My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen – Want To Play A Game?

When you wake up, Rumlow is sitting on the edge of the bed, already fully dressed, and ready for the Day.

– If you want to you can stay here today.

You sit up in the bed. Look at him.

– No. I have to do something, and it’s probably safer to be at work.

He slowly makes his way up to your face. The way his muscle tenses in his arms when he makes his way over to you. You can’t take your eyes away from him. He plant’s a soft kiss on your lips.

– How much time do we have?

Rumlow glances at his watch.

– Enough for me to satisfy you in a whole lot of ways.

His lips meets yours, your tongue finds his. It’s intense, warm and electrifying. His hands are all over your body, and his tactical gear makes you want him even more. You let your hands slide carefully over his gear. He feels it immediately.

– Oh, I almost forgot how much you liked that. Want to play a game?

You nod. Your belly clenches, as he sits up over you, and removes both of his guns from the holsters. Then he goes over to remove the bullets and secure the guns.

– Safety first. Don’t want to shoot you. But we can still play.

– Wh.. What is this game?

He smiles at you. Then he leans down and kisses you, and at the same time, he points his gun to your temple.

– It’s called Brock is in charge. And YN does as she’s told….

He doesn’t break the kiss as he is talking. You turn your eyes towards his gun, still pointed at your head.

– Oh, no, no.. Look at me.

You look into his eyes. He smiles triumphantly down at you. Then he leans down again, and lets his tongue slide over your lips. But, when you open your mouth to kiss him, he pulls away. You desperately move your head to feel his lips, but he takes a firm hold of your hair, and pulls your head back down on the pillow.

– Ahah… What was the game called again?

– B..Brock is in charge….

– And YN?

– I… I do as I’m told…

– Good girl!

Again he reaches behind his back, finds his handcuffs and secure your hands to the bedpost. Then stands up over you, and starts to unbuckle himself. He doesn’t remove a single piece of clothing, just lets his erection break free from his pants. The he gets down on his knees over your face, lets one hand sink into your hair, guiding your face to where he wants you. He looks down at you.

– Keep those eyes on me. I want to watch you.

You look up at him. His eyes dark an hungry. That determent look, that turns you on more than ever before. He rubs the tip of his cock slowly over your lips. You open your mouth to taste him. He tightens the grip of your hair. You whimper.

– Did I say you could open your mouth?

You don’t answer. His hold of your hair is tighter than ever before. You want to shake your head, but you can’t move.

– Did I?

– N…No!

– So keep it fucking shut, until I tell you to open it!

He is rougher than before. Of course he knows you a little better now, but you feel totally helpless. It turns you on and scares you at the same time. You shut your mouth, and keep it firmly shut. As he continues to rub his tip back and forth over your lips. All the time he looks into your eyes. You yank the handcuffs. That is about the only thing you can do, to show him that you want to taste him. He smiles down at you..

– Good girl. Now, open your mouth!

You do as he tells you. He doesn’t bother being careful this time. You have no problem taking it. He isn’t that rough. But it’s rough enough. His eyes doesn’t leave yours. His hand in your hair, holding your head in place. His thrusts inside. The gun, you know is lying right next to your head. He let go of it of course, but it’s there.

– Fuck… That’s a good girl.. Keep going..

You almost find it funny. “Keep going” like you have any other choice. He is in total control. You can’t even move your upper body. His pace is increasing. His hold of your hair tightens even more. He grunts, but he is still looking into your eyes. His whole lower body tenses. He doesn’t bother to ask, his warm fluid unloads in your mouth, as he grunts in pleasure.

– No, don’t stop yet! Keep going! Fuck!

He pulls back, looks down on you.

– Now, swallow!

You don’t know what else to do. So again you do as he tells you. He lets his thumb brush over your lips.

– Good girl!

He moves down on you. Spread your legs apart. You lift your head from the pillow to see him.

– Stay fucking still!

His voice almost angry. You lie your head back down again, as his tongue starts to devour your pussy. His hands have a firm grip of your hips. Your whole lower body is locked exactly where he wants it. You’re already shaking.

– Ask me permission to come!

His lips closing over your clit.

– Fuck.. God… I… Please..

The greedy noises he makes, his breath, the fact that you are tied up, and unable to move. His firm grip around your hips, and his tongue that knows exactly what it’s doing.

– You want to come?

– Yes! God! Please…

– Beg for it!

Your hands takes a firm grip around the bedpost. Your back almost hurts from arching. Your ears ringing.

– Please, Brock! I have… I need to come!!

– Hold it! Not yet!

Fuck, not again! You have to hold it this time. Given the roughness he showed you now. The punishment for coming without permission will not be only blindfold and ice cubes next time.

– Brock…. P…Pl…Ple…

There is no use. The orgasm hits you like a train on full speed. You can’t even hear your screams due to the ringing in your ears. It’s so intense you feel like you almost can’t breathe.

He just looks at you for a while, marveling your orgasm. When you finally start to come back down. He once again makes his way up to your face. And puts his hand around your throat.

– You have to learn to be more obedient, little girl! Or else I will have to punish you more!

You don’t manage to talk. Your head is spinning, what will he do to you this time.

– Kiss me, taste yourself on my lips!

He presses his lips against yours. His tongue dancing with yours, as he opens the handcuffs, letting your hands free. You let them slide through his hair.

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