My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten – That´s Right, You Disobeyed me!

The elevator starts moving, you look at him. You can’t believe that he tells you who you can or can’t spend time with. You open your mouth to say something, but he covers it with his hand.

– Shhh.. You’re gonna listen to me now. Understand?

His voice is dark and determent. So you nod. Don’t dare to say anything back. At least not yet. He lets his hand slide up your thigh underneath your skirt, and into your underwear. You gasp. He then removes his hand from your mouth, and press a button on the control panel. The elevator comes to a stop.

– Wh… What are you doing?

– Given what I can feel between your legs right now….. Something that feels… really good…

You let your head fall back against the wall.. Rumlow lets out a small laugh..

– I’m gonna have some fun with you…

He slips one finger inside you, and joins in with another.. You moan.. He puts his other hand around your throat. Harder than last time, but you can still breathe and talk properly.

– As long as we are in this elevator, you’re not allowed to come, until I say so. Is that clear?

You don’t know what to say. His fingers inside you. His hand around your throat, all mixed with his husky voice and those intense eyes. You know you’re not gonna be able to.

– I.. I can’t….

– Yes, you do! I will NOT have you disobey me!

– Oh God…

He pulls out his fingers, and removes your underwear. He then folds it together and puts it in his pocket. You don’t know what, but something about it is extremely hot.

You glance over his uniform again. It’s still all there. The guns.. the knifes… *What is wrong with my mind? Why do I like this so much?*

He follows your gaze. He let’s out another small laugh. Almost triumphal.

– Well, you’re a crazy little thing aren’t you. Want to play with it?

– Wh…What…?

He opens his right holster and takes out the gun. The whole time he is looking at you. Not once taking his eyes away from you. He removes the magazine, and then the bullet in the clip. Then he comes over to you. Gun in his right hand, by his side. He steps all the way up to you. You can’t even breathe without your chest hitting his.

– I’ve never used my gun like this before. This’ll be…. interesting!

His breath on you. His body so close to you. The way he says things, the way he moves. You are done for. You can’t get a single word out. You barely manage to breathe. He lets the gun slide up your inner thigh.

– I can use it like this…… Or….

He leans in closer to you. You hold your breath, waiting for his next move.

– Like this….

He lets the barrel of the gun slide over your wet slith. You suck in a breath. He continues to carefully slide the barrel back and forth.

– Up and down like this.. Right there… You like that?

Fuck.. You close your eyes. Why does this feel so good?

– Remember what I said?

You open your mouth to answer, but the only sound that escapes you are your moans. He doesn’t care to wait for your answer. He yanks you around, pins your arms, and takes a firm hold around your throat.

– What did I say?

– God.. Please..

– You’re not allowed to come unless I say so! Now, let’s se how obedient you are!

Before you know it, you are down on the floor, your skirt pulled up around your waist, one of your legs over his shoulder. He gives you a slow lick. Before he turns his attention to your clit. Trailing his tongue slowly over it again and again.

– Ahhh.. Fuck.. Th…This is not….going.. to…work…

You can feel him smiling, before he closes his lips over your clit sucking on it. The sounds escaping you is sounds you have never heard yourself make before. Fuck you’re close. He can feel it too, you know that. Fuck.. What is he going to do? You don’t have to wait long. His fingers joins his tongue, and you desperately try to grab a hold of something.

– God, p…ple…please.. you have to stop.. I…I’m….

Every fiber in you is on fire. There is not a single spot in your entire body that isn’t fiering. You desperately try to hold back.

– Hold it! Hold it, or I WILL stop!

Fuck.. he doesn’t slow down ether. His pace is increasing, or maybe it just feels like it. You know you wont make it. The angle of his fingers, his tongue on your clit. FUUUUUCK..

You totally lose control. Your body is moving and shaking like never before. It’s almost painful, but at the same time so fucking good. The sounds escaping you sounds like they went trough sandpaper before they left your mouth. It’s like the Mother of all orgasms. Fuck.. When he finally removes his fingers from inside you, you can hear how wet you are.

He lets you breathe for a second, but not a second more. He lifts you up in a standing position, take a hold of your throat, and look you in the eye..

– What did you do?

You don’t know what to say. The waves of the orgasm still flows trough your body, and your brain haven’t landed yet.

– I…I’m sorry…

– Did I say you could come?

You shake your head.

– But….

You try to say.. But he doesn’t let you.

– Shut up!!! Did you do what I told you to do?

– N..Nh..No.. I…

– That’s right! You disobeyed me!

– I…. I’m sorry…

He kisses you. The kiss isn’t angry. Infact it’s totally the oposite.

– We’ll continue this at home!

He lets go of you, and collect his gun. Puts it back in the holster.

– My place tonight! But I need to show you something first!

He presses a button on the control panel, and the elevator starts moving again. You look at him. What the hell just happened?

The elevator stops, and you enter something that looks like an underground parking facility. Row after row of black SUVs.

– Wow.. These are SHIELD vehicles?

– Yes! Here you go!

He tosses you a Key.

– You’ll let me drive?

– It’s yours! Well, for as long as you are with SHIELD!

He comes over to you. Hands you a keycard. Your name is on it, and your picture. And your title is “Senior Analyst”. You open your mouth to say something, but he puts his finger over your lips.

– Look. I May be a little bit overprotective. But I need you close to me. So don’t argue. And let’s go home.

You just nod..

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