My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirtyfive

Chapter Thirtyfive – Who Said Anything About Winning?

Rumlow looks deeply into your eyes. The waves of pleasure keeps hitting your body. You can’t even talk. The only sounds that is leaving your lips are your desperate moans and your ragged breaths.

Rumlow places some soft kisses on your neck, before he moves further up, and whisper in your ear.

– You know that I record sounds as well… Moan for me!

– God, Brock! I want you!

Rumlow looks at you again. Then he pushes you down on the couch, spreads your legs apart. And you take a breath waiting for him to take off his clothes and enter you. You have NEVER wanted him this much. Not even the first night. The exhilarating feeling of being caught on tape, makes you want him like never before.

But nothing is happening. He just sits on the couch looking at your wet, pink flesh. You look at him.

– Please, Brock!

He lets out a little laugh, before he lets his hands glide up your thighs. You gasp.

– You want me to fuck you, don’t you?

– Yes, Brock! Please!

He gets on top of you in the couch, you can feel his erection, but he doesn’t do anything. He just lingers over your face, teasing you. You buck your hips up against him. And he sends you a playful smile.

– Ah ah ah… Tell me who is in charge. Tell me who it is that decides….

– Y… You?

– Good girl.. Get up!

He sits up on the couch again. And you slowly get to your feet. He still has his tactical gear on. You didn’t notice before. The adrenaline from earlier, and the exhilaration from the cameras and everything. You didn’t notice. Is he doing this on purpose? You look down on his thighs, and the holsters. The gun he used to kill David. You swallow. Rumlow looks at you, concerned.

– You want me to put it away?

You shake your head. In a strange way, the gun, THAT gun, makes you feel safe. Rumlow keeps looking at you. It’s like he can read your mind. Of course, he is an Agent, he can probably read your face and emotions a mile away. He takes out his gun, and proceeds with his normal routine. Removing the bullets, and secure the gun. You look at his movements. You still find it strange that you find this so hot.

– Safety first, right?

You feel your voice shaking, and you don’t know why. You’ve done this before.

Rumlow doesn’t answer. He just points the gun to the floor in front of him.

– Sit down!

You do as you’re told. Down on your knees, on the floor, between his legs. Your hands resting on his knees. Rumlow gently takes your hands, and guides them up to his gear belt. You swallow again. The way he does these things. The way he takes control, the softness of his touch. God how he turns you on.

You let your hands glide over his erection, before you gently start to remove his belt. He looks at you the whole time. You’ve been in this situation with him before, but this time… this time it feels a thousand times better.

You work slower than usual. All you want to do is rip his clothes of, and just take what he has to give. But you work slow. If he teases you, you want to tease him back. You know it, and he knows it. And by the looks of it, he lets you. You know that he can take over at any second. But he doesn’t. He waits for your next move.

Rumlow grunts when you let your hands glide over him, once again, before you slowly remove his pants. Not his boxers. You leave them on a bit longer. He looks at you again. And you smile at him. A teasing smile. And you can see in his eyes that your teasing turns him on.

You let your tongue glide over him, from his balls all the way up, over his boxers. He bucks his hips up against you. You rest your hands on his hips, and gently push him back down on the couch.

– Who is in charge now, Brock?

– Again, YN… You’re only in charge because I let you!

– I’m still in charge though…

You tease his balls with your fingertips while you’re talking.

– Aaaaa.. Fuck, YN!

– You like that?

You look up at him. His usually hazel brown eyes, dark with hunger. You continue to tease him with only the tips of your fingers. His lips twitching. You’re unsure how much further you can take this. Without him taking back control. But in a way, you want to find out. You let your tongue glide over him once again.

– Do you really want to play this game, YN?

He says between ragged breaths. You just smile up at him, and then you once again let your tongue glide over his balls. Rumlow lets his hands glide into your hair.

– You won’t win, YN!

He says and takes a firmer grip of your hair. You lift your head up, and look at him. His grip of your hair isn’t hurting, in fact it makes you wet as fuck. So you give him a teasing look.

– Who said anything about winning?

Rumlow shifts on the couch. Then he removes one of his hands from your hair, and takes a firmer grip with the other one.

– So you want to play games? Fine. I’ll play…

He removes his boxers with his free hand. Then he pushes your face down on him.

– Do you want this?

You stick out your tongue and touch one of his balls with it. That’s about all you manage to do, with the angle he’s holding your face in.

– Answer me!

– Yes!

He lifts up your head, and look into your eyes. Still holding your hair in a firm grip. Still it doesn’t hurt. It’s like he knows exactly how hard to hold for it to feel exhilarating and not hurt.

– Then take it! Suck it! Taste it!

Without another word, you part your lips and close them around him. He plunges upwards, all the way down your throat. You’re prepared for it, so you manage. But then he holds your head in place for a bit longer than usual. When he finally lets go, you gasp for air.

He looks at you again. Searching your face. He doesn’t say anything, but you can see that he want’s to know if you’re fine. If he went too far. You don’t answer, you just open your mouth again, and take him down. This time, he sits still. Lets you take control. He leans back on the couch. Moaning.

– Fuck, YN…. Keep going!

You press your lips together around him, and move down, as far as you can manage. And at the same time, you gently squeeze his balls in your hand.

– Shit, YN! YES! Aaaaaa

You look up at him. He doesn’t notice. He’s too caught up in his own pleasure to notice you at this point. You let your tongue glide up his whole length, swirl around his tip, before you slide your tongue down again. His other hand also takes a hold of your hair. As he moans your name loud.

You realise that he is close to climax, so you close your lips around him again. Taking his whole length down. His whole body tenses up. He’s coming hard. His hands gripping your hair, dragging your head a little up from him, before he releases.

You sit back up again, look at him as you swallow his load. Your eyes locked on each other.

– YN! You are amazing! I love you!

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