My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentytwo

Chapter Twentytwo – Come For Me, Brock!

The food arrives. And Rumlow didn’t lie about not ordering a pizza. It’s an array of Italian food, like you have never seen before. It smells amazing, and your stomach growls loudly. Rumlow smiles to you.

– Dig in. I’m gonna get a bottle of wine.

You open a couple of containers and dig into some of the food. Rumlow comes back with a bottle and two glasses. Pours the wine, and gives you the glass. The wine and the food is so unlike him. Who would have known that someone like him could have such class. Probably a side he doesn’t show to everybody.

You eat for a while in silence. Just enjoying the food. After a while Rumlow turns on the TV. A boxing channel. God, he loves fighting, even at home on the couch. You ate more than you needed. And you suddenly feel extremely tired. You get up from the couch.

– I think I have to go to bed. I’m sleepy…

– Want me to join you?

You yawn.

– No.. It’s fine. You can watch the game…

Rumlow smiles at you.

– Match.. It’s called a match.

– Match, then. I’ll just go to bed.

You step over his legs, and he grabs your arm. You stop, turn towards him.

– Come here for a second first!

You look at him for a second, before you strattle him. He puts his hands on your lower back, pulling you close, as he presses his groin up against you.

– Brock!

You say, almost breathless. You’re only wearing his shirt, and no underwear. And his sweatpants isn’t exactly holding anything back.

– I want you!

He almost growls the words in your ear. You arch your back, pushing your lower bodies even closer. His hands travles up your back, underneath your shirt, before he pulls it over your head. Your bodies greedily meet, the tension, the heat and the feeling of his skin against yours makes you moan his name.

– Fuck! Say it again!

– Mmm..Brock..

Your lips finds his. Your tongues collide in a kiss that feels like a volcano erupts. His strong arms pulling your body closer, if that’s even possible.

– I want you, Brock!

You can’t hold back. You don’t think you’ve said that you want him, that way to him before. He is usually the one in charge when it comes to this. But now he complies. Removing his sweatpants. He glides easily into you, you gasp.

– Brock!

– Yes! Moan my name!

His firm grip around you, his breath on your skin, his lips, his teeth placing soft bites on your shoulder, as he buries himself deep inside your core, over and over. You clench your muscles, sucking him in.

– Aaaaaaa.. Fuck, YN! Keep doing that.

Him moaning your name like that makes it all explode inside you. Your fingernails digging into his back. It must hurt, but he just continues to plunge into you, keeping his firm grip around you.

– Aaaaaa.. Yes! That’s it! Take it! Fuck, YN, you’re so fucking tight.

– Come for me, Brock!

You don’t understand how you manage to keep your voice low and steady, when you whisper the words into his ear, and then lets your tongue glide over his earlobe. Your words does the job. One… Two hard thrusts inside, before his whole body tenses, and he leans his head back against the couch. When his neck is exposed like this, you plant a couple of kisses on it.

– Mmmmm… YN, keep going!

You continue to kiss him down his right shoulder. His hands goes up your back. Then he takes a firm hold of your shoulders, and in one swift move, you are down on the floor, between the couch and the coffee table, with him on top of you. His eyes, hungry staring into yours, and you can feel his erection growing inside you. You close your eyes, and take a deep breath.

– Ah ah ah.. Keep those wonderful eyes open. And look at me. Can you feel it?

You open your eyes. His eyes alone, the light hitting them, making every single shade in them twinkle. And that hungry look. And his body pressed against yours. His strong grip of your shoulders. You buck your hips up against him. He calmly shakes his head.

– Stay still. You were in charge up there. Down here…. It’s my turn… Put your leg up on the table!

– Wh.. What?

He sits up. Him pulling himself out of you, makes you buck your hips once more. He doesn’t say anything, just smiles at you. He lets his hand slowly glide down your side, and down to your thigh. Not once leaving your skin. Then he lifts your leg, and places it up on the table.

– Now, the other one!

You look at the couch. Rumlow lets out a small laugh. Then he repeats the action with the other leg. You are exposed to him. Glistening. He lets his hands slide down both your thighs.

– Fuck, Brock…

He doesn’t answer. Instead he takes a grip on your hips, drags your lower body up in his lap, and in one hard thrust he enters you with his whole length. This angle, he is hitting every single nerve in there. He is merciless, fucks you as hard as he possibly can. Your muscles tensing. Your fingernails scraping the floor. You’re going to come hard. He feels it too.

– YES! Come on! Squirt for me!

Just as you’re about to come, he pulls out, wrap one arm around each of your thighs, and continues to finish the job with his fingers. You’re wildly trying to buck your hips. But he’s strong, holds you immobile. You’re hoarse moans, turns into screams of pleasure, when the damn bursts and you come hard. Rumlow doesn’t stop. Your vision is blurry, but you can see that he is looking at you. Marveling your orgasm.

– Again!

His firm determined voice. And his fingers hitting all the right places.

– B…. B…

You can’t make a sound, other than your hoarse moans and the screams of pleasure. As the orgasm hits you for the second time. Stronger this time. Rumlow is even struggling to hold you in place.

He holds his grip, until your body starts to calm down. Then he lets you go, and makes his way up to your face. His chest hitting yours. You open your eyes, and look straight into his. He’s smiling.

– Do you feel that?

You look down on the part of his chest you can see without lifting your head up from the floor. He follows your gaze.

– That’s all you. Squirting all over me! Fucking perfect!

You take a breath. Look at him again. And he places a soft, loving kiss on your lips.

– You are so fucking beautiful, YN!

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