My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentyfour

Chapter Twentyfour – I Fucking Love You!

When you wake up, Rumlow sits on the edge of the bed, already fully dressed as usual. You sit up. Look at him. God, he’s so handsome. It should almost be illegal.

– I let you sleep a bit longer, so we don’t have much time. We’ll take the coffee to go.

You look at the time. Fuck! Shit! You jump up from the bed. And franticly look for your clothes. Rumlow looks at you. Smiling.

– Where the fuck are my clothes? Seriously, Brock! We have no time!

He continue to look at you. His eyes walks up and down your naked body. Then he picks up a neatly folded pile of clothes from the bed, and gives them to you. You snatch them out of his hands. You’re not angry. But you really don’t have time to waste.

– Stop messing around, Brock. We’ll be late!

He laughs, then he gets up from the bed, takes a hold around your waist and drags you close to him. Looks into your eyes, and smiles again. A teasing smile. Fuck, how this turns you on.

– I’m the boss, remember?

You try to move, to get your clothes, but he holds you tighter. You look up at him.

– I’m not, Brock! I can’t be late.

He kisses you, and continue to kiss you down your neck, and on to your shoulder. You lift your hands, and place them on his hips, gently push him. To let him know that you really don’t want to be late.

– Why do you care about being late for work? I’m not gonna fire you for it..

He gives you a gentle spank on your bottom. Gives you a teasing smile again.

– Might punish you a little though….

– Brock…

He still holds you close, with one arm around you. He lets the other one travel up your thigh, teasing your entrance. A soft moan escapes you.

– But it kinda sounds like you’re enjoying that!

– Brock! We’re going to really be late!

He lets the arm he’s holding you with slide into your hair. Taking a soft hold of it, guiding your head back.

– Shhh…

He plants a kiss on your lips. And you give in. A quick one is fine. His tongue finds yours. And at the same time, he slips a finger inside you.

– Brock…

You moan his name into his mouth. He answers your moan, by entering you with another digit, and softly biting your earlobe. Whispering in your ear.

– I fucking love when you call me that!

He grabs your behind, and lifts you up. And you wrap your legs around his waist. Your back hits the wall. He wastes no time, unbuckling himself, and plunges upwards, entering you.

– Fuck, Brock!

His hands squeezing your behind. His deep thrusts inside you. This is going to be a quick one. His ragged breathing in your ear mixed with the words he says to you.

– Fuck, YN! Say it again!

– Fuck me, Brock!

You’ve never reached climax this fast before. The way his body is pressed against yours, his hands squeezing your bottom. The whole thing is so intense, it almost hurts. But laced with the pain is an indescribable feeling of enormous pleasure.

– Yes! Come for me!

– Fuuuuck, Brock. I’m coming! GOD! Don’t stop!

– I’ll never stop! Fuck, YN. I’ll never get tired of this.

The orgasm hits you, and you scream, lean your head back against the wall, arching your back. His lips finds your neck, greedily kissing it. As he continues to plunge into you, with renewed force.

– Your skin tastes so fucking good.

His tongue glides from your neck, and up to your ear. And when he reaches your earlobe, you can hear on his breath alone, that he’s coming too. He still holds you up against the wall. Not moving away from your ear. He just continues to breathe into it. And Oh God how fucking good it feels.

– I fucking love you, YN! Mine!

Did he just say that he loves you? What du you say to that? Do you answer? You have no idea. Maybe it was just a spur of the moment. You don’t answer. Instead you untangle yourself from him. You give him a quick kiss, before you get dressed.


With your to go coffees in hand, you get to the car. Rumlow is unusually quiet. Did he actually mean what he said? Should you have said it back? Do you love him? You never thought of that. Everything between you happened so fast. And on top of that he’s your boss. Did you hurt him?

Rumlow doesn’t say a word the whole drive. And as usual, you part ways in the garage. Although, Rumlow’s probably right, about people knowing. You don’t feel the need to broadcast it, quite yet. And now that Thomas is fired. You won’t have to worry about him telling anyone.

You reach the office floor, and get to work. Nothing much is happening, so you have a lot of time to think about this morning. And you can’t quite shake the feeling that you should have said something. He did say that didn’t he? Did he mean that he loves YOU, or just the fact that you’re his. You always saw him as a rough guy, dominant, hard, closed off. Does guys like that even do romance? The fact that you might have hurt him, freaks you out. You try to remember every second you’ve had with him.

When he saved you from David. The first time he told you the you were his. When you found out he was your boss. When he protected you, when your apartment was broken into. Do you actually live with him now? When he aimed his rifle at Thomas. And when he asked you out on a date. You have to find out what he meant. And more importantly, you have to find out what you feel, and how you feel about him.

When it’s time for lunch, you can’t do it anymore. So you go and knock on his door. You don’t even bother to wait for your Co-Workers to leave. And you can feel their eyes on you, when you lift your hand, and knock on the door to his office…

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