My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten – Pick One!

You drive home in silence. You want to tell him that you feel uncomfortable working with something you don’t know how to do. But his look is so determent that you don’t find the right words. Besides, you know that he’s not finished with the fact that you didn’t manage to hold back in the elevator. And the fact that you don’t know what he’ll do to you when you get home, turns you on, more than you care to admit to yourself.

When you reach home, he tells you where to park the car, then he steps out, comes around to your side, and opens the door for you. Takes your hand, and helps you out. You are caught off guard. This strong, tough guy treats you like a princess. But you like it. It makes you feel special.

You close and lock the car. Then he places a hand on your back, and guides you inside. His hand on your back is determent. It’s like he pushes you, but not really. And he don’t have to, you are more than happy to let him take control.

When you enter his apartment, you look around. It’s big. Almost the entire top floor is his. But it’s a typical single males apartment. You remove your shoes, and place them on a shoe rack. His eyes are following your every move. You take another look at his tactical gear. His gun… You swallow. The way he touched you with it. *Fuck. What is wrong with you? It’s not normal to like stuff like this. Is it?*

– Are you hungry?

He walks towards you.

– Or, do you want to skip dinner, and go straight for…… dessert?

He kisses you. His tongue finds yours, dancing with it.. Your belly clenches.. You grab his belt, and drag him closer to you. And this time, he lets you.

He looks at you. Smiling. His eyes are tender, not the usual determent expression. He reaches for something behind his back. Not taking his eyes away from you. Then he holds up a pair of handcuffs in front of you..

– Ever tried one of these before?

You shake your head.

– Do you want to?

This time you nod. You don’t know why, but it’s like he takes away your ability to talk. It’s like the words are not even there. He kisses you again.

– Let’s move this to a place we can get more comfortable.

Again he places a hand on your back and guides you. You just follow along. Not saying anything. *What does his bed look like? His bedroom? Does he have toys?*

He stops, hugs you from behind, and starts to unbutton your blouse. You lean your head back against his shoulder. He removes your blouse, and your bra. Then he continues to guide you into his bedroom.

He gently puts you down on his bed, and then he removes your skirt and your underwear. You look at him. Waiting for his next move. He stands up, looking down at you.

– Play with yourself!

– Ehh?

He takes your hand, and guides it down your stomach.

– You heard me, play with yourself. I want to watch you!

Furiously blushing, you do as you´re told. Close your eyes. God, you want HIM to touch you. You are already more than ready for him. You can feel that, in more than one way, when your fingers starts to slide over your sensitive parts.

– Open your eyes! Look at me!

Shit. You’re blushing more than ever. But you open your eyes, and look up at him. His tactical gear, those hungry eyes, ready to devourer you. You moan. *Fuck, how is this possible?*

– You have no idea, how much this turns me on! Watching you pleasuring yourself… Keep those beautiful eyes open…

You grab the sheet with your free hand, your back arches, and your moans intensefies.

– Stop! Don’t come!

He grabs your arms, pins them over your head. And then his fingers takes over, viciously pumping inside you. It doesn’t take long, before the orgasm rushes trough your body. Your screams echoing in the walls. He laughs a little. Then he moves his hand up to your face. Drags his fingers across your lips. Smearing your wetness over them..

– Here, taste yourself!

God.. the waves from the orgasm still rushes trough your body. You open your mouth, and suck on his fingers.. He leans down and whispers in your ear.

– Taste good, doesn’t it? No, don’t stop!

He lies there for a while, looking at you sucking on his fingers. Then he removes them, and kisses you. Takes a hold of your hair.

– I can taste you on your tongue! Wonderful! Now, get up!

You get up. His hold of your hair is strong, but it hurts just the right way. He guides you over to a closet. Stops in front of it.

– Open it!

You carefully open the doors, then you gasp. His toys. A lot of toys. You don’t even know what half of it is. You don’t know what to say to this. You suddenly feel exposed. You are totally naked, he is fully dressed. And this stuff. *Why, just why is this turning you on?* You start to blush again. He leans into you from behind, lets his tongue slide over your earlobe.

– Pick one!

You can’t move. It’s like your arms are glued to your side. He wants you to pick one. You don’t even know what this stuff is, or what it’s used for. How can you know what to pick?

– Pick. One. Or so help me, I WILL do it myself!

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