My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentyone

Chapter Twentyone – See What You Get When You Ask Nicely?

You let the towel fall down. Rumlow looks down at your body. Then he looks back up at you.

– Perfect!

You give him a little smile, before you pull the t-shirt he gave you over your head. Rumlow lets his fingers slide down your arms.

– I would’t mind if you were naked. Just so you know.

You laugh a little, before you let your fingers slide over his abs.

– You’ll be naked on top, I’ll be naked under.

He puts his arms around you. Plants a kiss on your forehead.

– You want me to be on top, huh? That can be arranged.

He gives you a teasing smile. You smile back, before your stomach growls again. Rumlow lets you go.

– Food first. What do you want?

– I thought you said Italian… Surprise me..

– Surprise you? You know I’m Italian, right? I’m not just going to order a pizza..

You smile at him. Tilt your head a little.

– Even better, I’ll go and sit down, you order food.

You turn around and walk into the living room. Sit down on his couch. You can hear him ordering food from the other room. After a while he comes into the living room as well. Sits down next to you. Puts his hand on your thigh. You look down on his hand, then you look up at his face.

– About 30 minutes.. You know what we can do while we wait?

– I don’t know, work up our appetite?

He gets closer to your face. Puts a hand on your cheek.

– And I have the perfect way of doing that.

He looks down at your lap. Lets the hand on your thigh, slide up, and rest between your legs. You answer his move, by parting your legs a little. He looks back up at you.

– It does involve a little bit of eating…

He gives you a teasing smile. Moves his hand a little, down there, teasing you. You let out a soft moan, and lean your head back against the couch.

He gently puts you down on the couch, lifts one of your legs up, and puts it on the back of the couch. Lets his hand slide down your inner thigh. You look at him, looking at you.

– Fucking beautiful! And mine, all mine.

He leans down, and instinctively you put your hands in his hair. He is so careful, so tender, so soft. This is a whole new side to him. It’s like he’s suppressing his dominant side. And you like this side, just as much as the dominant one.

He lets his tongue slide gently over you. You gasp. Taking a firmer hold of his hair. Rumlow lets out a small laugh, and then he lets one of his fingers slip inside you, as his tongue hits your clit.

– Shit… Brock….

He stops. Looks up at you!

– What?

You buck your hips. Look at him. Your eyes begging for him to continue. He gets the message, but he doesn’t move.

– Ask nicely!

– Brock… The food…

– Yes… It’s going to be here soon, so if you want me to continue, you better ask quickly!

– Please, Brock!

He starts up again, picking up the pace a little.

– See what you get, when you ask nicely?

He says, before he slips another finger inside, and closes his lips over your clit. Again you grab his hair. The angle he is scissoring his fingers inside you. Fuck. How is he doing this? Your back arches. You’re pretty sure your hold of his hair hurts, but he doesn’t say or do anything, about it. And you can’t let go. Your head tells you to. But you have to hold on to something.

– Do it! Squirt for me!

You’ve almost never heard that word before. Sometimes in porn movies, but never in real life. Is that even a thing? Is it possible? Can you do it? His fingers hits a spot inside you, and the waves of intense pleasure rushes through your entire body. It’s not even moans escaping you now, you’re screaming. You’ve had orgasms before, sure. Actually he’s the one who has given you most of them. But this is… You can’t even describe what this is.

It’s like a balloon popping inside of you. It feels like you’re peeing yourself. Are you? You have no control over anything. Rumlow is still working you. Chuckling a little bit. Before he decreases his pace, lifts his head. You know he is looking at you. But you can’t lift your head up. You just close your eyes and focus on the waves of pleasure hitting your body. Slower and slower, until they eventually dissipates. Rumlow lets out another small laugh. Not a bad one. A small soft laugh, like he’s proud or happy about something.

He slowly makes his way up to your face. Kisses you. You open your eyes, and look into his.

– That…. That… Was… Absolutely…. Amazing..

– I knew I could make you do that!

He presses his groin down on you, and you can feel that he is rock hard against you.

– Do what?

– Squirt! I felt it from the first time my fingers slipped inside you. I just wanted to warm you up a bit first. How did it feel?

– Fuck, that’s what that was? I thought I peed myself..

Rumlow laughs, and you laugh with him. Then he kisses you again.

– Don’t worry.. You’ll get used to it.

He moves to get up from the couch, but you stop him.

– I don’t get to give you anything?

He smiles at you. Puts his forearms down on each side of your head, and rests his upper body on them.

– After everything that happened today. I wanted to take care of you tonight. Only you! In every way I know how.

He kisses you again. One of the longest kisses he’s ever given you. Your whole body just sinks into it. And the safe and at home feeling takes over. When you finally break the kiss, he just looks into your eyes.

Then the doorbell rings…

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