My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fourtysix

Chapter Fourtysix – You´ve Done This Before, Haven´t You?

Your back against the wall. His hands roaming your body. His tongue dancing around with yours. Your gear belt digging into your lower back, but you don’t care. His lips finally being on yours again, it feels so good.

– I want you, YN! I need you!

He almost doesn’t break the kiss while he’s talking. It’s like he wants you to be one.

– Then, take me, Brock! Please!

You can feel his strong hands grabbing your hips. Lifting you up, and you instinctively wrap your legs around his waist. Although all the tactical gear takes up some of the space between your lower bodies. You can feel his erection. Fuck, how you have been aching for this.

– Right now! I have to have you, YN! All of you!

His lips moves from your lips to your neck. You let out a soft moan, and lean your head back against the wall.

– Your skin tastes so fucking good. I want to taste all of you!

– Fuck me, Brock. Please!

He grabs your behind, and carries you into the ladies room. Up against the wall, he starts to remove your gear. You don’t even care where you are. You don’t care that people can come in. You want him, you need him.

Your pants and your gear falls to the floor. One second looking into each others eyes, before he lifts you up, places your legs over his shoulders. You grab the stall walls on both sides of you. His eager tongue lapping at your pussy like it was the sweetest juice in the world.

– Fuck, Brock!

You look down at him.

– Mmmmm…

The only sound he makes, looking up at you. You squeeze your legs more over his shoulders, wildly bucking your hips into his face. Fuck, you’re close. And it’ll hit you like a tsunami.

You can feel it starting in your belly, before it moves down your thighs. Your whole lower body is in spasms. Your toes curling, and your legs squeezing even tighter around his shoulders. Then it explodes. Your knuckles white from holding on to the walls. Your ears ringing from the intensity. You can’t even hear your own moans.

He’s not stopping. The orgasm just goes on and on. It feels like it’s never going to end. You feel like your body is floating up in the air, you’re about to pass out.

He stops. Carefully puts your legs down, and holds you up. Kisses you.

– Taste yourself on my lips. That was fucking spectacular!

You can’t talk. He pulls you close.

– Need a minute?

You nod, and then rest your head on his shoulder.

– Want to go home?

You nod again, but then you remember that you have a hotel room.

– Or.. Err.. I.. I kinda booked a hotel room for tonight.

He laughs a bit.

– Which one?

Finally you start to come back down again. You stand up. Look at him, before you collect your clothes from the floor, and start to put them back on.

– Err.. The Ameritania. Why do you ask?

He reaches behind you, and helps you get your gear belt back on. His breath tickles your ear. It sends shivers down your spine.

– I booked a room at the same hotel.

You look at him. Searching his face. Why did he do that? Did something happen?

– Why? What happened?

He hugs you. You kinda have a feeling it’s because he doesn’t want to look you in the eye. But everything is so good right now, you don’t want to ruin it by asking too many questions.

– Nothing, YN. Come on, let’s go!

He breaks the hug, takes your hand, and turns away from you. Something definitely happened with him. But you decide to not fish for answers right now. You want him inside you again, feel his skin against yours, his lips on your skin, his moans and his voice when he’s close to coming. That’s what you want. You don’t give a damn about anything else right now.

The hotel is not far away. Only a couple of blocks. You have the weekend off, but something could come up, and it felt safer to be closer to home. Just in case.

You walk next to each other, not saying much. His hand in yours. The warmth that radiates from his strong hand makes your whole body ache for him. How is it possible to be this charismatic? There is so much you don’t know about him. And… There is stuff he doesn’t know about you ether. Maybe you should tell first. Why and how you met David perhaps. No, not now, YN.

A Block from the hotel, Rumlow stops. You stop as well. Look at him, before he leans down, and whisper in your ear.

– I can’t wait any longer, YN!

You don’t have time to think, before your back hits the wall, and his lips meets yours, his tongue opening your mouth, before meeting yours.

– Brock! We… We’re outside!

He starts to remove his pants. You don’t know why. But you do the same.

– I know.. That’s Part of the thrill…

You both let your pants fall down at the same time. He looks at you. No words needed. You slip one of your legs out of your pants. His still around his ankles. Then he lifts you up. Your legs around his waist. He wastes no time. The second your legs are wrapped around him, he enters you. The streetlights hitting his face at an angle that makes his eyes spark. The thrill of being outside. Everything is so fucking intense.

– I love being inside of you, YN! Feel you wrap yourself around my cock. More!

You’re clenching your muscles around him. Ahh Fuck! You try to keep quiet, but it’s impossible. Rumlow clamps a hand over your mouth. Not being able to make a sound, makes the feeling of having him deep inside even more intense. His eyes looking into yours. Dark with hunger. You can see in them, that he’s just as close as you are.

– Come for me, sweetheart!

His words, his breath and his soft grunts of pleasure in your ear, is more than you can take. You’re desperate moans into his hand, your muscles clenching around him, sucking him in.

– Yes! Fuck! YN! Do it!

The pleasure rushing over you, his hard thrusts inside you. Harder and deeper for each one. You try to hold back. You want this to go on forever. But it’s impossible. The second orgasm hits you like lightning. Taking over every fiber in your body. Fuck, this feels so good.

He holds you up a bit longer after he finishes. Removing his hand from your mouth, and replacing it with his lips. Lets his hand brush over your hair, before he puts you down. You quickly get your clothes back on. God I hope no one saw us. What would they think about SHIELD, if they saw that? Rumlow looks at you.

– Relax, YN! No one saw us. Come on now, we have a hotel bed to check out..

You look at him, take a breath. You don’t know why. And you curse at yourself because you do. But you don’t manage to stop the words.

– You’ve done this before, haven’t you?

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