My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fourty

Chapter Fourty – Well Played, YN! You´re Still Dead Though!

– Hey, YN! I’ll be fine! He’ll come down when he’s done. And then you can talk. Now, let’s get some of that anger out!

– Huh?

You turn around to look at Rollins. Oh, for fucks sake. He’s probably just nervous. And the «I love you» and the fact that Pierce decided that Rollins was going to train you, didn’t exactly resolve the situation.

– You’re frustrated. Get your gear on, and throw some punches. That’ll help.

– How did you….?

– It’s Part of my job. I can smell it on you. The way you let your heal hit the floor when you’re walking. The hard movements. The look in your eyes. It’s all there. On him too, by the way.

Arrgh.. Forget it, YN. You’ll talk to him at home… That is… If he wants you to go home with him.. Do you even have a home?

– So, ready to throw some punches?

Rollins opens the door to the training area. And you look at it in awe. It’s huge. And it has all kinds of equipment.

– Wow!

Rollins continues to walk inside. You follow.

– Whatever you need is in here. You can change over there. I believe your gear is already in your closet.

You walk in the direction he’s pointing. A locker? Gear? Delta? How did things turn around so quickly? Well, better to just take it. Do as you’re told. Follow orders. Are you an Agent now?

Inside the locker room, there are row after row of lockers. All with names on them. You search for yours. It’s not hard to find. By the looks of it you’re the only female. You open the locker and find the same tactical gear that Rumlow has. All black, with holsters, and boots, with an actual space to put the knifes in. So that’s how he does it. You always wondered about that. How he dared to have a knife stuck down his boot. Well, now you know.

You start to take off your regular work clothes. Fold them up, and place them inside the locker. When you’re standing there wearing only your underwear, you hear a voice behind you. You whirl around. In front of you stands a guy, well built and kinda tall. He has one of his hands in front of his eyes.

– I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry. I didn’t… I wasn’t.. I didn’t know anyone was in here.

You can’t help but smile of the guy.

– Well, now you know!

He still has his hand in front of his eyes. He extends the other one to you.

– I’m Ian!

Before you get to shake his hand, he takes it back.

– No, no. Not now Ian!

Then he turns and leaves.

– Fuck! Rumlow’s gonna kill me!

You hear him mutter to himself as he leaves. You smile a little to yourself. Has Rumlow really made it that clear for like everyone, that you’re his girl.

You take your new uniform on. Look at yourself in the mirror. You have to admit to yourself that it looks kinda cool on you.

When you enter the training area again. Rollins stands by a wall filled with equipment.

– What’s this?

You ask as you study the stuff on the wall. Guns, knifes, rifles, handcuffs, everything you could possibly need during a fight. Rollins turns around and looks at you.

– Your uniform isn’t quite finished yet!

He takes two guns from the wall and puts them in each of your holsters. Then he puts a knife in your right boot, and a gearbelt around your waist. You feel like you just gained 20 pounds. Heavy stuff!

– I thought you were going to teach me how to fight!

– I am!

– Then why do I need all this?

You gesture to the 20 pounds of equipment he just put on you.

– What about it? You’ll always have all this in a fight. All of this can save your life. Use it wisely!

– As long as I don’t fall in the water.

– That part of the training we can take later. Come on. I’ll teach you some Basic skills.

– In this?

You can’t possibly manage to move around in these heavy things.

– Yes! In that! You need to learn to wear your gear. Move with it. From now on, that’s a part of you. An extension of your body. Learn to live with it, or die. Simple as that!

Wow. Really? Is this like your new everyday clothes. Guess I need to hit the gym more often. You think to yourself, as you follow Rollins.

After a couple of hours teaching you how to move in slow motion. With Rollins showing you self defense moves, and attack strategies. He wants you to fight him. You look at him concerned.

– Pretend, YN! I’ll tell you what to do. Same as we’ve been doing the past hour, just faster.

You reluctantly say yes. Couldn’t hurt to try.. Right? You get in front of him.

– It’s never gonna be that easy, YN!

Rollins get’s behind you.

– When I grab you, use your back to lift me up, and throw me over your shoulder.

– You’re joking! I’m like half your weight!

– Doesn’t matter! Try it. You’ll see!

You roll your eyes at him, but you get in position. You don’t even hear him coming, before he grabs you. Instead of doing what he told you. You snatch his gun from his holster, pin his right leg in yours, and push your body backwards with all your might. Rollins loses his balance, and goes down on the floor, with you on top of him. You quickly roll off him and point the gun at him. He reaches for the gun, but quickly realises that you have it. He smiles at you.

– Well played, YN! You’re still dead though!

– Huh?

He reaches for something on the side of his gun. You hear a little click.

– You forgot to take the safety off!

He takes the gun from you. You roll over on your back, look up at the ceiling.

– Forget it. I’m never gonna learn this!

Rollins gets up, puts his gun back in the holster. Extends a hand to you. Helping you up from the floor.

– Sure you will. Let’s try close combat! Right!

He yells right, and before you can even think his arm hits the right side of your face. You hit the floor. Rollins quickly sits down.

– Fuck! Did I hurt you?

You move your jaw, to make sure nothing is broken.

– Yeah, you fucking hurt me! What was that for?

– I said right!

You roll your eyes at him again.

– Yeah, well, you should’ve said duck…

– Sorry!

You laugh a bit. Not only of the fact that you took a punch from an Agent. But this whole situation is hilarious. What kind of potential did Pierce see in you?

– Let’s try again! And this time, YN! You listen!

You get up. Stand in front of him again. Focused this time.

– Right!

You lift your right arm, blocking his punch.

– Front!

You cross your arms in front of your face, blocking him again.

– Duck!

You duck down. Rollins’ arm swings by over your head. You take advantage of his lack of attention to the floor, and kick his legs out from under him. Rollins goes down. You stand up, look down on him.

– How was that?

Rollins gets back up. Nods his head at you.

– Let’s just say that I understand the potential Pierce sees in you. Let’s call it a night! We’ll pick this up tomorrow.

No more words. He just nods at you, before he turns and leaves.

You sit down and try to wrap your head around this day. You haven’t had time to think about it. Everything happened so fast. You lean back against the wall, and look up at the ceiling.

– Ready to go?

You look up. Rumlow stands in the door. Leans against the doorframe, arms folded over his chest. You get up. Walk towards him. God, how you want to hug him, kiss him. Tell him that everything was a misunderstanding. That you hate to fight with him. That your his.

You don’t get the chance. He turns around before you get to him, and marches in front of you down to the car…

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