My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Sixtyone

Chapter Sixtyone – Get Caught!

You exit the doctors office, hand in hand. You can feel Rumlows smile, even if you don’t look. And you feel the butterflies dancing in your stomach. This is happiness. And you haven’t felt this way, in forever. You know he’ll always be here for you. Protecting you, supporting you. You feel completely safe.

When he opens the car door for you, you finally look at him. His hazel brown eyes looks happy. Like this is a dream come true for him. And it is for you as well. Although you know nothing about babies, and being a mom. You feel safe, happy. You’ll do this together. You and Brock. It will be amazing, perfect.

Just this last thing with Pierce. That’s the only thing standing in your way. Maybe you should just run away. Leave Pierce alone. Change your names, and move away. To another country perhaps. Just leave all of this behind. Start fresh. That seems more safe. To Just forget that Pierce ever existed.

You look over at Rumlow.

– I love you, Brock. You know that, right?

He looks at you, sends you a smile.

– I love you too, YN! Something wrong?

You look down on your stomach. Now that you know who’s in there. This whole thing with Pierce feels more dangerous. What if something goes wrong? What if you or Brock get hurt? What if…

– YN?! Do you have second thoughts?

– No.. Not about her..

You place your hand on your stomach.

– I’m just not sure about this whole Pierce situation..

Rumlow clears his throat.

– What do you mean?

– What if something bad happens? What if you or I… or she.. get hurt. Maybe we should just leave this. Move away.

Runlow takes your hand. Kisses it.

– I get where you’re coming from, YN. But if we don’t do this. If we don’t take him down. He’ll follow us. He’ll never let this go. As long as he’s alive, we’ll never be safe. SHE’ll never be safe. You heard what he said.

You don’t answer. You just nod. You know Rumlow’s right. You did hear what Pierce said. And although you don’t understand why he said it, or why he planned everything the way that he did. You know that he meant every word.

– Bro…

You start. But a beeping sound on his phone cuts you off. He stops the car on the hard shoulder, picks up his phone, reads the message. His face goes pale. His usually dark skin, literally goes almost white. Something is up. Something serious. You look at him. You want to say something, but you have no idea what to say. After a while he gives the phone to you. It’s a short message from Jack. Not many words, looks like he wrote it in a hurry. But the message is pretty clear anyway.

“Plan B. They got me!”

Rumlows phone beeps again. You give it back to him. He takes it, reads the message, before giving the phone back to you. Dixon this time. You take a deep breath. Things just got really real. And even if you wanted to run. You can’t now. You can’t leave Jack behind. You can’t leave him. After everything he did for you.

“They got to Jack. Get ready. They’re coming for you next!”

You look at Rumlow. A tear escapes your eye.

– What is plan B?

– Get caught!

Rumlow answers, fast. No more explanations. Just those two words.

– What if they kill us?

You ask, your voice shaking.

– They won’t they’ll need information.

– So.. Torture then…

You ask, looking at Rumlow.

– Err.. Pierce knows that won’t work on Rollins or me. He’ll probably use you against me.

You swallow. Use you? Against him?

– Is he… Will he hurt me?

Rumlow takes a gentle hold of your face. Kissing you.

– He won’t be able to do that..

Another kiss.

– I won’t let him get that close.

You look into his eyes for a bit. It looks like he believes in what he says. But you’re still not convinced. You’re scared. To let them capture you. It doesn’t feel safe at all.

– But if they get to us..

You don’t get to finish, before he cuts you off.

– Trust me, YN. I won’t let him get to you. I’ll NEVER let him hurt you. Or her..

He puts his hand on your stomach. Before looking into your eyes again.

– I’ll rather have him kill me! He’ll never get close to you!

You close your eyes, and lean your forehead into his.

– Brock….

You say, before he cuts you off again.

– YN… Don’t! It’s my JOB to protect you. You’re carrying my child. I’ll protect you with my life.

– I… We can’t live without you, Brock!

He kisses you again.

– You won’t have to, YN. We’ll get out of this. Together. Trust me! Let’s go home.

Home? To the apartment? Isn’t that like the first place they’ll look for you? How can that be safe?

It’s almost like he can read your thoughts.

– We have to, YN! This is plan B. To get caught. That’s the only way into SHIELD. The only way into his office. The only way to expose him. You know what to do, YN. You remember your part, right?

You nod, slowly. Shit just got real!


You go to bed fully clothed. You know you’ll have to move fast, when shit goes down. It’s uncomfortable with all the gear on you both, but you’re not going to sleep, so you try to adjust in the bed, to find a semi comfortable way to lie. Rumlows arms around you, as usual. Him whispering calming words in your ear.

– It’ll be OK, YN! I promise. Trust me.

– I’m scared, Brock!

– I know, YN. Just follow the plan. Do what we told you to do. And it’ll be fine. I love you. I’ll keep you safe. I promise.

You almost manage to fall asleep, to your surprise. Although the situation is scary as hell, Rumlow’s words calms you down. You’re half asleep, when a loud bang wakes you up. Rumlow tenses up right away. Rolls you out of bed. He lands on his back, you on top of him. He lifts his finger to his mouth, gesturing for you to be quiet.

Shouting from the living room. Doors being kicked in. More shouting. Footsteps. Rumlow kicks the wall, and a door opens. You look at it in shock. This you did not know about. A secret room, a secret escape route? What is this?

– Go!

Rumlow whispers to you. You look at him, shake your head. He kisses you.

– Go, YN!

– What about you?

You ask, tears falling from your eyes.

– Pierce will never believe that Dixon caught me on his own. You on the other hand. These guys, about to come in here. They’ll be rough. They’ll hurt me. Hurt you. I won’t let that happen. GO! Dixon will get to you. I’ll see you at SHIELD!

He kisses you, before he once again tell you to go. You do, walk into the room in the wall, close the door behind you. You can hear a lock. You can’t get back to Rumlow. But you can hear what’s happening in there.

You can’t make out how many men there are, but you get that there are many. At least four. Shouting, screaming. Rumlow screaming in pain. Men shouting your name. Rumlow screaming that they’ll never find you. More screams of pain. Your tears now streaming freely down your face.

Please don’t kill him. Please don’t. We can’t go on without him. You think to yourself, as you turn around. Through your tears you can make out lights on the floor. Probably showing you the way out. You follow them. Down some stairs, and through a long hallway. Finally you reach a door. You stop there for a while. What is on the other side of this door? Is someone waiting for you? Will you get a gun showed in your face on the other side?

You put your hand on your stomach again, take a breath.

– OK, Come on Abigail. Let’s go find daddy!

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