My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirtynine

Chapter Thirtynine – What´s Wrong With You, Brock?

Rumlows Pov

Fuck, you should never have called it pillow talk. You didn’t mean it like that. And now, now, you’ve hurt her. Did you really think this relationship would work? You being an Agent, and she… She being the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen. So sweet, innocent. Not exactly the girl for you, right? Fuck, Brock! How stupid can you be?

Rumlow opens the door to Pierces office.

– So you knew I’d come?

Pierce doesn’t look up.

– Of course I knew! I’ve got eyes and ears in this entire building.

For fucks sake, Brock! Get it together. Work mode. Deal with YN when you get home. Treat her well, and she’ll come around. Hopefully. The thought of what he wants to do to you, makes him grow hard. Fuck! Not now. Shake it off, Brock!

Pierce looks up.

– I can see you brought your little thief along as well. If Rollins didn’t come to talk to me before, I’d have her thrown back in jail, where she belongs!

Rumlow doesn’t know what it is, but he feels an enormous anger, hearing people talking about you that way. But he knows his place. Don’t lose your cool, Brock. That will only make it worse. He walks up to Pierces desk. He knows it’s a stupid idea. He should wait for Pierce to tell him. But YN! Fuck! What is wrong with you, Brock?!?

– She was in the apartment the entire night. She couldn’t have stolen anything. Besides we found the documents in Davids apartment.

– The David that conveniently is YNs ex. How well do you know her, Rumlow?

How well does he know you exactly? You haven’t actually talked about other than David and SHIELD. No family information have been shared, nothing of that sort. But the sex… Brock!! Get a fucking grip!

– I don’t have to know her, to know that she was in the apartment the entire night. Watch this, you’ll see.

Rumlow places the CD with the video on Pierces desk. Pierce looks at Rumlow.

– OK! I’ll watch it. I’ll have you both back here lunchtime. Remember she is not an employee at this time. Put her in Rollins’ office. And you! You go back to work.

Rollins office? Why can’t you stay in his office? That way you could maybe talk or.. Oh, for fucks sake Brock. Is fucking this girl the only thing you can think of? Why can’t she say something?

He leads the way, but oh fuck how he wants you to go in front of him. To study your body, the way you move. How your clothes compliments your body. Showing off all the right curves on it.

Say something, YN! Please! Anything, be mad even. Yell at me again. Anything is better than nothing. But you don’t say a word. You just follow him. Well, I did dominate her, but she can stand her own. You don’t know how to do this romance thing, Brock! You just don’t. Dominant sex, yes. Romance, no.

In Rollins office. He tries his best to show you that he cares. You should say something Brock. Not just, «water there». Something meaningful. Something that says «I love you». She’s in Rollins’ fucking office. Nothing.. Fuck it, Brock!

When he’s about to leave, he hears your voice behind him.

– Brock! Did we just have our first fight?

He turns and looks at you. What do you say, Brock? Yes? No? I love you? Thank God you asked? Should you kiss her? Fuck. You suck at this, Brock. Forget it!

– Yes!

Then he leaves. Why the fuck did you do that, Brock? Good, making it worse, making it worse.. Good job, Brock, real good.

The hours till lunchtime takes forever. Rumlow gets some paperwork done. But the whole time he’s thinking about you. In Rollins office. Are you allowed to fuck someone else after a fight? You never sorta defined your relationship.. Maybe she would. Would you? No! You want her, no one else. She captivated you from the first second.

Lunchtime comes, and Pierce calls for you. Rumlow feels it strange that he wants Rollins as well. But, well.. Maybe that’s a good thing.

The few steps over to Rollin’s office is hard to take. Maybe she never loved you. You should tell her, Brock. Tell her that you love her. That it’s not just the sex. That it’s all of her. The way she talks, the way she moves, her smile.. Everything.

He opens the door to Rollins office, and stops in his tracks.

– I love you….

What the blazing fuck!?!?? I love you? That’s HIS line! The feeling inside his chest is something he’s never felt before.

– Really, Rollins? I love you?

He can hear Rollins saying something, but he’s not interested. Lifts his finger, stops Rollins’ mouth. Motherfucking perfect!

– Bro…

Your voice. I really don’t want to listen to her right now.

– I ment both of you, YN!

What the fuck is wrong with you, Brock? Let her talk. You’ve wanted to talk to her all day, and when she finally speaks to you, you tell her to shut up. Well, to late now anyway. Deal with Pierce first. You can talk to YN, at home. That is, if she wants to go home with you.

In Pierces office there are three chairs in front of his desk. YN, sits down in the middle. Pierce doesn’t seem to mind. And she’s not familiar with the codes yet. Rumlow stands by his chair until Pierce tells him to sit down.

Totally in his own mind, he tries to listen to what Pierce is saying. Please let her stay. If Pierce fires her, that’s it. She’ll leave, both SHIELD and you. The thought of losing you drives him crazy.

– You are fired though!

Great, just great. Should you say something, Brock? Fuck! Rumlow opens his mouth.

– Something you want to say, Rumlow?

The tone in Pierces voice, makes him instantly shut up. No use anyway. When Pierce makes up his mind, that’s it!

– You’re fired from the office floor! I decided to put you in another department.

Well, this was unexpected. What department?

– What?

He can’t hold back. What department? It’s not that many to chose from, and will you still be her boss? He leans forward to look at the papers. She’s been moved to Delta? What the fuck? And why?

– You’re giving her a piece? Why?

Pierces look makes Rumlow shut up again. He is going to have her killed, for sure. There are no women on any of the teams, and it’s a reason for that. It’s hard work, a ton of Fighting, close combat, killing. She won’t even survive one day.

– I came across some security footage, and saw her potential. Do you have a problem with that?

– No, Sir!

The hell you do! You have a ton of problems with this. She’ll technically still be working under you. But Pierce will have the last word, and he will be able to send her out on missions as he see fits. How the fuck can you protect her now, Brock?!?

– You start training right away. Dismissed!

Rumlow stands up with you. Maybe some training will do the trick? At least you’ll be able to touch her.

– Rumlow, you stay! Rollins, you start to train with YN!

The words hits Rumlow like a brick. Rollins is going to train with her. You are the one who knows her. You should be training with her. You should teach her stuff. It’s not that Rollins isn’t good. It’s just.. You want to train her.

– With all due respect, Sir! I should be the one training her!

– No, Rumlow. You’re gonna stay behind and tell me why you shared classified information with your live in girlfriend!

Fuck! This is just fucking perfect. You being questioned by Pierce, while Rollins gets to train your girl. Touching, Fighting…. fucking? Don’t go there, Brock! Don’t!

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