My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Sixtythree

Chapter Sixtythree – I´m So Sorry!

Rumlow’s pov:

The smoke filling the room makes it impossible to see clearly. He tried to reach for you, when you came over, but he couldn’t reach you. And then he saw Rollins getting you down on the floor, shielding you. Thank you, Rollins. He thinks, before he empties his gun towards the guys shooting up the room. It’s almost impossible to see who’s who. He can only hope that he didn’t shoot any of his own.

Change the magazine, two seconds looking away, that’s all it took. He saw your eyes for two seconds, before a set of rounds hit his west, knocked him down. The knife wound from before makes it impossible to get back up. Did he hear a scream? Was it you? He looks around. Please, Jack, please get her out. Do your part. Don’t try to be a hero now. Don’t make her lose both of us.

Something touches his hand. Trying to grab it, before it gets dragged away. Get them out of here, Jack! Get my girls out! Another scream, you screaming his name. Pretend to be dead, Brock. Stay still, don’t move. You’re strong, you can make this. Please don’t force me to leave them. Abigail isn’t even born yet.

He stays still for something that feels like an eternity. Trying to think, to keep his head occupied, so he doesn’t pass out. Slows his breathing down. Hoping for the best. “I hope she get’s your eyes”. “I was thinking, maybe Isabella, after your mom”. God how he loves you. His whole life with you, that was his plan. And now Pierce was gone, by his hand, and your life together should have started now. He closes his eyes. It doesn’t even hurt anymore.

– I always knew you were disloyal! And now I have you alone!

He can hear someone talking. The shooting stopped. No one is even moving around. Is it over? Maybe he has a chance to survive. He moves his head. One of Pierces guys stands over Dixon. Pointing his gun at him. Click, as he arms it. Brock takes a breath. You and Abigail are the only two people in his head. What kind of father will I ever be, if I can’t even save a friend, an ally? What will Abigail think of her father if he chickened out in this situation? What would you think? With his last remaining energy, Brock lifts his gun. Steadying himself, so he has a clean shot.

– He’s not alone!


5 shots fired, before the Agent goes down, Dixon looks over at him, sends him a thankful smile, and nods his head. Brock takes a breath. I love you both, YN. You and Abigail. I’m so sorry. That’s the last thing he manages to think, before everything goes pitch black…..


The smell of the roasted turkey reaches your nostrils, as you rock yourself back and forth in the rocking chair and look down on the little bundle of joy feeding in your lap. You’re lucky, you feel lucky. To have Abigail and Jack in your life. After everything that has happened in your life, up until this point, you feel contempt here. Celebrating Thanksgiving with good friends, and the people you love the most. You couldn’t really ask for more. Well, maybe one more thing..

Footsteps behind you, along with a bit of the cold air from outside.

– Now, YN! If you’re sitting here, feeding the little one. Who is making that delicious food I can smell from the kitchen?

You look up at Dixon, and smile at him.

– That would be your wife, Marcus. And I can’t wait to taste her famous mashed potatoes I’ve heard so much about.

Dixon takes off his shoes, before he looks down at the little one.

– You just wait until you taste her gravy. It is the best there is.

– I’m sure it is, Marcus. But anyway you’re biast.

You say with a little laugh, as you get up from the chair, and place the baby back in the crib.

– Let’s see if your wife needs some help, setting the table. The guys will be here any second.

Dixon follows you into the kitchen, and gives his wife a hug and a kiss. You look at them. Married for all those years, and still so much in love. And you can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever get that. Marriage was never actually on your mind. You never actually thought you’d ever want to get married. After everything with your parents, David, the congregation, all of that. Marriage always felt like a prison rather than a union. But now, here, today, looking at how happy Marcus and his wife are. Maybe you do want marriage.

You take a look at the table, already set for all of you.

– I’m sorry that I couldn’t help more. How did you manage this all by yourself?

Dixons wife gives you a warm hug.

– Oh, YN. I have a husband and two kids. That will make you learn how to multitask. You just wait and see.

A soft cry sounds from the living room. You turn to go out there, when you hear Jacks voice.

– Hi little one. Did you wake up? Did you miss your uncle, Jack…. Thank God you look like your mother.

Oh, please, not that again. That joke never gets old. Dixons wife looks at you, and gestures for you to walk out to Jack.

– Yeah, yeah.. I know you guys share a name, but Jack! I’m still his dad.

You get between Jack and Brock. Look at them both.

– Hey! No fighting in front of the baby. What took you so long?

As soon as BabyJack hears your voice he cries for you, so Jack gives him back. He calms down the instant you wrap your arms around him. Carefully rocking him in your arms.

– I just needed to take care of something.

Brock says, before leaning down and giving you a soft kiss.

– On thanksgiving?

You ask, before he gives you yet another kiss.

– Yes. Is dinner ready?

– Yees..

