My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentyfive

Chapter Twentyfive – Are You Alright?

You don’t hear his voice from inside the office. Instead the door is yanked open, and a guy walks straight into you, as he yells something to Rumlow, you can’t make out what it is, but it’s obvious that it’s about work.

– Watch your fucking step, stupid bitch!

The guy pushes you out of the way, and continue to walk out the door. You try to catch your breath again, to compose yourself. But, before you can. Rumlow walks past you, and grabs the guy leaving his office. Yanking him backwards, and pins him to the wall.

– Rumlow, what the hell! I’ll leave. No need to beat me up!

You look up. The guy looks scared, and Rumlow looks pissed. An expression you’ve never seen on his face before. You look around you, and you see that some of your Co-Workes have stopped to see what is happening. Rumlow looks at the guy, his eyes almost black… You swallow.

– You don’t disrespect ME, and you certainly don’t disrespect female work colleagues.

You keep your eyes on Rumlow. The guy didn’t hurt you. You were just caught off guard. And people are looking, listening.

– What the fuck, Rumlow! Disrespect? You kicked me off the squad. How the fuck do you want me to react?

– If you did your fucking job, I wouldn’t have to. Forget it. You’re out!

The guy looks at Rumlow.

– Out? What do you mean?

– Out of SHIELD!

Rumlow almost spits the words in the guys face.

– You can’t do that!

– The fuck I can. You do not disrespect your Co-Workers, especially the females!

The guy looks at you, then he looks back at Rumlow.

– This isn’t about me not doing my job, Rumlow! This is about you, and the fact that you can’t keep your fucking dick in your pants!

The hall gets even more quiet, if that’s possible. If someone dropped a pin, you could probably hear it. You can even hear your own breathing. Should you do something? And if you’re going to, what should you do?

You look at Rumlow. What is he going to do? This was so out of line, even you think that. Although the guy didn’t mention you, or your name, everybody knows that he was talking about you. And now everybody knows about you and Rumlow. How are they going to treat you after this?

You feel like time stands still. No one is moving. Everyone is looking at the three of you, and everyone is waiting for Rumlows next move. Then Rumlow lifts his hand. You’ve gotta do something. If not, this will not end well for that guy, and probably not for Rumlow either. You compose yourself, take one step forward, and grab his arm. Not hard, or angry, but firm enough for him to turn his attention from the guy standing in front of him, to you.

– That’s enough, Brock. I’m fine. Let him go!

Rumlows expression goes from angry, to compassionate. He loosens his grip of the guy. The guy doesn’t wait. He dodges under Rumlows arm, and runs away. Rumlow looks after him for a second before he turns to you again. Gently touching your face, with both hands. You can feel the warmth from his hands through his gloves. Actually they’re not gloves, because they’re only covering his fingers up to the first joint. He looks into your eyes. You look back. You know your Co-Workers are looking at you, but you don’t dare to look at them. What are they thinking of you now? New girl, under qualified, screwing the boss? Slut who’s fucking her way to the top? You don’t know.

– Are you allright?

Rumlows voice brings you back to reality. You continue to look at him. Was he really going to punch that guy? The guy didn’t actually touch you. He was just angry, and well.. Is he really that protective of you?

– YN! Are you allright?

You nod. You can’t find the right words. Why is stuff like this always happening to you? You always manage to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rumlow leans down and place a gentle kiss on your lips. You close your eyes. His lips are so soft, and you still remember the feeling of them on your skin, from this morning.

Like the flick of a switch, Rumlow comes back to reality. He turns to the people looking at you.

– This isn’t the break room! Go eat your lunch!

No one is saying anything. They just hurrying along, towards the break room. You look after them. Take a breath. Rumlow gently puts a hand on your back.

– Come on, let’s have lunch together! I have to tell you something.

You don’t manage to think about anything else than the fact that your Co-Workers now knows about your relationship. So when he mentions lunch, you start to walk towards the elevator. Rumlow takes a hold around your waist, and leans down, whisper in your ear.

– In my office, sweetheart!


When he closes the door behind you, you finally manage to talk.

– What was that, Brock? Now everyone knows? What am I suppose to do now?

He doesn’t answer. He just stands there. Looking at you. Hands by his side. Not his usual, on the hips posture. Then you remember why you went to his office in the first place. What he said to you this morning.

– Bro…

He stops you with a kiss. Takes a hold of you, and presses you against him. The warmth, the intensity, everything. You just sink into it. It feels so amazing. HE feels so amazing. He doesn’t exactly break the kiss. He just lets his lips rest on yours for a while, before he lets you go.

– Are you hungry? I bought you lunch!

You look at him. He did what?

– Oh, yeah.. Something happened, and I wanted to talk to you. Figured we’d talk over lunch.

Something happened allright. He said that he loved you this morning. Is that what he wants to talk about? You’re not sure if you want to talk about that or not.

– What happened?

– Eat first, YN!

He starts to unpack different containers, and gestures for you to sit down. The food smells delicious. And you are hungry.

You sit down on the couch in his office. Look at the containers filled with Chinese food. So, no Italian food today. He finally sits down next to you. He picks up a spring roll, dips it in hot sauce, and then eats it. You continue to just look at him.

– Not hungry? Or don’t you like Chinese food? I should have asked you first.

– No, no, Brock. I love Chinese food.

He dips his spring roll in the hot sauce again, then he feeds it to you. You take a bite. It does taste amazing. The hot sauce is just hot enough, and the spring roll is crispy and fresh.

– Good?

You smile and nod. When you finish your mouth full you look at him again. Smile at him. You’re still afraid that you hurt him this morning. But at the same time, you’re unsure if he really meant what he said. You take a deep breath.

– What did you want to talk about, Brock?

He looks at you, puts down his spring roll, and takes your hands in his. What is he doing. Did something serious happen? Did you do something wrong?

– You know I’m an agent, right, YN?

You nod.

– And that I could be called out any time?

You nod again.

– Well, I have to leave. And I don’t know for how long. There’s a situation, some employees selling information. And I have to clean it up.

– When do you leave?

He kisses your forehead.

– Tonight. I’ll take you home, after work. And then I have to leave. You are staying at my place, our place. And I’ll have someone check up on you.

You look at each other for a little while, before your lips collides together and he drags you up in his lap.

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