know what you are…

You start to get a little irritated. What is he doing. Is he going to or what. Finally your brain is working again.

– What am I then?

– Right now? You’re mine!

– God, stop with the games. Are you going to or what?

His smile widens. It’s like he knows exactly what you are going to do. He plays this game, like a champ.

– Well. You’re a little brat, aren’t you!

You give in. Fuck the safe word, fuck everything. You just want him, and you can’t wait any longer.

– And you’re a tease!

You have absolutely no idea what’s gotten into you. What if he hurts you. You don’t even have a safe word, and you haven’t had sex that many times. David, was your third partner, and you just left him. And you have absolutely NO IDEA what this guy like. Exept that he told you he liked to dominate. You’re only half aware of what the term means.

You look at him again. He is still smiling to you.

– Oh, my sweet little thing. You have no idea of what you gotten yourself into, with that little insult.

You should probably be afraid of him. But his eyes looks kind. And right now, you don’t care. You just want him.

– Show me then. Or am I right, that you are a tease?

You manage to give him a smirk.

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