My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentythree

Chapter Twentythree – Please, Don´t Leave Me!

You just want to lie there, feeling his body against yours. But the floor is hard, and you’re still tired as hell. With everything that happened at work, all the adrenaline. And now the food, and the sex. You could probably fall asleep right there, on the floor. You yawn again.

– I really need to get some sleep, Brock.

He kisses you one more time, before he gets up. Offers a hand, and helps you up from the floor.

– Probably take a shower first. To.. get off all of this..

He looks down on your chest, and you look at his. Then he lifts you up, you wrap your legs around his waist, and he carries you into the bathroom.

You shower quickly. You are so tired, you can almost hear the bed screaming your name. When you finish drying off, he follows you into the bedroom, covers you with a blanket and kisses you. He is so sweet and protective. So tender and soft.

– I’ll be right with you, YN. I’m just gonna clean up, and watch one match. Let me know if you need anything.

You don’t answer. You’re already half asleep, and his deep, calm, soothing voice makes your whole body relax.


You are awaken by your own screams. Your whole body hurts. You feel like you can’t even breathe. The dream was so intense, you don’t know if you’re awake or still sleeping. And you have no idea where you are.

Rumlow is beside you in seconds, wraps his arms around you, holding you close, while he whispers calming words in your ear.

– Shhh… Shhh, YN! I’m here, I’m right here.. It was a nightmare, just a nightmare.

He continues to whisper until you calm down. When you finally realise that you’re awake, and safe. You start to cry. Rumlow pulls you close, and just holds you. Not saying a single word, just holds you close.

When you start to calm down, he places a kiss on your forehead. You lean your head against his body. Get as close to him as you possibly can. You’re still shaking a bit, but he calms you down. His strong arms around you, makes you feel safe.

– Do you want to talk about it?

You sniffle. Do you want to talk about it? You don’t know. He’s protective, and he wants you to feel good and safe. But at the same time, whenever you mention what David did to you.. He talks about killing him. And deep inside, you know he will. And you don’t know how to feel about that. You don’t answer, instead you just shake your head a little.

– Do you need anything? A shower, something to drink. I’m gonna go, and get you a glass of water.

Rumlow moves to get up from the bed, but you stop him. Finally you manage to look at him. You must look terrible. Tears all over your face, hair probably everywhere after the nightmare, and… He looks back at you. There’s that look again. Some form of hurt in his eyes, a look you can’t place. Is he hurt? Can a man like him feel hurt? His job is to kill people, well at least a part of it is. He constantly walks around with guns and knifes. A badass, badass guy. Can they even feel love?

– No, Brock! Please don’t leave me!

He lies back down, pulls you close again. Not saying anything. You nuzzle your face into his neck. His cologne smells so good, and so safe. And his strong arms around you. Protecting you.

– I’m not leaving you, YN! I’ll stay here for as long as you need.

You place a soft kiss on his neck. Just to show how thankful you are. Then you lift your head a little, to look at him.

– For the entire night?

He kisses your forehead again. Smiles at you.

– For the entire night, YN! You go back to sleep. I’ll take care of you.

You close your eyes. You don’t understand why or how, but you go back to sleep. And with him beside you, you sleep like a baby, for the rest of the night.


Rumlow is still sleeping when you wake up, his arms still holding you close. You look at him. Was he awake the whole night. You turn around to look at the time. His arms pulling you back.

– We still have time! It’s only 4am!

You turn towards him. How is he doing this? He’s always aware, even in his sleep. He lets his hand slide down your spine. And you nuzzle close to him. Feel his breath on your neck.

– That’s a good girl. Just relax. Did you sleep well?

You nod your head. It feels so safe lying here next to him. He places a kiss on your neck.

– Do you want to talk about last night?

You look up at him. There’s that look again. That hurtful look, or.. You can’t place it.

– It’s nothing, Brock. Just a nightmare. Like you said.

He looks back at you. Puts his hand under your chin, lifts your face a little, and kisses you.

– You were screaming. It didn’t sound like a regular nightmare. It sounded like a flashback.

You take your eyes away from him for a second. Should you tell him? Maybe he should know. Or… Maybe not. If he knew everything, he would probably kill David without hesitation.

– Let’s just say that he wasn’t a nice guy. But, I got away. That’s what matters. And, I have you to protect me, so I’m safe, right?

– Usually, when girls like you says stuff like that. The guy they’re talking about is a real monster. I saw what he tried to do, remember?

– Just hold me, Brock. That’s what I need right now!

Again he wraps his arms around you, and pulls you even closer when he wraps his leg around yours. You close your eyes, and after a short while you fall asleep again.

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