My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirtyfour

Chapter Thirtyfour – Please, Don´t Be Mad At Me!

You look into his eyes. But it’s still all blurry. You feel dizzy from all the adrenaline. You try to feel if you’re breathing or not. But you can’t tell. Then it all goes black.


You wake up in the bed in Rumlows apartment, with his arms around you. You look around a bit, before you feel him pulling you close to him.

– Welcome back, YN! Are you OK?

You look at him. Into his beautiful hazel brown eyes. And he looks back, into yours. Searching your face.

– YN! Is there anything I can do for you?

You don’t say anything. You just nuzzle your face into his neck, taking in that nice, safe smell that is him. You don’t know why, but suddenly tears are flowing from your eyes, and your whole body is shaking. Rumlow pulls you even closer to him. Holds you tight.

– It’s fine. He’s gone. He’s never gonna hurt you again. EVER! I’m here. Everything is going to be fine.

You try to calm down, but it’s impossible. After everything you’ve been through, you don’t even know where to begin. You lift your face and look at Rumlow again.

– Wh… What happened to the guard I was with? Did he make it?

Rumlow plants a kiss on your forehead.

– I’m sorry YN. He didn’t.

He lets his forehead rest on yours. Forehead to forehead, you slowly start to calm down.

– But you did. And that’s all that matters to me. What happened YN?

– Thomas? What happened to Thomas?

– He’s been taken care of. None of them will hurt you again. I promise, YN!

– What happened to Thomas, Brock?!

The fear you felt before is about to turn into anger. And you want answers. Pierce put you in jail. It was the most scared you’ve ever been before, and you want to know why. You need to know why!

– He’s back in jail, YN. Where he belongs.

– Back?

Did they put him in jail right away? Why didn’t he tell you?

– What happened, YN?

You take a deep breath before you tell everything. How nice Marcus was. And how you knew that he knew something. But that he didn’t tell you. How your computer froze, and about what Pierce said to you. How scared and alone you felt. What happened, and how you helped the guard.

When you’re done talking, Rumlow kisses you.

– I’m sorry, YN. I’m so sorry. I never ment for it to go this far. I thought we had full control. I thought we knew their next move.

You look at him. Surprised.

– For what to go this far?

He’s not saying anything. He just looks at you. You feel the anger bubbling up in you again.

– For what to go this far, Brock??!

– YN!

He tries to give you a hug. But you pull away from him. Sit up on the bed. You look at him.

– Brock?!

– Please don’t be mad at me, YN. I couldn’t tell you. I wasn’t allowed to. Orders!

You get up from the bed. And turn towards him again.

– Well, can you tell me now?

– Officially, no. But I love you, YN. So I’m going to disobey orders, for the first time in my career. Will you please sit down?

You look at him for a split second, before you sit down beside him on the bed.

– We knew that Thomas was stealing classified information. That’s Part of the reason I didn’t like that you spent time with him.

– Why didn’t you tell me?

– I wasn’t allowed to, YN. Security reasons. I didn’t know that David was involved, or that they stole your keycard. If I’d known that, I would never have left you.

– Did you know that Pierce put me in prison?

Rumlow takes your hand.

– Yes. An agent called me. And that’s when I understood that David was involved, and that they stole your keycard to pin it on you. We went straight to SHIELD after that.

– Have you talked to Pierce about this? I escaped! He’ll probably fire me.

– I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen YN. I can prove that you never left the apartment.

You shift in the bed. He can prove that you never left the apartment? How? You thought you already had proofe of that, because of Marcus, guarding the door. Pierce didn’t believe that.

– How? Marcus couldn’t help, because Pierce said that there was other ways to leave the apartment.

Rumlow gets up from the bed. Still holding your hand.

– Follow me! I have to show you something.

You get up, and follow him around the apartment. He shows you small cameras in almost every room. Except the toilet and the bathroom. When you finally sit down on the couch with him, you don’t know what to say.

– Y…. You had me under surveillance?

– I’ve had these cameras here for years. In case something happened to me. Sometimes my job is dangerous. I just forgot to tell you about it, when you moved in.

– You forgot to tell me about the cameras in the living room, and the bedroom. Did you videotape us… when we…??

He sends you a playful smile.

– You want to watch them?

– This isn’t funny, Brock! What if I… When you were gone?

He lets his hand glide slowly up your thigh, and lets it rest between your legs. His eyes looking deeply into yours.

– What if you wanted to pleasure yourself, when I was gone?

He slowly reaches inside your underwear. You kinda want to stop him, because you’re angry with him. But it feels so good.

– Aha…

You nod slowly. And then you lean your head back.

– Then I would have loved to watch you, YN. In fact, why don’t you give me a live show… Right now..?

Rumlow removes his hand, takes a soft grip around yours and guides it down to where he wants it. When your fingers glides over you, you understand why you didn’t stop him. He could easily glide into you right now. But that’s not his style. He want’s you to feel as good as he does.

The thought of him inside you, makes you moan loud. Rumlow leans in, closer to you, and whisper in your ear.

– Think about the cameras, YN. We can watch this over and over. How you’re pleasuring yourself for me. How you moan my name. How I’m gonna make you come…

Fuck, how you want him. The thought about you watching this together is more than you can take. You start to work yourself harder. He breathes a couple of times into your ear, before he takes over. His fingers inside you, instantly finding that spot, massaging it in a way that makes your whole body tense up. Your moans more ragged with each movement he makes.

His lips meets yours. His tongue dancing with yours, mixed with your desperate moans, as he brings you closer and closer to climax.

– Yes! Moan my name.

– Ahha.. God .. Brock!

– Yes! Come on. Do it!

The orgasm is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. You’ve only ever heard of rescue sex and make up sex. In fact Rumlow is the only man who’s saved you. Not only once, but twice. And this is indescribable. You almost feel like you never going to come back down…

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