My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – What Someone Like Me Does To Little Brats Like You!

The silence that follows your little smirk is like the calm before the storm. His eyes darkens with hunger. A hunger you are unsure if you can satisfy. Then his face goes back to the normal non-expression. He takes a few steps back. Let’s go of your arms. You let them fall down to your sides. He looks at you, for something that feels like an eternity.

– Take off your clothes!

It’s like a command, but a soft one. If this is all he has, this will not be as big of a challenge as you originally thought. You slowly start to remove your clothes. It’s not much. Just your dress, your shoes and your underwear. He stands there and watches you, as you slowly remove one garment at a time. He doesn’t move a muscle. He is still fully dressed, just looking at you.

When you have your underwear left, you look away from him. You’ve never been in this kind of situation before, and you are becomming extremely aware of the fact that you don’t even know his name.

– Look at me!

His voice is stronger this time. This feels like a command. Maybe he is in charge of this. Well if he thinks he is, you are most certainly gonna give him a run for his money. No way you are gonna let him decide if he is going to or not. You want him, you need him. With another smirk, you look away again.

– I said. Look. At. Me!

– Then give me something to look at!

The hunger in his eyes comes back. His jaw tenses, and he walks with calm steps back towards you. You barley dare to breathe. What is he going to do? He places one hand carefully around your throat. Not hard. He just places it there. Like a sign of what he can do. Then he leans in close and whispers in your ear.

– Oh, I’m gonna show you what someone like me, does to little brats like you!


– If you keep calling me a brat, I’ll show you what a brat like me can do to someone like you!

What has gotten into you? This is so not you. Are you really so desperate, that you’ll put yourself in a posision for him to do this? He gently kisses your lips. And a soft moan escapes you. He pulls back again, and smiles at you.

– You liked that huh? How about this?

He takes his free hand and lets it slide down your stomach, all the way down to your underwear. Then he stops. You look at him. *God, just do it already*

– Answer me!

Another command, it seems like he is testing you, testing how far he can go. Although he could probably kill you, if he wanted to, you feel safe. He is conciderate. But at the same time dominant as fuck. You look at him. Once again you can’t make a sound. *Fuck*

He tilts his head again. Then he takes a hold of your hair. Not extremely hard, but hard enough. Another moan escapes you. He drags you closer to him.

– Answer. Me. NOW!

– YES. Yes. I like it allright. You fucking tease!

Another smile. What the fuck is he doing? If he is going to keep this up, you’ll probably come without him even removing his clothes. Well that would be just fucking perfect.

– Get down on your knees!

You look at him, blinking a couple of times.

– What?

– Get. Down. On. Your. Knees! Right now!

You sit down, it’s like you have no control over what you are doing. Again, he pins your hands over your head. And starts to unbuckle himself with his free hand. Finally he is taking his clothes off. At least some of them. You look at his hand, unbuckling his pants. *Oh god. I’m going to see it. It’s going to be right in front of me. Shit. What if it doesn’t look good? What if I’m no good? It’s not like I’ve done THAT that many times*

– Eyes on me, up here.

You look up at him. He is unbuckling himself painfully slow.

– That’s a good girl. Keep those beautiful eyes on me. Let me show you how much I am going to enjoy this!

You just comply. You keep your eyes on him. Don’t dare to look at his package. You know that it’s there, right in front of you. But you keep loking at him. His eyes. The hunger in them. Them alone make you wet as fuck.

– Now open your mouth…

You break eye contact for a second. You have to see. If he is going to fuck your throat you have to see. What if you can’t take it? He holds your hands in a tight grip, so you cant use them. *Oh, fuck. He’s big! Oh, God, please let him be gentle*

– Ahahah.. Keep looking at me. Up here! And part those lips of yours!

You do as you´re told. You’re scared, but it’s a good kida scared. A different kinda scared, something you have never felt before. An excitement that rushes through your entire body. *I would let this man do whatever the fuck he wants to me*

His lower body pushes your head against the wall, as he enters your mouth. He is careful. One bit at a time. His eyes locked….. He groans.

– Yes, that’s a good girl! Keep going! Fuck!

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