My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty – When You Call Me Brock!

Your whole body is shaking. Every single moment with David, rushes through your mind. You can almost feel his punches. And it feels like bruises are forming all over your body.

– Hey.. Hey… I’m here! He’s gone. He’ll never touch you again. He won’t even look at you.

Rumlow brushes your hair away from your face, then he wipes away a few of your tears with his thumb. You look at him. His hazel brown eyes, looking at you with so much compassion and…. Is it hurt you see? Does it hurt him to see you like this? And here you were, thinking that he was dark and mysterious all the time.

– Let’s go home. I’ll order food. We don’t have to go out tonight.

He almost lifts you up. Your whole body hurts. You know it’s not real. But the trauma’s still there. And when stuff like this is happening. It’s like your whole body goes back to the apartment in Chicago, with David.

– I’ve got you. I won’t let you go. Fuck I won’t let you out of my sight. EVER again!

You let him steady you. It feels safe to have his arm around you. He knows his way around guns. That’s for sure. That red dot over Thomas’ heart, didn’t move an inch. Steady hands. Real steady.

Rumlow gets you down to the garage, and helps you into the car. Then he almost runs over to his side of the car. It’s almost like he don’t want you to be alone for one second. When the car drives away from the SHIELD building you sigh relieved. Rumlow doesn’t say anything, but he looks over at you.

– Are you sure you’re OK? Say the word, and I’ll kill him!

You shake your head. Look down on your hands. No bruises, no broken fingers. Nothing. Just the feeling. You sigh again.

– Are you hungry?

You try to figure out if you are. But all you can feel is the imaginary bruises and broken bones. Rumlow lifts his hand and moves it towards you. Then he stops. You look at him. Try to give him a smile, but it feels more like a grimace.

– It’s OK, YN! Everything will be OK! I’m here!

– Thank you….

– No need to thank me. It’s my job to protect my girl!

– I…. I’m your girl?

– I thought I made that part pretty clear. You’re mine! And not in a bad way.

You look over at him. God, he is so beautiful. Even more now than when you first saw him. If that’s even possible. Your stomach growls..

– Ehhe.. Sounds like I am kinda hungry..

– Great me too. How do you feel about Italian?

– As long as it’s food, I’m good.

Before you know it, you’re back home. Rumlow parks the car, and as usual, he comes over to your side, opens the door for you, and helps you out. After he makes sure the car is securely locked. He guides you up to his apartment. Places you on his couch, and hands you a drink. You take the drink, but you don’t drink it. You just look at it.

– Drink it! It’s No funny business! It’ll make you feel better. I’ll change into something a little more comfortable, and then I’ll order food.

You look up at him.

– Are you going to take a shower?

He looks back at you, smiling.

– I wasn’t thinking about it, until just now. You want to join me?

You nod. Then he offers his hand. You take it. His touch is sensual. Not dominant at all. You follow him into the bathroom, and you let him undress you. Carefully, he removes one garment at a time. Taking his time, touching every inch of your body, caressing it. Making all the pain go away. His eyes on yours the whole time. His lips against yours. Soft, slow, warm.

When the warm water hits your bodies, it’s almost like you are one. The whole experience is so intense. That you are unsure where you end and he begins. Even though you don’t have sex. He isn’t even trying. He just caresses your whole body, in a way no man has ever done before. The way he kisses your shoulders. Carefully, tender. How his hand brushes over your hair from time to time. His thumb over your lips. And his eyes looking into yours. THIS is where you want to be. THIS is where you NEED to be right now. It feels right, safe. You feel home, at peace.

When you’re done in the shower, you dry off. And then you go to get some new clothes. You search your bag, but you can’t find anything that says «slow night on the couch with Italian food». Rumlow looks at you. Towel around you. Then he tosses you one of his shirts. You catch it. Look at him.

– Here you go. Put that on! I think you will look amazingly sexy in that particular shirt..

You lift up the shirt. Look at it. The shirt itself is black, like most of his clothes are. Except for a white logo on the front. Something about fighting. Rumlow looks at you.

– Oh. Yeah.. It’s where the agents go to work out. Bad ass place. Wear that outside, and no one will dare to mess with you.

You pull the shirt over your head, and Rumlow makes his way over to you. Wearing his loose grey sweatpants. His bare upper body gets your attention. His abs. The distinct V shape disappearing into his sweatpants. This whole guy is nothing but muscle. How is it possible to look so fucking good?

Rumlow lets his hands rest on your hips. Before he leans down and plants a soft warm kiss on your lips.

– Me on the other hand. I might mess with you a little.

Another kiss, followed by a smile. Then both your stomachs growls at the same time. You look up at him. He isn’t that much taller than you, but he’s tall enough, so that you have to look up, to see into his eyes.

– If it’s fine with you. I’ll take the food before that other part you have in mind. Thanks, Brock.. For everything..

He looks at you again.

– Do you have any idea how sexy you are, when you call me Brock?

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