My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven – First Day At Work

The whole weekend you think of him. You can’t shake the feeling. Your body aches for him. No one ever made you feel this way before. Even after he is gone, you can feel him inside you. *Fuck, I need to shake this feeling before I start work on Monday. If not I won’t get anything done*

Monday morning you’re up early. You take your time, fixing your make up, and picking out an outfit to wear. You’ll be at a computer all Day, but you still want to look good. When you feel done, you look at yourself in the mirror. *This’ll do. It’s not like you’re preparing for a date* You decide to walk, you need the fresh air. *For God’s sake. Get him out of your head YN*

You finally reach the SHIELD building. It’s bigger than you imagined. You walk inside, find the right elevator, and press the button for your floor. All the way down to the bottom of the building. You shouldn’t expect more, you are new after all. When the doors are about to close, a lady stops them. She looks at you. You look back. She is pretty, dark hair, blue eyes.

– Miss YLN i presume?

– Yes. Am I at the wrong place?

– The boss want’s to see you! Follow me!

You look at your watch. The boss? Why? You’re not late. You follow her into another elevator, and she pushes the button for the top floor. You feel that the elevator takes forever. You look out the window. The lady doesn’t say anything. So you keep quiet.

You finally reach the top floor, and she gestures for you to exit the elevator. Then she leads you down a long hall. At the end of the hall she opens a door, and gestures for you to enter. You are beyond nervous, so you look down on the floor.

– Miss YLN. This is Mr. Rumlow. Your boss.

You look up. And there he stands. Hands on his hips, legs slightly parted. Full tactical gear. He looks at you.

– Brock!

You say it while taking a breath in.

The lady turns towards you. Inspecting you.

– What?

You compose yourself. Take another breath.

– Broke… I…I broke my… pen!

– Well, I’m sure Mr.Rumlow will give you a new one. Was that all?

She turns to Rumlow.

– Oh, I’ll give her a pen alright! Yes. Miss.Hill. That’ll be all for now!

He gives her a sharp nod, and then she turns and leave the office. Closes the door behind her.

You look at each other for a second, before he walks with calm steps towards you. He reaches you, but continue to walk forward, forcing you to step backwards. Your back hits the door. He reaches out, and locks it. Your eyes trails down his tactical gear. Knifes, Guns. Shit. Why does this turn you on? You swallow..

– So… Yo… You’re my… my… boss?

– Looks like it!

– Di… I mean, did you know… You… When we….

He smiles at you. His eyes trails down your body. You feel like you are on display.

– Yes! I knew!


– Turn around!

– Wh… What..

He gives you a smirk.

– You heard me! Turn around, and put your palms on the door!

Once again you look at his gear. Holsters on each thigh, both with a gun in them. The hilt of a knife in his left boot. He takes a step forward, looking down on you. His eyes commands you to do as you’re told. You slowly turn around, and place your palms on the door.

You curse at the way your body reacts to him ordering you around.

– Now, what can I do to that gorgeous body of yours?

He lets his hand slide up your spine. Up your neck and into your hair. He takes a hold of it, and gently drags your head back, so he can whisper to you.

– What do you think?

Fuck, how you want him. But you’re at work..

– We.. I… We’re at wo… work..

He bites your earlobe.

– Good girl… Know your place. At work, you’re my employee. At home…..

He let’s the sentence die out. Still breathing into your ear. You can’t take it anymore. He has to stop this, or else you won’t get any work done. You turn around. The surprise of your movement, forces him to let go of your hair.

– What?

You say angrily. His jaw tenses again. But only for a second. Then he smirks at you. Lets his tongue trail over his lips.

– At home you’re mine, only mine. And trust me when I say, you’ll do as you’re told.

You look at him. Irritated. Who does he think he is? Ordering you around like this. You’re a grown woman. You can hold your own. You step further into his office. Fold your arms over your chest.

– And if I don’t?

He smiles at you again. He is so calm, it scares you. He comes over to you again. And in one swift move, he yanks you around, and pushes you down on his desk, pins your arms behind your back, and leans over you.

– If you don’t I’m going to fuck you so hard on this desk, you won’t even remember what day of the week it is!

You don’t know why. But suddenly everything he says sounds like a challenge. And you want in on it.

– It’s Monday!

He lingers over you for a second, contemplating his next move. Then he takes a hold of your hair, yanking your head back, and pulls you up in a standing position.

– Oh, so we’re there? The little brat didn’t learn her lesson last time.

His grip on your hair tightens, so much so that you whimper.

– I…I…I’m sorry…

– Oh, no no.. Keep being the brat that you are. All day. And I’ll make sure you’ll get yours when we get home…

With that he lets go of the grip he has on you. And suddenly everything in his face goes back to normal. It’s like nothing happened between the two of you.

– Let me show you, your workplace!

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