My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirtyeight

Chapter Thirtyeight – You Are Fired Though!

– Yes

Rumlow doesn’t slam the door shut, but to you it sounds like he did. Is he mad at you? How bad is it that he told you? That Pierce guy isn’t exactly friendly. But at the same time Rumlow is obviously one of his best Agents. Could he be fired for this?

You feel bad about yelling at him. You really shouldn’t have done that. He saved your life, twice. Maybe that got to him. Or did he mean what he said, when he said it was pillow talk? This Rumlow thing was so perfect. What if you ruined it.. What will you do then?

The burning sensation behind your eyes turns into tears, you’re unable to stop them. You bury your face in your hands. Remembering every little detail about your time with Rumlow. Why does this love thing have to be so hard?

You don’t hear the door opening.

– Oh.. Sorry. I was just gonna get some paperwork….

You look up. Rollins have stopped right by the door. You dry your remaining tears, dragging your mascara all over your face.

– It’s your office isn’t it? I can’t exactly tell you to leave…

– Something wrong?

Rollins walks over to you. Sit down next to you.

– Nothing. I just screwed up.. It’ll get better..

– Pierce? He can be a real piece of shit sometimes. But he is fair. It’ll be alright. He’s not gonna fire you. Some of us have done worse, and we’re still here.

You clear your throat, look at Rollins.

– Like what Brock did?

– What did he do?

– He told me about the mission. After, not before. He told me, but he wasn’t suppose to.. It’s my fault..

– The mission including your ex, your keycard, and that put you in jail? Why wouldn’t he tell you? That mission was more about you than anything else.

You hide your face in your hands again.

– He’s mad at me. He confessed to me that he was scared of being fired, and I yelled at him. Stupid..

Rollins puts his hand on your back.

– Look. Rumlow isn’t exactly fluent in the romance department. None of us are. Having a girlfriend, wife or kids makes us vulnerable. So most of us are alone. You’re the first girl he’s been with..

You can’t help but laugh. First girl? Yeah right! You look up at Rollins.

– I do admit that I don’t know him THAT much yet. But he was definitely NOT a Virgin when he met me.

– That’s not what I ment. It’s always been one time, maybe two. Nothing like you. He invited you into his home. He disobeyed orders for you. Look, I don’t know much about this romance, love thing.. But I DO know that Rumlow means what he says to you.

You look at Rollins. Searching his eyes. Did Rumlow send him? Should you talk to him about this? Isn’t this kinda personal?

– What he says?

Rollins clears his throat.

– Look, YN. As Agents we are responsible for each others life half of the time. That requiers that we know each other. I don’t know WHAT he said to you. But I know that he means every word.

– Like «I love you»?

– Yeah! Like «I love you»!

– Really, Rollins! I love you?

Both you and Rollins look up. Rumlow stands in the door. Rollins gets up. Your heart is pounding out of your chest.

– Look, Rum…..

Rollins tries to explane, but Rumlow lifts his finger. Rollins instantly shuts up.

– Pierce is ready for us. He wanted you too Rollins.

You finally manage to get up from the couch. Thank God, your feet are carrying you. Should you say something?

– Bro…

– I ment both of you, YN!

He sounds angry, and hurt. Why won’t he listen to you? If you didn’t screw things up by yelling at him, you certainly did now. Why won’t he let you tell him that you were talking about him?

Rollins lets you walk in front of him. Rumlow leads the way to Pierces office. Not turning around one single time. It’s like he doesn’t even want to look at you. This is just great. Yesterday you had it all, and now you’re about to lose your job, your home and your boyfriend. Life is funny that way.

Rumlow opens the door to Pierces office, and lets you and Rollins walk inside, before he follows.

Pierce is behind his desk, and on the other side is three chairs. You sit down on the one in the middle. That way Rumlow will have to sit next to you. Both Rumlow and Rollins stands next to their chairs until Pierce tells them to sit down. You’re not used to see Rumlow like this. He’s almost submissive. Not at all like the Rumlow you know. And that alone makes you nervous.

Pierce clears his throat.

– Well.. YN, as it looks, I owe you an apology!

– Huh?

You should probably keep quiet until he tells you to speak or something, but his statement catches you off guard.

– Turns out you were in the apartment the whole night. I know I gave you a hard time. But I admit it when I’m wrong.

– Ehh.. Thank you… I guess..

Pierce moves some papers around.

– You are fired though!

You take a deep breath. Fired! Because you broke out of jail. You suddenly feel an enormous guilt because of what happened to the guard. Rumlow opens his mouth.

– Something you want to say, Rumlow?

Pierce’s voice determined.

Rumlow closes his mouth again. You look at him, but he doesn’t look back. Pierce puts a piece of paper in front of you.

– You’re fired from the office floor. I decided to put you in another department!

– What?

Rumlow speaks. It’s like he can’t hold back. He leans forward and looks at the papers. Then he looks up at Pierce again.

– You’re giving her a piece? Why?

Pierce gives Rumlow a hard look. Rumlow sits back in the chair again, and shuts up.

– I came across some security footage, and saw her potential. Do you have a problem with that?

– No, sir!

Pierce puts a pen on top of the paper in front of you.

– Fill that out. And you can start your training!

– My.. My training? For what?

– It’s about time we get a female on our team, don’t you think? And if you are as good as I think you are, you’ll have no trouble getting in the game.

You fill out the papers, and give them back to Pierce, without saying a word. It’s not hard, just a couple questions about your background, and personal information.

– You start training right away. Dismissed!

You stand up. Trying to wrap your head around what just happened. Rollins and Rumlow gets up as well.

– Rumlow, you stay! Rollins you start to train with YN.

You look at Rumlow. You know you have to leave, but you so want to talk to him. To tell him that what he heard was you talking about him.

– With all due respect sir. I should be the one training her!

– No, Rumlow. You’re gonna stay behind and tell me why you shared classified information with your live in girlfriend!

Finally Rumlow looks at you. Kinda a hard look, but you can still se some kind of hurt in there. You swallow, as Rumlow sits back down in his chair. How much trouble is he in?

– Rollins, dismissed!

Rollins puts a hand on your back and guides you out of the office.

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