You say, looking after Brock. Jack is standing next to you, smiling from ear to ear. You look up at him. He looks back.

– I’m not saying anything!

You tilt your head a little.

– If I had more time you would.

He laughs a little. Before he helps you bring the crib into the kitchen.

– Brock. Would you wheel in Abbi and the rest of the big kids?

Brock smiles to you.

– She’s three, YN. I’m not ready to call her big yet.

Once again he leans down, to place a kiss on your lips. Lingers close to your face for a bit.

– She thinks she is. She asked to borrow your t-shirt this morning.

You say, as you put the now sleeping baby down in his crib.

Brock wraps you in a hug.

– I’m sure it looked perfect on her, just like it does on you.

He whispers in your ear, as he lets his hands gently grab your behind.

– Oooook.. Public display of affection going on. You know you have a room upstairs for that, right?

Jack says with a small chuckle, as he brings his hands up to his face.

Brock turns around to face him with a grin, before pointing his index finger at him.

– YOU, go get yourself a girl. And let me have mine!

Then he once again, leans down to kiss you.

– Brock! Abbi.. The food is getting cold.

Brock smiles to you, rearranges his shirt, before slightly bending his knees, and turns towards the family room. You smile from what you know will happen next. The relationship Brock and Abigail have is the kind you always wanted to have with your dad. And now you finally get to watch it unfold every day.

– Ok, Abbi. Ready or not. Here I come!

Brock says, before stomping his feet to the floor. And you can hear a happy scream from the other room, and then a thump, as Abigail jumps behind the couch.

– Now, where are you, Abbi? Mommy says dinner is ready.

You can hear Abbi laughing behind the couch.

– Are you under the table?

Another laugh from behind the couch, as Brock leans down to look under the table. You laugh a bit, and shake your head. This is one of your favorite parts of the day. The before dinner routine.

– Are you behind the curtain?

Brock asks, as he lifts the curtains to look behind them.

– I’m here, Daddy!

You can hear, Abbi yell, before standing up, only the top of her head is visible from her hiding spot behind your couch.

– There you are, my little princess. I swear, one day I might not find you. Come on, want to take off and fly into the kitchen, and eat some food?

– Can we fly bumpy?

– You know it, princess..

You smile when you hear Brock making engine noises, before Abbi screams of joy, as he lifts her up. A short minute after, they enter the kitchen, and Brock does a touchdown with Abbi in her chair. Before once again giving you a kiss.

You take your places around the table. You take a good look at them all. Over the past three and a half year, you’ve all been through a lot. SHIELD fell, and everyone who worked there had to get new jobs. Thank God for Brock and Jacks military background. If not, you don’t know what you would have done. They even got Dixon a new job. Yes, you were truly blessed.

Before you start with the food, Jack clears his throat.

– Well, Rumlow gave me the honour of starting this year. So I just want to say that I’m thankful for all of you. I’m thankful for YN and Brock. That let’s me stay here. And I’m honoured that you chose to name our newest group member after me.

After Jack finishes his little speech. Everyone else follows. It’s nice, this giving thanks thing. You never had a family growing up. And you imagine this is how a family feels like.

When Dixon is finished with his talk, you hear Abbi whispering something to Brock. You can’t make out what it is. But you notice that Brock nods.

– Are you keeping secrets from mommy?

You look at Abigail. Smiling, to show her that it’s ok. She smiles back.

– I was just asking daddy if we could give you your gift now.

You look at Brock. Smiling

– A gift, huh?

He nervously rubs his thighs.

– Err.. Yeah..

You look at him some more.

– You didn’t buy that redicously expensive stroller, did you?

Brock clears his throat.

– No.. It was redicously expensive.. Err.. expensive. But it wasn’t a stroller.

Brock keeps rubbing his thighs.

– It’s just a ring, daddy. Mommy likes rings..

Jack laugh’s a bit.

– Thankfully your amazing and innocent daughter knows how to break the ice.

Brock looks up at you.

– If it helps at all.. I’m gonna say yes.

You say, smiling so wide, your chin hurts.

– Yeah.. That helps a lot.

Brock says. Taking your hand.

– YN. Amazing, YN. Will you do me the honour of marrying me?

You don’t say anything. And he just looks at you. And you can see the nervousness Welling up in his face.

– I still want to see the ring though..

Brock jumps. Letting go of your hands.

– Oh, yes… Yes, sure, of course.. The ring..

He gets it up from his pocket, and carefully places it on your finger. Before pulling you in for a kiss. Jack applauds, along with Dixon and his wife and kids.

– Now, can we please eat? I’m starving, and I seriously thought Brock would sit there, rubbing his thighs for the rest of the night. Good thing you have a trusty wing woman over there.

Jack nods his head towards Abbi. Brock looks from you to Abbi, and then back to you.

– Yeah.. She takes after her mama.

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