My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen – Did You Lock The Door?

You get up on your feet again.

– This isn’t funny, Brock! It’s my second day at work, and I already messed up!

He takes a step towards you. Looks down at you. You can feel the tension in the air. He is planning something.

– I didn’t say it was funny. I offered to look for it. But.. If you don’t want to…

He turns around. You grab his arm to stop him. Surprisingly he stops, and turns towards you again. Smiling at you.

– Oh, so you do want to…

– I… I thought that… You said… That.. At work I was your employee. And at home..

He takes a hold of your neck. It doesn’t hurt, but the grip is firm. His other hand glides up your collar bone and up to your chin. He lifts your face and kisses you.

– Nothing wrong with punishing an employee. Especially when she just lost her Keycard. That goes against company rules, and it’s my job, as your boss, to teach you to follow the rules.

You swallow. He moves his lips down to your neck. A soft moan escapes you.

– Brock.. Did… Did you lock the door?

He looks at you again. Gives you a teasing smile..

– You know. I think I forgot that. Let’s hope no one comes rushing in.

He lets his hand slide up your thigh under your skirt. You’re shivering. The fact that the door isn’t locked turns you on. Then his fingers slide over your underwear, before he pulls it aside and teases your entrance. You lean your head on his shoulder.

– Company rules are there for a reason, you know. At SHIELD we take security very seriously.

– Bro… Brock.. You have to lock the door..

He laughs a little into your ear. His breath on you makes the spot between your legs throb. Of course he feels that. And he lets out another little laugh.

– Feels like it turns you on. Most people knock before they enter…

He slips one finger inside you.

– Fuck.. Mo….Most people?

He looks into your eyes. As he gently moves his finger around inside you.

– Yeah.. It’s just when something serious is happening, or when Alexander decides to pay me a visit… They storm in. So we’re probably safe…

– Probably?

He leans down again, and whisper in your ear..

– Shut up!

Another finger inside. You grab his hips to steady yourself. Your legs are shaking.

– You know, YN. I can’t find your keycard. Maybe I should have a closer look…

He guides you over to his desk. Stops in front of it. Kisses you, as he pushes you against the desk.

– Remember what I told you about this desk?

You nod. Another kiss. His hand takes a hold of your hair.

– What, did I tell you? What would happen, if you didn’t follow the rules?

– You… You said that….

His hold of your hair tightens. Another moan escapes you.

– I said what?

– Please, Brock. Cut the crap. Just do it already.

He tilts his head, looks at you. Another teasing smile.

– Down on your knees.

You don’t move. He keeps his eyes on yours. Before he pushes you down on your knees, maintaining eye contact. You look up at him. He just stands there. Looking down at you. What does he want you to do.

– Yes? Open it. It’s not gonna jump out on it’s own.

He says while gently pushing your head against his bulge to show you what he means. You slowly let your hands slide up his legs. You stop for a second when your hands slide over his guns.

– Keep going. You’re not going to suck my guns are you?

You shake your head a little. Then you continue to let your hands slide upwards. You let them glide over his erection outside his pants before you start to unbuckle him.

– Good girl. Now, look at me as I’m fucking your throat.

Your eyes move towards the door. He takes a hold of your chin, and move your face back towards him.

– I said look at me. I want to look into your beautiful eyes.

He lets his thumb slide over your lips. Parting them. Fuck. What if someone comes in. What the hell do you do then? He guides your face towards his cock. He still has a hold of your hair. You open your mouth.

– No! Not yet! Stay still! Keep those eyes on me!

He rubs the tip of his cock on your lips. As he looks you in the eyes.

– Fucking beautiful! Lick it!

You must look like a question mark. He tightens his grip on your hair.

– Stick out your fucking tongue.. Lick it!

What the fuck is he doing? How long is he going to keep this up? Is he teasing you because of the door? What if someone enters while you sit here on the floor sucking your boss’ dick?

– I. Said. Lick. It!

You do as you´re told. Let your tongue glide over his cock. He groans.

– Fuck! Fucking perfect. You beautiful girl. Keep going. Yes!

All you want to do is grab it, and suck it. But you know that he would probably just yank you away. So you keep doing what he told you to do. And you keep your eyes on him. It looks like he wants the same as you. But he doesn’t move a muscle. He has a willpower unlike anything you have ever seen before.

– Now. Open your mouth. I want to feel your lips around me.

You look up at him relieved. Finally. You open your mouth, ready for him to fill your mouth….

Then there’s a knock on the door….

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