My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fourtyseven

Chapter Fourtyseven – Red!

Almost before you enter his hotel room, your lips meet. Hands searching each others bodies. Gear belts falling to the floor, followed by the rest of your clothes. He looks at you, gliding his hand over your breasts. Look down on them, and then he looks back up at you. You swallow.

– Lie down!

His voice, his eyes on you. You need him. Right now. You touch his chest. He puts his hand over yours, all the time he’s looking at you.

– Lie down!

You walk over to the bed, and lie down on it. Your whole body aches for him. You’re floating over with wetness. You look up at him, standing over you. Already rock hard. Standing proud. You feel the urge to taste him, but you don’t move.

– Put your arms over your head!

You move your arms, place them over your head.

– Good girl!

You love it when he says that to you. That means you did good, and that he’ll reward you. His eyes up and down your body.

– Spread your legs….

His voice is calm. Like he could do this forever. How is he doing this? You can’t even talk. You move your legs apart. Just a little. He looks at you.

– More!

You continue to look at him. The way he looks at you. Hungry, horny. You need him inside. Now! You move your legs more.

– Perfect!

He slowly makes his way up to your face. His biceps flexing. You can’t take your eyes away from the vains on his arms. Fuck!

You feel him between your legs. You buck your hips. You need him inside. What is he waiting for?

He grabs your arms. Looking intently into your eyes.

– I need you, YN! I want you! So you’ll have to pick a safe word!

You gasp. Safe word? He leans down and almost growls in your ear.

– Safe word, YN! You’ll need it.

He carefully bites your neck.

– Red!

You surprise yourself, that you’re capable of talking. He looks at you again.

– Perfect! Turn around!

You don’t move. Right now. He can do whatever he want’s to you. You just want him. You want that angry sex. That make up sex. You want it all.

– Turn. Around!

You smirk at him. You know him now. This is not like the first night. When you didn’t know what he was going to do.

– No!

He smiles at you. Teasing.

– You want to play games! Perfect!

He lets his hand glide over you, before he lets his index finger circle your clit. Careful not to touch it directly. Just circling it. You move with him. He thigthens his grip of your arms.

– Stay still, princess!

You desperately try to follow his command. But God how you need for him to touch you.

– Please…

You beg. This is driving you insane. He leans down, growling in your ear again.

– Shut up!

You suck in a breath. Fuck! Maybe you should’ve just turned around like he told you?

He continue to circle your clit. You can’t stay still, your legs shaking. You NEED for him to touch you. When you buck your hips this time. He stops. Gets up from the bed, and walk over to his clothes. Lifting his gear belt up. Removing the handcuffs from it, and then a rope. You follow him with your eyes. But you don’t dare to sit up. Is he going to tie you up?

He crawls up to your face again. Slowly he secures your arms to the bedpost. His chest over your face. You can’t hold back. You lift your head up, and let your tongue touch his skin. He sits up. Looking down at you.

– You want to taste me, don’t you?

You nod.

– Well, if you keep being a brat. I’ll make you wait!

– Please… I…

He takes a soft hold of your hair, and kisses you intently.

– You can keep being a brat. You just gonna have to live with the consequences.

– Please, Brock! I want you!

Another kiss.

– I want you too, princess…. All night!

It’s almost like you can’t breathe. All night?

– Fuck, Brock! Please…

He doesn’t answer. Instead he moves down on you. Letting his tongue glide over you.

– Shi… God!

– Good Girl! Stay still! Totally still!

This is going to be impossible. He isn’t wasting any time. His fingers joins his tongue, and instantly hits that spot. You can’t even make a sound, all your attention goes into lying still. You press your bottom down into the mattress. Your legs shaking. Toes curling.

– Fuck… Br… I… I’m going…. to…

– Ah ah…

He isn’t leaving your flesh. Lips closing over your clit, as the bubbling feeling takes over your entire body. His free hand holding your hips in place, as the orgasm rushes through your body.

Even before the waves of the orgasm leaves you, you know you screwed up. He told you to stay still. You didn’t.

– I’m sorry.. Sorry..

He slips his fingers out of you, and glides them over you, before he spanks you. You jump.

– I’m sorry… Sorry..

He grabs your inner thighs. Squeezing them.

– You’re sorry, huh?

He spanks you again. You suck in a breath. You could yell out «RED» but at the same time you want to be under his command. It’s thrilling. Just like when he spanked you, the first night.

– You know what happens to brats, right?

– Yes…

– What?

– They get punished?

He smiles.

– Good girl! What do you want me to do to you?

You don’t understand the question. Is he going to have you decide what he’s gonna do to punish you?

– What?

He gets on top of you. Pressing himself down on you. You buck your hips up against him. He grabs your chin, presses his lips down on yours, biting your bottom lip.

– I would stay absolutely still. If I were you!

– Brock, please.. I need you…

– Tell. Me. What. You. Want?

You look at him. You can’t do this. You want him, and you miss him like crazy. But you don’t get him. One second he is sweet and caring, and the other he is closed off. And now..

– Red!

He looks at you. Before taking the handcuffs off you. You turn away from him. He lies still for a while before he puts a hand on your shoulder.

– YN? Did I do something wrong?

You shrug.

– No, we’re cool. I just don’t get you..

He sniffles. Is he crying?

– What do you want from me, YN? Tell me, and I’ll give it to you!

You turn around. Look at him.

– I want you to talk to me, Brock! I want to know YOU!

– What do you want to know?

You lift your hand, to touch him. But then you put it back down.

– Mostly… Why you haven’t spoken to me in a week. Why you checked into this hotel? About your life, your childhood.

He turns to his back. Puts his hands over his face.

– I love you, YN! But… There’s some things I just can’t share with you yet…

You look at him. It sounds serious. And you can feel the tears burning behind your eyes. You can’t do this. As long as he’s not willing to share, you can’t do this. No matter how fantastic the sex part is. You need more than that. You get up from the bed. Start to put your clothes back on. He’s still lying there, with his hands over his face.

You don’t bother putting your gear belt back on, you just lift it up. When you reach the door, you turn around.

– Well, let me know when you can!

Then you leave his room. When you close the door behind you, you can hear something hitting it. He got angry again. It’s not that you’re afraid of him. You just can’t deal with his rapid mood swings.

When you finally get to your room, you let your tears run free. Why is love so hard all the time?

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