My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirtyseven

Chapter Thirtyseven – Good Agents Don´t Disobey Orders!

You wake up early the next morning, Rumlows arms still safe around you. He is still sleeping, you can hear it on his breathing. You close your eyes again, and try to go back to sleep. But you can’t. So instead you just savour the feeling of his arms around you, comforting you, protecting you. You feel so safe around him. Like nothing can touch you.

After a while he’s starting to wake up as well. You turn towards him. Praying for him to open his beautiful hazel brown eyes. After some time he does. Looking at you, smiling.

– I am so lucky to get to wake up to you beside me. Did you sleep well.

Rumlow plants a kiss on your forehead before you can answer his question.

– As well as I could, given everything.

Instead of saying some well thought out comforting words, he pulls you close to him, holding you.

– Nervous about today? Want me to go and talk to Pierce alone?

You look up at him.

– Thank you, but no. I have to meet him sooner or later anyway. It’s easier to just get it over with. Let him fire me. And if you’re there you can comfort me after.

Rumlow lets his hand glide down your stomach, and stops between your legs. Then he takes your hand and guides it down to his cock. It’s already rock hard. You close your fist around it and squeeze it a little. Rumlow slips one finger inside you.

– I can comfort you right now. You’re already wet and ready for me. Let me fuck you good morning before we leave.

You laugh a bit. Before he shuts you up with a deep intense kiss, climbs on top of you, and easily enters you. It’s like your body have been waiting for him to do that all night, that’s how easy it goes.

– Mmmmm

You don’t know what else to say. To have him inside of you is the best feeling in the world. Your bodies just fits together, it’s like you were made for each other.

– You like it?

– Fuck me, Brock!

Rumlow takes a hold of your arms and places them above your head, as usual. Thrusting deep and hard. His breath, moans and grunts of pleasure in your ear. You clenche your muscles around him, and lift up your legs, for him to get even deeper. Rumlow lets go of your arms, and picks up a little black device from the nightstand. Placing your legs on his shoulders, and aiming the device straight down on him gliding in and out of your pussy.

– Fuck this is beautiful, just wait until you see this.

With his other hand he starts to rub your clit carefully.

– Fuck, Brock! Make me come!

Suddenly he stops he’s not pulling out of you. But he stops. You desperately move, to show him that he have to continue.

– Make yourself come. Play with yourself. Come for me. I love to watch you.

You carefully move your hand down, and he starts to move again. At first you feel him. Letting your fingers glide over him every time he pulls out. Before he takes your hand, puts two of your fingers into his mouth, before placing them down where he wants them.

– Do it! I can’t hold it much longer. You’re so fucking tight!

You start to rub your clit, as Rumlow continues to thrust even harder than before.

– Aaaaa My.. Fuck!

– Yes! Come on! Come for me! Moan my name! Let your juices flow around my cock!

– Aaaa. Brock! I… I’m coming..

– Yes! Come on! Together!

Rumlow lies down on top of you for the last thrusts. It’s making it a little harder for you to move your hand, but you manage. The orgasm overpowers everything. You feel like you’re screaming. It’s always intense with Rumlow, he is an intense person. But still, you feel like last night and this morning have been more intense than usual.

You lie next to each other for a while, before you take a quick shower, and you get into your work clothes and leave for the SHIELD building. You’re sure that it’s the last time for you. But Rumlow seems pretty sure that everything will be sorted out.

When Rumlow parks the car in the garage, you take a deep breath. Rumlow takes your hand, and looks at you.

– Are you sure about this? I can talk to him alone. I’m just gonna show him the video of you being in the apartment the whole night. You don’t have to be there.

You squeeze his hand.

– Thank you, Brock. But I have to do this. I’m pretty sure he’ll fire me. But if he doesn’t I have to learn to deal with him.

– He’s not gonna fire you, YN!

You’re still not sure. But Rumlow seems determent, and that makes you feel a little better.

The elevator takes forever. Probably because you’re nervous. But still. Did it take this long last time? Rumlow holds your hand the entire time.

– I’m sorry, YN! I should never have left you.

– It’s not your fault, Brock! You were just following orders.

– Orders? Fuck!

Suddenly you feel scared again. When Rumlow is on edge about stuff. There must be a good reason.

– Something wrong?

– I disobeyed a direct order. I was NOT gonna tell you, not even after the mission. I’m lucky if he doesn’t fire me!

– He’s not gonna fire you, Brock. You’re his best agent. Aren’t you?

Rumlow looks at you. His look almost scares you. Is he scared of this Pierce guy?

– Good Agents don’t disobey orders, YN! And they sure as hell don’t let classified SHIELD operations become pillow talk.

You don’t know why. But the fear makes you angry. You never thought you’d ever get angry at Rumlow. And if you did, you never thought you’d actually show him that.

– Pillow talk? PILLOW TALK??!! Do you think me being thrown in jail is pillow talk? Do you think me almost getting shot, by my ex non the less, is pillow talk! I BECAME A PART OF THIS! THIS IS ALSO ABOUT ME! I ALMOST GOT KILLED! That’s not pillow talk, Brock. That’s real!

Rumlow doesn’t say anything. Nothing at all. Luckily the doors finally open, and you follow Rumlow out into the hall. He still doesn’t say a word. Did you go to far? Did you say something wrong? You really want to talk to him about it, but this is not the time nor the place to do that. And he’s not telling you to leave.

All the way down to Pierces office, Rumlow doesn’t turn around once. You just follow. You don’t know what else to do. Was this your first fight? Will it be the last? Is he mad at you? Did you just ruin everything? You decide not to think about it right now. Attack one problem at a time YN. First Pierce, then Brock.

Rumlow still doesn’t look at you, when you reach Pierces door. He just knocks. No more «Are you OK» or «I’ve got you». Maybe he doesn’t care if you’ll get fired. Deep breaths, YN. It is what it is.

– Come in, Rumlow!

Pierces voice from inside the office. Rumlow opens the door.

– So, you knew I’d come?

– Of course I knew. I’ve got eyes and ears in this entire building.

Pierce looks up from his papers, and see you.

– I can see you brought your little thief along as well. If Rollins didn’t come to talk to me before I’d have her thrown back in jail, where she belongs!

Rumlow goes all the way up to Pierces desk.

– She was in the apartment the entire night. She couldn’t have stolen anything. Besides we found the documents in Davids apartment.

– The David that conveniently is YNs ex. How well do you know her, Rumlow?

– I don’t have to know her, to know that she was in the apartment the entire night. Watch this, you’ll see.

Rumlow places the CD with the video on Pierces desk. Pierce looks at Rumlow.

– OK! I’ll watch it. I’ll have you both back here lunchtime. Remember she is not an employee at this time. Put her in Rollins’ office. And you! You go back to work.

With that he gestures for both of you to leave the office. Rumlow goes first, and you follow. He’s still not saying a word to you. Not in the elevator, and not for the walk to Rollins office.

Rollins office is almost identical to Rumlows. You walk over and sit down on the couch by the window. Rumlow shows you where there is things to drink, and tells you that he will pick you up when it’s time to face Pierce again. There is no emotion in his face or his voice. And you don’t want to ask either. But when he’s halfway out the door, and you still haven’t gotten so much as a little smile. You can’t keep your mouth shut anymore.

– Brock? Did we just have our first fight?

Rumlow turns around, and looks at you. Still no emotions. It’s like he shut them off.

– Yes!

Nothing more, just the yes. Before he closes the door.

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