My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentysix

Chapter Twentysix – You Disobeyed Me, Brock!

He presses himself against you, as his kisses intensifies. Already ragged breathing. He takes your hands and places them on his chest. His abs flexing. You move your hand up and down his chest, feeling him. Before you drag his shirt up, and over his head. You don’t want to leave his lips, but you have to, when you drag his shirt over his head. Your lips meet again even before his shirt hits the floor.

His hands hits your thighs, and pushes your skirt upwards to your stomach. Then his hands continues up to your chest, cupping your breasts. Before he pulls your shirt over your head, and undo your bra. Dips his head between your breasts, savouring the feeling of your body pressed against his. You press your lower body against his, and he moans into your skin.

You gently push him back into the couch, before you slowly get down on your knees in front of him. Reach for his belt. He takes your hands. Looks at you.

– You’re so fucking beautiful, YN! I can’t get enough of you!

– Let me taste you, Brock!

You’re breathing heavily with your words. Fuck, how you want him. To taste every inch of him, to savour his taste, to feel him.

He lets go of your hands, and leans back on the couch. You lift your hands and let them glide up and down on his chest. Over his muscles. Rumlow reaches for your shoulders. You lift yourself up from the floor, and let your tongue hit his chest. Kissing it. The taste of his skin, his ragged breathing, and his hands on your shoulders, slightly squeezing when your lips touch his chest.

You reach for his belt again, this time he doesn’t stop you. Instead he lets his hands rest on your head. Not grabbing your hair, not pushing you down. He just lets them rest there. Carefully, loving. The whole thing is romantic. Beautiful.

You gently let your hands glide over his groin.

– Fuck, YN, stop teasing me!

You smile up at him. He lets you take control, and you love it.

– So that’s what I’m doing?

– If you don’t stop, YN. I have to take back control!

You continue to slide your hands over his cock, outside his tactical pants. He’s already rock hard. Maybe it’s painful. He lets his fingers slide into your hair. Not taking a grip, seems like he’s just showing you that he could take back control if he wanted to.

You carefully drag his tactical pants down, and to help you, he slightly lifts himself up from the couch. When you remove his pants, he sighs relieved. So it was painful. No surprise. He’s big. And being trapped inside there…

You lean down and let your tongue glide over his tip, before you close your mouth around him, and swirl your tongue around.

– Aaaaa

Hearing him moan like that, makes your belly clench. But you want to tease him some more. It’s not often he lets you take control, and you want to make the most of it. You slowly get up on your feet. Look down on him. He looks back. And you can see on his face that he knows what’s about to happen. You give him a little smirk.

– Play with yourself! I want to watch you!

It actually feels good to be in charge. You’ve learned a lot from him. What words to use, how to look at him, to make him want you even more. And you know what words to use to turn him on, because he uses them himself.

– YN!

He says. His eyes pleading you to keep doing what you did.

– Naha..

You say to him, lifting your index finger, and move it back and forth, like he did when you were under his desk.

He slowly takes a hold around his cock, carefully stroking up and down. You look at him. Fuck, he is so fucking sexy right now. You want nothing more than to sit down on him, and have him fuck your brains out. But, you compose yourself. It’s wonderful to look at him pleasing himself. And you understand now, why he likes to watch you so much.

He moans, and then he closes his eyes. You smile for yourself.

– Keep those beautiful eyes open! I want to look into your eyes!

– Fuck, YN!

– Later, Brock! I’m in charge now. And you’ll do as I tell you to.

He moans again. But he continues. You bite your lip. You know that makes him crazy. Another moan escapes him. Louder this time.

– You have no idea, how much this turns me on. Watching you play with yourself like that. Go on!

You get down on your knees in front of him again. Take one of his balls in your mouth, suck on it, as he continues to stroke his cock.

– Fuck, YN! I can’t do this anymore!

You lift your head, to look at him. His hand stops. But he still has a grip around himself. You put your hand around his. Moving it up and down.

– Don’t stop. Go on!

– I… I can’t hold it, YN!

– Don’t come, unless I tell you to.

– YN!

You lean your head down again. Slide your tongue up one of his inner thigh, over his balls, and then down the other thigh. His muscles tenses. It’s like his whole body jumps up from the couch. He is moaning loud. And you know he wasn’t able to hold back. You laugh a little. Then you lift your head, and look into his eyes. He smirks at you. You know him well enough by now, to know, that this is the moment, when he takes back control. But you can’t help yourself.

– Did I say you could come?

He’s not answering you. He’s probably thinking about what he’s going to do to you. But he doesn’t move.

– Did I?

You raise your voice a little. You try to sound like him. But the look he gives you, takes some of your confidence in this particular situation away. You decide to stand your ground. You already lost control, it’s just a matter of time before he takes over. So you can just keep on going, as long as he lets you.

– You disobeyed me, Brock! Now, what can I do about that?

Rumlow just looks at you. Not saying anything, not moving. Nothing. He’s completely calm. This usually means he’ll jump up and grab you, any second. You swallow.

– Do I have to punish you?

Your voice isn’t at all as confident as it was just a few seconds ago. But he’s still not moving. What is he waiting for?

– You want to punish me?

He looks at you, determined. Not moving an inch, but that’s like his trademark. Calm as a mussel. You swallow again.

Rumlow takes a deep breath….

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