My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve – I´ll Find Him!

You lie in bed for a while, not saying anything. You don’t know why. But he makes you feel safe, and appreciated. After all the years with David, this is exactly what you need right now. He kisses your forehead.

– We should probably take a shower. Want to join me?

You look at him, smiling.

– I should get home. I need some new clothes for tomorrow. If I’m going to continue working on the top floor, I have to dress the Part.

He smiles back at you. Plants a soft kiss on your lips.

– Shower at your place then. I don’t mind that.

You get up, and put your clothes back on. Then you leave his apartment. You unlock the front door to your building, and walk up to the third floor. You see it immediately. Your door is kicked off its henches. Rumlow stops you, takes out his gun, and steps in front of you.

– Stay here!

He is in total search mode. You do as he tells you. You lean against the wall, so you have total control of what happens around you. *It has to be David. It has to. Who else would break in to your apartment?* You feel the panic taking over. Your legs are shaking.

After a while Rumlow comes back. Gun still in his hand.

– Your apartment is cleared, but whoever broke in, made a total mess. You are staying with me, until we can figure this out. I’ll help you pack some stuff. Just be ready, it doesn’t look good. Stay close to me.

You walk inside your apartment. It looks like a tornado went through it. Every single drawer is on the floor, all your stuff is everywhere. They even cut open your couch cushions. You close your eyes. You can feel tears forming behind them. Rumlow puts his arms around you.

– It’ll be allright. I’m here. Nothing is going to happen to you. I’ll make sure of that. Let’s pack a bag, and go back to my place. Trust me I’ll find whoever did this, and when I do…..

You manage to pack a bag with some of the stuff you feel you need. When you go back to his place, he still has his gun out, and his other arm is protectively around you. It feels like the walk over to his place takes forever. When he finally close and lock his door behind you, you break down. Your legs can’t hold you up anymore. He lifts you up, and carry you into the bedroom, lies down with you, and holds you until you finish crying.

– This is supposed to be the safest place in the City. They told me that, when I moved in. How could anyone break in like that?

You look at him, your eyes sore after all the tears. He gets closer to you. Forehead, to forehead, he looks deeply into your eyes.

– I don’t know. But, I’ll find out. You’ll stay with me. Nothing is going to happen to you, and no one will touch you.

– I can’t stay with you, Brock. I barley know you, and you’re my boss.

He kisses you.

– Bosses orders. You’re staying here. And you are going to join me in the shower. It’ll help. Trust me.

You laugh. It feels good to laugh a little after all of this. You sit up in the bed, and place your feet on the floor. He gets up, and offers his hand. You take it, and walk with him to his bathroom.

He is not his usual dominant self. And you realise that there is more to this guy. You get undressed, and join him in the shower. The warm water, and his gentle touch helps you relax. His kisses are soft and tender. He touches you in a whole different way. Soft, caring. He’s not ordering you around at all. Infact he doesn’t say a word. He’s just there, giving you everything you need at this exact moment.

After you finish showering, he orders food, and you eat together. Watch some TV, and he gets you a glass of wine. You start to calm more and more down. But you hate the fact that you don’t know who broke into your apartment. And you don’t know if anything is missing. Rumlow can see that you are thinking.

– I’ll find him, YN. I’ll find him, and I’ll kill him. I told him that at the bar, remember!

You jump at his sudden determent voice. *Kill him? Kill, David?*

– It’s, OK, Brock! He’s done worse things than this.

You look down at your hands. You understand that he want’s to protect you. But to kill someone. Isn’t that taking things a little too far?

– That’s what I mean, YN. I’ll make sure that he NEVER hurts you again.

He takes the wine glass from your hand, and places it on the table. Then he puts his arms around you, and pulls you close.

– I’ll make sure he never hurts anyone again. You’re mine, and it’s my job to protect you.

You feel so safe, so protected. You close your eyes, to really feel his strong arms around you. After all the adrenaline, and all the crying, you fall asleep in his arms.

You wake up in bed, Rumlow is still holding you, sleeping. You look at the time. 3 a.m.! You turn around, to look at him. He looks so peaceful when he is sleeping. You get closer to him. Touch his nose with yours. He smiles at you. But he doesn’t open his eyes.

– You are beautiful, YN! Now, go back to sleep. We have work in a couple of hours.

He puts both arms around you, and you nuzzle close to him.

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