My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen – It´s A Date!

When you’re finally done laughing, you look at each other for a while. Before Rumlow gets to his feet, fixes his clothing, and the offers you a hand. You take it, and he helps you up from the floor.

– I think lunchtime is over. I’m sorry for keeping you. But I could maybe take you out for dinner after work?

You look at him. Is he asking you out on a date? Should you say yes?

– Ehhe… Won’t people see us together then?

He smiles at you, and plants a soft kiss on your lips.

– That is a definite possibility, yes!

You look down at the floor. You don’t know if you want people to see you together. How will your Co-workers react if they find out that you’re having dinner with the boss?

– I’m not sure if I’m ready for that, Brock. I mean…. I’m new, and you…. You are….

– Your boss…. Well, guess I’ll have to fire you then..

He says it in a serious tone, but he is smiling to you, so you know that he is messing with you.

– You heard what Rollins said, YN. This is SHIELD! Everybody knows everything. I’m not embarrassed, and you shouldn’t be either.

You clear your throat.

– Everything?

– Well, not everything, everything. But they know, YN. But they know better than to get up in my business. And if anyone is giving you a hard time for this…

He looks at you. You look back. God, those eyes…

– …..I’ll fire them!

You let out a small laugh.

– Don’t do that. I told you, that I don’t want any special treatment.

He puts his arms around you, pulls you close and starts to kiss your neck. You lean you head back.

– Really? Nothing? Not one single special thing….

You’re already almost incapable of speaking.

– W….Well….. Maybe just…. Just this…

He kisses you. Lets his tongue dance around with yours. Your legs feels like gello under you, so you let his strong arms hold you up. When he breaks the kiss, you are almost out of breath.

– So, Dinner after work then? I know the perfect place.

Oh fuck it. Let him take the lead once again. If he wants to have dinner with you. You’ll go and have dinner.

– It’s a date. Meet at the car?

– Come to my office. I’ll walk you out. And I’ll even give you your new keycard. Now, I think it’s time to go back to work.

He walks over to his door, and opens it for you. When you exit his office, he lets his hand gently brush over yours.


The rest of the day flies by. When it’s time for you to leave for the day, Thomas comes over to you. Lifting up his keycard.

– Time for operation stealth!

You look down. How the hell are you going to tell him, that you are going to meet Rumlow after office hours. You open your mouth to say something. But then a deep manly voice comes from the office door.

– YN!

You recognise the voice from Rumlows office earlier. What is Rollins doing here, and what does he want with you? You turn around. Thomas looks at Rollins, and then back at you.

– Wow, you just know every agent in this building don’t you?

– Ehhhe.. I don’t know him…

Rollins lifts your new keycard up.

– Rumlow wanted me to give you this! He had to take care of something in Pierce’s office. But he said he’ll be right back.

You walk over to Rollins. Take the new keycard he gives you. And he offers his hand. You take it.

– Jack Rollins!


Rollins gives you a sharp nod, glances at Thomas for a second, and then he leaves. You are about to open the door, when Thomas speaks behind you.

– Did you tell them that I helped you?

His voice isn’t the normal nice and friendly tone. Infact he sounds angry, and it makes you nervous.

– I didn’t tell them anything, Thomas. Mr. Rumlow just issued me a new keycard, that’s all.

– He didn’t ask how you got up here without a card?

You swallow. This is getting really uncomfortable. You want to get out from the office floor. You reach for the door handle, but Thomas pushes your hand away.

– NO! You’re not leaving until you tell me what you told them about me!

– I didn’t tell him anything. He just knew. He knew that you helped me.

Thomas looks at you. His eyes reminds you of Davids when he got angry. You swallow again. Again you try and reach for the door handle. But this time Thomas pins your hand to the wall. You try to break free, but Thomas is strong. You can feel tears start to form behind your eyes.

– Do you know how much trouble I can get in for this??!??

You look down on his hand, pinning your arm to the wall. Then you look back up at him. You are so pumped full of adrenaline that you don’t realise it at first. But then you see it. A small red dot, right over his heart. Is someone aiming a gun at him? Then you hear a familiar voice from the other side of the office.

– Do YOU know how much trouble you get in if you assault female colleagues? Let the lady go, or I swear I’ll empty my magazine in you!

Thomas looks down on the red dot over his heart. Then he looks back at you.

– Nice, when you have friends with big guns, huh? You’re fucking him aren’t you? Slut!

Then he lets go of your hand. Rumlow makes his way over to you, with two other agents in tow. Rollins being one of them. Rumlow looks at Thomas.

– Get this fucking loser out of my face… Oh, and yeah. You’re fired! I don’t ever want to fucking see you again!

Rollins and the other agent take Thomas and leaves. You fall to the floor. Rumlow sits down text to you, holds you….

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