My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirtysix

Chapter Thirtysix – I Love You!

Rumlow gently gets you up from the floor, and you strattle him. This is one of your favorite positions. You can really feel him when you sit like this, all of him, from the look in his eyes, that dark hungry, horny look, to his erection growing between your legs. Your work clothes still on you. Your skirt pulled up around your waist. But your blouse still on.

Rumlow leans back in the couch, and looks at you. You look back. Although he’s still rough and dominant. You can feel the romance and the compassion in him. You trust him with your life, literally. And you know that he will always keep you safe, no matter what.

– What are you thinking about?

He smiles at you.

– Ehh.. You, actually….

– Is that so?

– Mhm..

Rumlow lets his hands glide up your back, outside your blouse this time. Over your shoulders, and then he starts to unbutton your blouse. Painfully slow. Taking his time with each and every button. God, why is he doing this? He hasn’t even penetrated you yet, and you are about to burst. You press your lower body into him. He stops for a second, looks at you.

– Ah ah.. Not yet!

– Brock… Wh.. What are you doing?

He laughs a little again. A soft laugh, safe.

– I’m going to give you the most intense night of your life!

– Oh God!

Again he focuses his attention on your blouse and the buttons. Is he going even slower now? You can feel his fingertips trailing down outside your blouse every time he moves on to the next button. Can it get more intense than this? You close your eyes.

Finally he unbuttons the last one. And then he proceeds to carefully remove your blouse, caressing your shoulders and your arms as he gets it off you. Then he stops again. You open your eyes. You reach behind your back, to remove your bra. But he stops you. Then he just as painfully slow reaches behind your back, before he removes it, the same way he did your blouse. Then he just looks at you. First your chest and your breasts. Then he moves his eyes up to your face. You swallow.

– Do you have any idea how beautifully perfect you are, YN?

– Eh..

He gets closer to your face.

– That beautiful hair. Gorgeous eyes. Little nose…

He lets his fingers glide over each item he’s talking about. He wasn’t lying when he said that this was going to be intense.

– Those soft lips….

He kisses you, soft, yet intense. You can’t help but let out a soft moan.

He continues to kiss you, down your neck. Breathing into your skin. He continues further down kissing your collar bone, before he buries his face between your breasts, carefully caressing each one. You lean back, but of course there is nothing behind you to lean on, so you start to fall backwards. Luckily Rumlow is fast, he grabs you, and presses you against him.

– Be careful sweetheart! You might hurt yourself..

His breath on your neck. His arms around you. This is amazing. Totally amazing. This rescue sex thing is something else.

– Here, lie down..

Rumlow places you down on the couch. Then he removes your skirt, and then his shirt. Finally, you can feel all of him against your body. And you can’t wait. You reach for him, but he just grabs you wrists, and places your arms over your head, as he lies down on top of you. His lips touches yours for a fraction of a second, before he moves down to your neck.

– How do you want it?

– Wh.. What?

Rumlow doesn’t move away from your neck.

– How do you want it? Me on top? You on top? Sitting? Standing? In the shower?

He finally lifts his head and looks at you.

– On all fours….

You can’t talk. This whole thing is so intense, the only thing you manage to do is breathe.

Rumlow keeps looking at you. Before he gives you a little smirk, and kisses you.

– Everything it is then…

You don’t have time to think, before he enters you. Still holding your arms over your head. You gasp.

– Yes, my beautiful girl. Tell me you like it!

– Oh God! Yes! Brock, please!

He buries himself deep inside you, the angle he’s thrusting, his breath, his grunts of pleasure, as he enters you with every inch he has. When the orgasm hits you feel like you’re about to pass out.

– Fuuuuuuck! Aaaaaahh!

– Yes! Fucking beautiful!

Even before you come down, Rumlow again sits up on the couch, and places you on his lap. Wasting no time reconnecting your bodies. Your legs still shaking from the first orgasm. He seizes your bottom, and plunges into you, harder than before.

– Look into my eyes, Gorgeous!

You feel like your eyes are rolling up in the back of your head, as the second orgasm hits you with full force. But you are aware that you’re still looking into Rumlows eyes.

He waits a little longer this time. Before he untangles himself from you, and gets up from the couch. Offers a hand to you, you take it, and stand up. Your legs still shake a bit, but you manage to walk the three or four steps you have to, to get to where he wants you. At the end of the couch, on the floor. He gently turns you around, so your back is against him. Pulling you close. Again you can feel his erection against your bottom. How does he manage to continue this over and over? He gently guides you, until you lie on your stomach over the armrest on the couch. Then he enters you again. The angle he’s hitting that spot inside you. FUCK! On top of the feeling of having him inside you like this, he pins your arms behind your back.

– Fuck me, Brock! God!

– You’re so wet! So tight! I can’t hold it… I’m gonna come!

You don’t get to answer, before your third orgasm hits you, like a semi truck. And you can feel on the way he’s moving that he came as well.

You both use a little time before you come back down. And he turns you around to face him again.

– That was amazing! Come here!

He wraps you in a tight hug, before he takes your hand, and you walk with him into the bathroom.

You expect him to turn the shower on, but instead he begins to fill the bathtub. He is so gentle. Even though you know him by now, it is strange to know that this is the same guy who asked you to moan his name for the cameras, just a little while ago.

He gets in, and then helps you in. Then he sits down and gently places you between his legs. Back against him. You lean your head on his shoulder. His hands and fingers carefully trails over your entire body.

– I love you, YN!

You look up at him, he leans down and kisses you. A long, warm, soft and intense kiss. When you break the kiss, you just look at each other. Smiling.

– I love you too, Brock!

At least you think you love him. Was that a stupid thing to say?

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