My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Sixty

Chapter Sixty – Have You Thought About Names At All?

For the next couple of weeks, you lay out your plan. Brock and Jack are good at this, you just follow along. Both Brock and Jack have several safe houses around the City that SHIELD doesn’t know about. Having been best friends since the military, the two guys knew and trusted each other.

You knew that SHIELD had access to almost any weapon around, but the arsenal Brock and Jack have accumulated through the years, still takes your breath away. Every weapon known to man are there. From pepper spray and tasers, hand grenades and tear-gass to machine guns and small handguns.

None of them goes back to SHIELD. Too risky, they both say. Since Pierce actually saw them saving you. And Brock did what he did. Dixon feeds you with information whenever he can. And Brock and Jack gather up their military friends, stations them on various locations, to keep Pierce under surveillance.

To keep it from getting too obvious what you’re up to, you’re still staying in your apartment. But every time you leave, you turn on a silent alarm, so that you’ll know if someone is waiting for you when you return. The whole thing makes you feel like you’re in the middle of an action movie. It’s thrilling, but at the same time scary. You feel like Rumlow almost sleeps with his eyes open.

You try to go on with your daily lives. Going to check ups for the baby, shopping for baby stuff. Try to make everything seem as normal as possible. As Brock tells you, you can never be too careful. Grow an extra set of eyes in your neck. You can never know who’s who, when it comes to SHIELD. Pierce have people deep in his pockets, even people you might consider to be your friends.

Brock and Jack are good teachers. You already know combat, now you have to learn stakeout, and to be as Stealth as possible. And you don’t have much time to do it. Pierce feels like a bomb, a bomb that could go off any second. Will you be ready for that?


The night before your first ultrasound, you finally get some time alone with Brock. And since you decided that tomorrow, ultrasound day was going to be a day off. You can finally relax in his arms again. Without thinking plans, Guns and murder.

– How do you feel, princess?

He asks, as he caresses your stomach. It has gotten a bit bigger. At least you feel so. Brock doesn’t seem to mind.

– And how is he doing?

He leans down and places a kiss on your stomach. Smiles up at you, you smile back.

– I’m still pretty sure it’s a girl.

Another kiss on your stomach.

– Do you think we’ll find out tomorrow?

He asks, as he makes his way up to your face, kissing you.

– I don’t know. I have no idea when you can see that.

He lies down beside you. Just looks at you. His hazel brown eyes, radiating love.

– Have you thought about names at all?

You give him a little smile.

– Well, if it’s a boy. I thought maybe Jacob. I don’t know. I just always loved that name.

You say. You never thought about actually having to name a baby. And that you two together have to agree on a name.

– I like it..

He replies.

– And if it’s a girl?

You look away for a second. You’re not exactly scared. But you do wonder how he will react to your suggestion. You haven’t exactly talked about it much. And you don’t know if he really wants to. Maybe it’s too painful for him.

– What’s wrong?

He gently grabs your face, kisses you again, soft.

– You can tell me anything. You know that, right?

– I… I thought.. Maybe…. Isabella, after your mom..

You keep eye contact with him. Waiting for a reaction. He smiles.

– What do you think about Abigail Isabella?

You move closer to him, and he puts an arm around you.

– Abigail, huh?

You say, looking at him again.

– Yes. It means “fathers joy”. And that’s what she’ll be. And you of course.

You nuzzle your face into his neck.

– It’s perfect!

You answer, taking a deep breath. Taking in his scent. Hoping that you’ll remember this moment forever.


When you sit down to wait at the doctors office, you suddenly feel nervous. You grab Rumlows hand. He interlocks his fingers with yours, before looking up at you.

– Everything alright, YN?

You look down on his hand in yours.

– I don’t know. What if something is wrong? What if something happened when I…

Rumlow places a kiss on your forehead. Like he always does, to show how much he cares about you. And when he want’s to protect you.

– Medical gave you both a clean bill of health. And if there is something wrong, then we’ll deal with it together.

– But what if…

You don’t get to say anything else, before the doctor calls your name. You take a deep breath, before you walk into the office.

You both shake the doctors hand. Before he tells you to lie down, and lift up your shirt. You let go of Rumlows hand, while you lift up your shirt, only to grab it again the second you’re finished.

– This might feel a bit cold.

The doctor says, before he pours some gel on your stomach, and turns on the ultrasound. Moving the little device around your stomach. Measuring, writing stuff down on a piece of paper.

– As you can see there..

He points to the screen.

– A healthy, good heartbeat. And right here…

He points again.

– You can see the spine. Everything is perfect. She lives like a Queen in there.

– She??!!??

Both you and Rumlow say it at the same time.

– Oh. I’m sorry. You didn’t want to know?

Rumlow stands up.

– No, no harm done. You, were right, YN! A girl!

He leans down and kisses you.

– Abigail Isabella.

You say, smiling up at him.

– And she’s going to be such a daddys girl.

You add. Before Rumlow gives you yet another kiss.

– Can we get some kind of picture of her, you know from in there?

Rumlow is overloading with joy and pride. You can see it in his eyes. And that makes you love him even more.

– I’m sure she’ll look like you, YN. The most beautiful girl in the world.

He says, as he once again looks at the screen.

– I hope she gets your eyes.

You say, before you have to close your eyes, and let a few tears of joy escape them.

Everything is perfect, you’re going to be a mom. Just one more obstacle, and then life can finally start.

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