My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen – Want Me To Look For It?

Thomas gets you both up to your floor and into the office floor without anyone noticing that you don’t have your card. You sit down at your computer, and start to work. You try to concentrate, but it’s almost impossible. You are sure, so sure that you did put the keycard in your purse this morning. But you had your purse with you the entire time, could it be in the car?

When it’s lunchtime, you go and knock on Rumlows door.

– Come in!

He says from inside. You open the door, and take a deep breath. How is he going to react to you losing your card? What are you going to say? You step inside, and close the door behind you.

– YN! What can I do for you?

Argh.. Perfect, he is in boss mode.

– Why are you still standing over there? Sit down! Something wrong?

You walk over to the chair in front of his desk. You sit down, look at him. How do you address him at work? Brock? Rumlow? Mr. Rumlow? You have no idea.

– Ehhe.. Mr. Rumlow.. I… I…

He smiles. Tilts his head a little.

– Mr. Rumlow? What am I? Your fucking dad?

You look down. Suddenly very aware that you are actually fucking your boss.

– Brock is fine YN! I kinda like that you use my name. Everyone else in this place is so fucking proper!

– Well.. Brock! I… I can’t find my keycard. I’m sure that I put it my purse this morning. But it’s not there. And I….

He looks at you. He doesn’t look angry, but you can never tell with him.

– How did you get up here, without it?

Oh fuck. You really don’t want Thomas to get trouble. He is nice to you, and he did help you this morning. You don’t have to say anything.

– Thomas helped you, didn’t he? I know he’s new. But the rules says that you do not use any other keycards than your own. It’s for security reasons. Why didn’t you come to me?

– I don’t know. He offered to help. Maybe I was scared to tell you..

He gets up. Comes over to you. Puts his hands on your shoulders. Massaging them.

– It’s probably in the car. If you’re sure you brought it with you this morning.

– I’m pretty sure I did. But after last night…

He gets the car keys out of his pocket. Throws them up in the air and then catches them again.

– Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

You walk with him down to the garage. It’s weird to be around him at work. Everyone is looking at you. You can almost feel their eyes burning into your back, when you pass them. Especially the women. Is everybody intoxicated by him?

You both search through the car. Under the seats, the glove compartment, everything. But it’s not there. Your frustration is showing.

– Hey, YN. I’ll get you a new one. And you won’t have to go to Thomas for help. You know what I think about him.

– He is nice, Brock.

– Nice? He just want to get into your pants!

His voice almost angry. Is he jealous?

– Are you jealous, Brock?

He looks at you. His eyes penetrates you. How is it possible to capture you like this, using only his eyes?

– Jealous? Why the fuck would I be jealous? You’re mine!

– It just sounded like you were.

You say it with a little smirk. You can’t help but to play games with him. He isn’t the only one who is testing the limits here. His eyes again, it’s like they swallow your soul. He takes a couple of steps towards you. Once again you look down on his gear. And he smiles as usual.

– I think I’m gonna need a little talk with you in my office!

He let’s his fingers gently brush over yours, before he turns around, and marches back to the elevator. You follow. A little behind him. You studie his back, his behind, the vains in his arms, the gear he is wearing. God, you could take him right here. Fuck, what is wrong with you? You’re at work, and on top of that he’s your boss.

You get back up on your floor. When you reach his door. He turns towards you. Oh, great. Boss Brock!

– YN? Can I have a few words?

You swallow. Ok. Not Brock. Do not call him Brock!

– Sure. Mr.Rumlow!

He gives you a little smile, that only you notice, before he opens the door to his office, and lets you inside. He follows closely behind, and closes the door behind you.

– Sit down!

He commands! You walk over to the same chair you sat in before you went downstairs.

– Not on the fucking chair!

You turn around. Look at him. Is he mad at you? He points at the floor in front of him.

– There! On your knees!

You slowly make your way over to him. You stand in front of him for a split second, before you slowly get down on your knees. He takes a soft hold of your chin, and tilts your head, so you look into his eyes.

– So, you lost your keycard?

– I…I didn’t lose it, Brock. It’s probably home… At your place.

He looks at you, lets his tongue glide over his lips.

– Remember what we did in the car?

You nod, then you swallow. Where is he going with this? You don’t even know if he’s mad at you or not. Is he your boss right now, or something else?

– Maybe it’s inside you! Want me to look for it?

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