My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentyseven

Chapter Twentyseven – Will It Be Dangerous, This Mission?

You swallow. Rumlow is still not moving. He’s just looking at you. You could take a step forward or backwards, but you don’t dare to. What is he planning on doing? Nothing is showing in his eyes either. You swallow again.

– YOU want to punish ME?

Still not moving an inch, not even a twitch in his fingers. You look down on his cock. Oh, he’s planning something alright. Something that’s turning him on.

– Go ahead then! Punish me!

– Wh…

– Punish me!

You didn’t think this far ahead. And you have no idea what you should do. You thought he would have jumped up and grabbed you, a long time ago. What is he doing?

– Like you said. I disobeyed you. I deserve punishment!

– Bro…

– What did you have in mind?

Does he really want you to punish him? You don’t know how to do that. How do you do that? You already tried edging, that didn’t work out too well. You look down, then you look back up at him. Was that a twitch in his finger?

– YN! Now you are disobeying me!

Finally. Take back control, Brock. Show me who’s really in charge. You give him a smirk.

– I’m not disobeying you! This is me punishing you!

You open the zipper on your skirt as you’re talking to him, let it fall down to the floor. Now there’s only one piece of clothing left on your body. Rumlow looks at you. You look back.

– Remove them!

Commanding Rumlow is back. You’re obviously pushing him closer and closer to losing his cool.

– Naha.. You don’t get to decide that. What if I don’t want to?

Another deep breath from him. His fingers twitching. You have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, or where you should go for here. The only thing you know, is that you’ll keep playing this game, until he stops you by force.

– Are you sure?

Was that a smirk you saw on his face? You’re definitely not sure. And although he probably already knows that, you stand your ground.

– Who’s in charge here?

You try to sound determined. But, your voice is calm and almost teasing. Fuck, this is so not going to work. He moves a little. He’s getting ready to do something. You swallow again. Should you quit while you’re ahead? No, YN. Keep it up.

– You’re only in charge, because I let you!

He moves again. Did his cock throb? This is it isn’t it? He’ll jump up any moment now. You clear your throat.

– Look Mr.Ruml….

You don’t get to finish the sentence, before he is in front of you, grabbing your waist, and pressing you close to him. You don’t even have time to wrap your head around what’s happening, before you feel his breath in your ear.

– You call me by. my. name!

You gasp. His body pressed against yours like this. His breath in your ear. And his hands on your lower back. Holding you in a tight grip. You don’t answer. You try to, but no sound is coming out.

– Say. My. Name!

What is he doing? This is nothing. You love the romantic part. You love it when he’s being nice, passionate, caring. But fuck how you enjoy the rough part of him. You want him to fuck you raw, up against the wall, over the desk, on the floor, everywhere. You lift your face, and look at him.

– Mr. Rumlow!

You say it with a smirk. His hands slowly gliding up your back, and into your hair. Again, not grabbing it. He just holds them there.

– Have you been a good girl today, Miss. YLN?

He gives you a teasing smile when he talks to you, and you can’t help it. Let’s see who can keep this up the longest. You laugh a bit.

– Absolutely not, Mr. Rumlow. You know. I think you have to punish me!

He laughs back at you, a teasing laugh. Fuck, how this turns you on.

– I think so too. What should I do? What should I do?

It’s like calm before the storm. His hazel brown eyes looking straight into yours, his pupils dialating. He gently grabs your hair, and a soft moan escapes you.

– You like that?

His voice is soft and calm. Is he teasing you? Is this another form of edging? What game is he playing?

– Mmmhhmm…

He lets go of your hair. Takes a step away from you. You look at him, asking with your facial expression.

– Then I’m taking it away!

What? This is a totally new thing. A whole different level of edging.

– Brock.. My lunch break is almost over…

– Then I suggest you go back to work!

You take a breath. Then you take a step forward. He’s not moving. He’s not even lifting his hands to touch you.

– Brock….

He lifts his eyebrows, smiling at you. He already knows that you won’t go back to work. He’s just playing out his part. What can you do? You want him, like right now. Every single inch of him.

– What do you want me to do?

You look down.

– I….

He reaches out, and lifts your face up again. God, his eyes. He’s eating your soul with them.

– You?

– Please, stop playing games, Brock. You’re leaving and I don´t know for how long..

He stops you with a soft tender kiss. Before he sits down on his couch again, dragging you with him up on his lap, not bothering to remove your underwear, he just pushes it to the side. Wasting no time, entering you. You move desperately with him, savouring the feeling of him being this close to you.

– God.. Fuck me, Brock!

– Look at me, YN!

Forehead to forehead, moaning each others names, you push each other closer and closer to the edge. You’re clenching your muscles around him, as he buries himself deep inside your core over and over.

– My God! I… I’m…

He takes a firmer grip around you, pressing your bodies together, thrusting deep.

– Yes! Me too! Do it!

You can’t possibly hold back. The waves of pleasure rushes through your entire body. Rumlow follows closely behind, thrusting deep and holds you there while your orgasm slowly dissipates. You lean your head down on his shoulder. Gently kissing it.

– YN! Lie down beside me for a while!

You untangle yourself from him, and lie down on the couch. Back against him. He holds you close. You take in the feeling of him being here with you, breathing into your neck. You want to remember this second, this moment, knowing that he’ll leave tonight. And you don’t know for how long.

His strong arms around you feels so safe. How will you get by without him? Maybe you’ll manage a day or two. But God, you’ll miss him. And with everything that’s happened since you met him, will you feel safe? You know he said that he would have someone check up on you, but that someone is not him.

– Something wrong, YN?

You turn around to face him. The couch isn’t that big, and you almost fall out, but he holds on to you. You wrap your leg around him, to keep yourself safe up on the couch.

– Will it be dangerous? This mission?

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