My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentynine

Chapter Twentynine – SHIELD Is The Safest Place To Be!

Although you knew that he was going to leave, seeing him get into the car, with Rollins and two other agents, hurts. You said your goodbyes upstairs. You didn’t want to cry in front of everybody. And tears is already rolling down your cheeks, even before the black SUV drives off.

You stay by the window for a while. Looking out. You can’t see any agents. But maybe they go civilian. You look over the street, into your apartment. Or, well. Not into it, because the drapes are closed. You haven’t been there since the break in. And Rumlow did say our place. Our place?

You go and sit on the couch, turn the TV on. It’s weird not having him beside you. Not having his arm around you. You always feel so safe when he’s around. And now he’s out on a mission, you know nothing about. You don’t even know where he is.

You try to focus on the TV. But nothing is worth watching, and after all the crying and thinking you’re starting to get tired. So you hit the shower, and then you go to bed. The bed feels bigger without him there. And you can’t sleep. You look at the gun on the nightstand. Why did he leave that gun with you? Are you in danger?

You try to take your eyes off the gun, but you can’t do it. You turn around and try to go to sleep again. But it’s like the gun is looking at you. Talking to you. «You can use me to kill people you know?» «You know Rumlow left me here for a reason» «He knows something, you’ll be needing me»


You yell at the gun, while you open the drawer on the nightstand, showing the gun down in it, and then close it. You feel like you’re going insane.

You roll over to the other side of the bed, as far away from the gun as possible. His pillow smells like him. You hug it close, but still you can’t sleep.

Arrrg.. Screw the fucking gun. You grab a blanket from the bed, the pillow that smells like him, and then you go to the couch to sleep there. You close the bedroom door as you leave the room.

It’s not exactly a couch to sleep on. It’s big enough so that you can lie down, but it’s not the softest, and not the deepest either. After tossing and turning for hours, you eventually fall asleep.


You are ripped out of your sleep by loud bangs on the door. You sit up on the couch. Look around. It’s already sunny outside. You look at the time. Shit! You overslept! You quickly cover yourself with the blanket and go to open the door.

A big guy stands outside. Uniform and all. You recognise him as the guy Rumlow told to take another elevator, your first day at work.

– Hi, mam! I’m supposed to take you to work.

He looks at the blanket around you.

– But it looks like you’re not ready yet. I’ll wait right here.

You look back at him. Not ready is an understatement. You’re barley awake.

– Um.. err.. Do you want some coffee or anything while you wait?

The guy sits down on a chair next to the door. Lifts up a cup of coffee.

– No thanks, mam. I’m all set!

You close the door again. And hurry into the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee while you get dressed. You hurry as best as you can, you’re already late. Rumlow usually wakes you up. And you forgot to set your alarm the other night.

You put your make up into your purse. You can put it on in the car. Don’t waste anymore time, YN. Hurry up.

When you step out of the apartment, your head is working like crazy. Did you remember this and that. You reach inside your purse, as you lock the door with the other hand. Keycard is there, make up is there.

– Sorry, I overslept. Now we can go!

The guy gets up. Offers his hand.

– Agent Dixon!

You shake his hand. Dixon. That guy who couldn’t keep his mouth shut even if you duck taped it. This should be a funny ride to work.

– YN!

Out in the car, you grab your make up right away. Start to put it on.

– So, you feel at home with SHIELD?

You turn towards Dixon. You must look stupid. Eyeliner and mascara on one eye, nothing og the other.

– Err.. Yeah. People are nice.

– Good!

This feel weird. You hate these kind of conversations. When people just asks random questions about the weather and stuff, to keep it from getting silent. But then again, you also hate uncomfortable silences.

– How long have you been working there?

Wow, you can sorta do this small talk too. Keep it up, YN. I’m sure this will invoke new friendships. Stupid! That’s what it is!

– My entire career. I usually work domestic though. I have a wife and two wonderful kids.

– Oh. Kids.. Wow. That must be tough. Putting yourself in dangerous situations, when you have a family to support.

You don’t really know if it’s a question or a statement. But you are afraid, that Rumlow is going to get hurt.

– Well, we usually know how to handle situations. Like for instance, if someone’s pointing a gun at you, keep eye contact, and keep the conversation going. It makes them nervous, and gives you room, to ether get away or overpower them.

You finish putting your make up on, and then look at Dixon again. If someone’s pointing a gun at you? You remember the gun in the nightstand, and swallow.

– Don’t worry, YN. SHIELD is the safest place to be.

– Yeah? Like my apartment was? That was still broken into!

Dixon looks at you. Something in his look makes you feel ice cold inside. He knows something about your apartment. You can’t put your finger on it. But he knows something. You remember what Rumlow said to Rollins about Dixon. «Dixon couldn’t keep his mouth shut if you fucking duck taped it!». Maybe you should ask what he knows. Do you want to know?

– Do you know something about my apartment? Do you guys know who did it? Is this connected to this mission, Brock’s on?

Dixon looks at you. Opens his mouth, but closes it again.

– Brock?

– Err.. Mr.Rumlow!

Dixon smiles at you.

– That’s his first name? I’ve only known him by last name. We always use last names. I even introduce myself by my last name.

He’s obviously trying to distract the conversation in another direction. Which means that he knows something. And you want to know what it is. If this mission Rumlow’s on has something to do with you, you have to know.

– You know something! Do you know how it feels to have your apartment broken into like that? To see the door kicked off it’s henches? They even cut open my couch cushions!

Dixon looks at you again. It looks like he wants to tell you. But he probably got orders not to tell. Ether from Rumlow, or that Pierce guy.

– My first name is Marcus!

Still trying to derail the conversation. You have to be more persistent if you want him to tell you.

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