My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Sixtytwo

Chapter Sixtytwo – I Wouldn´t Do That If I Were You!



No one is waiting for you outside the door. You take a deep breath, before you look around. Your black SUV is still parked where you left it. You fish up the spare key. When you get in the car, you take a deep breath again. Try to calm down. You grip the wheel with both hands. Do you remember your part down to the teeth? Another breath, before you caress your stomach.

– He’ll be OK, right, Abigail? We’ll all be OK?

You start the car, and drive off into the City. Rumlow said to stay in populated areas. That way it would be safer. Alexander would want to keep this as quiet as possible, so in populated areas you’d just be arrested. No guns would go off. Hopefully.

Well inside the most populated area of New York, you find out that Rumlow was right. It doesn’t take long before you’re surrounded. You do exactly as they told you. Shut off the engine, and put both your hands out the window.

Agent after Agent exits the cars surrounding you. Is it really necessary to have this many people bringing you in? Or maybe this is just some sort of scare tactic from Pierces side?

Thankfully they don’t hurt you. They just escort you into another SUV. Dixon is driving it, another Agent next to him, and two more agents in the back with you.

As soon as you drive off, Dixon pushes some buttons on the dash.

– We’re safe! YN! These are my people. You remember your part?

Dixon asks, looking at you in the mirror. You nod.

– Good! Wait for my sign!

You nod again. Then there is quiet, until you reach the SHIELD garage. Before you drive inside, Dixon turns to you.

– Cameras, YN! Make it look real!

– I will!

You start your acting even before the car comes to a stop. Kicking and screaming. When they drag you out of the car, your foot hits one of the Agents in his jaw. He grabs you, and holds you tight, as he does Dixon slips a key to the handcuffs in your hand.

On the way up to Pierces office you act as you’ve given up. Better to pretend. That way he won’t expect much. Don’t threaten him.. Don’t.

Inside Pierces office you instantly try to get to Rumlow, but Dixon holds you in place.

– Welcome, Miss YLN. Finally we’re all together again…

Alexander says, as he makes his way over to you.

– Don’t fucking touch her!

Rumlow yells. You look over at his restraints. Looks real enough, but you know he’ll easily get out of them.

– You didn’t think it’d be this easy, did you?

Alexander continues, as he takes up a knife, pointing it at your stomach. You look down at it.

– I wouldn’t do that if I were you!

Rollins’ voice. Then a click from his Glock as he points it defiantly at Pierce’s head.

With Pierces attention turned to Rollins, you get your handcuffs off, and then make your way over to Rumlow. He gets up, before you reach him. Gives you a kiss.

– You, OK? Both of you?

You nod. Before he gives you the tape, gets his gun up, and join Rollins, pointing it at Alexander. Alexander don’t seem to mind.

– You can’t shoot me, Rumlow!

He says, not even blinking.

– The FUCK I can! I don’t work for you anymore!

Rumlow spits the words out, as he takes one more step towards Pierce.

You continue with your part. Plugging your device into the SHIELD intercom system, before pressing play. Alexanders voice sounds over the entire building.

– I have a job for you! Off the record!


– Rumlow has gone and fallen in love. I can’t afford that. That overly loyal son of a bitch, will continue to be loyal to SHIELD. This girl will not get in the way.

No one inside Pierces office is moving. You have your eyes locked on Rumlow, Rollins and Pierce.

– Listen David! I’ll pay you a Great deal of money for this. So make sure you’ll be successful. I already gave you an ally on the inside. Rumlow made a mistake placing her in his department.

Pause.. Still no movement.

– Listen, Dixon. That David guy fucking went and got himself killed. I should’ve never let him and Thomas plan this without me. Guess I underestimated Rumlows love for this girl. I adjust. I’ll make her an agent. Let’s see how long she lasts.

Pause… You can see the anger in Rumlows face.

– I’ll put Rollins on close combat with her. He’s rough. She probably won’t even last a day. Maybe he’ll even kill her.

Pause.. Alexanders voice is sounding all over the building. By now every single employee knows about his plan, and how he uses his Agents for his own agenda.

– Fucking Rollins have gone soft. Let’s put Rumlow on knifes with her. I read his closed file. This’ll destroy them. He’ll either kill her, or leave her. The first one will be the best. Keep an eye on them. Rapport back to me!

Pause again. No one moves. This suspence is killing you.

– She’s a fucking bitch, that YN! I promise you, she’ll be the death of me. If I don’t do anything about this, she’ll bring all of SHIELD down. Find some paperwork for Rumlow to do, when we do the water training tomorrow. I’ll make sure she’ll be long gone, before he reach her.

– What are you going to do?

Dixons voice. He sounds on edge. No surprise. Pierce just involved him in a plan to kill you.

– Weigh down her gear belt. She’ll go straight to the bottom. There’s no way she’ll get back up. She’ll drown before Rumlow is done with the paperwork.

Then there is quiet, as the tape comes to an end. You unplug your stuff, and put it back in your clothes.

Pierce clears his throat.

– You just did the thing I’d hoped you’d do. Did you really think I brought you up here without knowing you had a plan?

– Did you really think we’d be here without a plan?

Rumlow asks, and as soon as he’s finished. All the other agents in the room, joins him and Rollins in pointing their guns at Pierce.

– I knew you had a plan, Lt. In fact I was counting on it!

Then everything happens so fast, you’re not entirely sure what actually happens when. Four Agents Comes down from the air ducts. Rumlow puts a bullet in Pierces forehead. Killing him.

Even before Pierce hits the floor, one of the agents from the air duct grabs Rumlow from behind, and stabs him, right between the front and back of his bulletproofed west. You manage to make your way over to him, before the windows shatters, and the office gets filled with smoke, before the bullets starts to fly. Rollins grabs you, and gets you down on the floor. You desperately look for Rumlow. The room is so filled with smoke, you almost can’t see anything.

You get a short gimps of Rumlow before two bullets hits his west, and he goes down. You scream, but it’s impossible to hear anything from all the shooting. You feel arms around you, as you try to make your way over to Rumlow. You manage to grab Rumlows hand, before the arms around you drags you away.


You scream in desperation. Furiously trying to get away from whoever grabbed you.

The person manages to drag you out in the hall. Shuts the door behind him. You turn ready to tell the person to go fuck themselves. You need to get to Brock! You open your mouth to scream, but you close it again, when you look straight into Rollins’ eyes. He gently grabs your shoulders.

– He told me to get you out, if it went down like this! He told me to save you and Abigail.

– No, no…

You say, trying to make it back inside. Rollins stops you.

– You want them to kill you too? THIS is what he told me to do.

You once again try to make your way back inside. Screaming Brocks name with all the energy you have left. But Rollins holds you in a grip, that makes it impossible for you to move.

– Think about her, YN! Think about Abigail…

You fall together inside Rollins grip. Crying and shaking. He holds you close.

– We can’t live without him, Jack! I can’t…

– I’ll be here for you both, YN! Every step of the way. He told me to. I promised him that…

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