My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Six

Chapter Six – The Morning After

When you wake up the next day, he is still there, beside you. He is cute when he is sleeping. You lie there and just look at him for a while. Think back on the night before. How he touched you. How his skin felt against yours. His lips on your skin. How your orgasms rushed trough your body.

– What are you looking at?

You jump. His eyes are still closed. How did he know you were looking at him? You compose yourself.

– Well, you are the only one here. So, you I guess.

He opens his eyes. Leans closer to you, and places a kiss on your forehead.

– Good morning! Sleep well?

– Like a baby, but I still need Coffee..

You get up, and walk over to your wardrobe. You can feel his eyes on you, and you can’t help but smile. You put on one of your big shirts. Nothing underneath. When you turn around, he is sitting up in your bed, smiling at you.

– So, do you want coffee?

He nods. Then he gets up. Not bothering to put on clothes, he just walks out of your bedroom. You follow.

– Are you not gonna get dressed?

He looks at you. You stop in your tracks. His gaze is hypnotizing.

– I didn’t know you needed clothes to drink coffee. Or do you have some kind of special blend, that you need clothes to drink?

You laugh, then you start to prepare two cups of coffee..

– It’s just hot, that’s all..

He comes over to you, puts his arms around your waist, and kisses your neck. You let out a soft moan, and lean your head back against his shoulder.

– Well, so are you. And it worked out great without clothes last night.

He turns you around, and grabs your bottom, with both hans, lifts you up.

– Legs around my waist!

You wrap your legs around his waist, as you’re told. His eyes darkens with hunger, and you can feel his erection growing between your legs. Your back hits the wall, and one of his fingers slides over your entrance. He smiles at you.

– So wet….

You lean your head back against the wall. And he places his lips on your neck, breathing heavily into your skin. The words he’s using. His husky voice, mixed with those hungry eyes, and his breath on your skin. Fuck.

– You want me inside you, don’t you?

– Yes, God, yes!

You don’t have to ask twice. With one hard thrust, his whole length is deep inside your core. Your legs squeezed around his waist, as he mercilessly fucks you, up against the wall. The excitement of it all. You’ve had surprise sex before of course, but nothing like this. He really cares about YOU. He wants YOU to feel good. And you do. So fucking good.

– Fuck. You’re so tight around me. So….tight….

He’s breathing heavily in your ear. You know that you are close. But you try to hold back. This feels so good you want it to continue forever.

– Come for me! Do it! Come on!

The sounds escaping you.. Your body pushed up against the wall. His deep, rough thrusts inside you. The orgasm is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. It’s like the whole world around you dissapeares. You almost forget how to breathe. His pace is decreasing. And your breathing starts to slow down. He is still holding you up against the wall, you don’t dare put your feet down on the floor. You feel you will collapse.

– Can you stand?

– I… I don’t know…

You carefully untangle yourself from him. And put your feet down on the floor. You are still shaking. He holds you. You put one foot in front of the other.

– I’m fine.. My feet are still working.

– Good. Coffee time then?

You look at him. Put one hand on his stomach, you let it slide down his abs. God, how you’ve been aching to touch those. He looks down on your hand. Then he looks back up at you. You swallow. His eyes are penetrating. You compose yourself.

– We should get dressed.

– Yeah.. We probably should.

He goes to collect his clothes, and you slip into the bathroom. You don’t care to search for clothes, so you just slip onto your t-shirt and some sweatpants. Then you go back into your living room. He’s already on your couch, and hands you a cup of coffee. You sit down beside him.

– Do you always wear all black? Is it some kind of uniform?

He looks at you.

– You could call it that. I’m an agent. We could get called out anytime. So it’s easier to have this in reach at any given time.

– You work for the FBI or something?

He takes a sip of his coffee.

– Or something!

You get that he doesn’t want to talk about work. Or maybe he can’t. So you just let it go. You sit in silence for a while before he gets up.

– I have to leave. I have some stuff I need to do at the office. But, I’ll see you again?

You don’t know if it’s a question or a promise, so you just nod at him. You follow him to the door, and he hugs you goodbye. When he hugs you, he whispers in your ear.

– Don’t forget that you’re mine now!

You take a deep breath. Then he breaks the hug, and leaves. You keep looking after him, as he dissapeares down the stairs. *You’re his? What have you gotten yourself into?*

You hit the shower. When you think about last night, and this morning your belly clenches. Fuck. He was so good. And the things he did. You want him to do it again, and again, and again, forever.

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