My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen – Pull Over!

After getting your breath back, you get dressed, and go out to the SUV. Again, Rumlow lets you drive. Opens the door for you. A true gentleman outside, and a fucking animal inside. You drive for a while, in silence. You can see that he is looking at you from time to time.

– Pull over here!

His voice is determent, strong, commanding.

– Why?

He looks at you, smirking.

– Because you can’t suck my dick if you’re the one driving the car. So we’re switching places!

You laugh. Suck him off in the car. Who does he think you are? You turn your attention back to the road. You don’t slow down. And you don’t look at him.

– I said, pull over!

– I know what you said, Brock!

– So pull the fuck over!

You send him a little smirk. This game is actually fun.

– No!

He looks at you for a second. His jaw tenses again, and his eyes. Fuck.. You messed up. Why do you keep playing his games? In one swift move he is over on your side of the car, clamps his foot down on the break, and the car comes to a sudden stop. He takes a hold of your chin, and plants a rough kiss on your lips.

– Don’t ever disobey me like that again! Now, pull over here!

You do as he says. You already disobeyed him twice this morning, and it’s not a good idea to take this any further.

You stop the car on a dirt road, a short drive away from the main street. A split second you just look into each others eyes. Before he grabs your hair, and pulls your face down in his lap. Pushing it into his groin.

– Do you feel that?

You feel his erection growing against your chin.

– Do you?

– Y… Yes!

His grip on your hair loosens. Instead he holds your head in place. Pushing his groin up against it.

– Take it!

You slowly unbuckle him. The whole time he holds your face in place. Giving you just enough room for him to break free from his pants.

– Suck it! Take it!

You close your lips around him. He pushes your head down, and at the same time he plunges upwards. His whole length goes down your throat. Fuck. You didn’t even know you were capable of this.

– Aaaahha.. Fuck.. Good girl.. Shit.. Take it! Yes!

He pulls your head back. You catch your breath. He is big. It’s almost painful, but you want to please him. And he is in charge after all. You knew that when you decided to start this thing with him.

– Again!

Once again he pushes your head down. This time you are more ready for whats coming. He holds your head in place, as he fucks your throat. The noises that escapes him, makes you wet as fuck. The knowledge that it’s you that makes him feel this way. He doesn’t ask this time either. But you can feel it. His cock is throbing and then he unloads.

– Fuck.. You beautiful girl. Swallow!

You look up at him as you swallow his load. He smiles down at you.

– Good girl.. Get in the back!

– The back of the SUV?

Once again he takes a hold of your hair.

– Yes! In the back of the SUV! Do I have to force you?

You smile at him. His eyes darkens, and he yanks you closer to him. Kisses you aggressively. Then he almost drags you out of the front seat and into the back. He manages to be both rough an gentle at the same time. He has total control over you, but you feel safer than you have ever felt before.

In the back of the SUV he gently places you on the floor. You look at him. His erection still stands proud. Shit, this guy can keep it up for hours. He follows your gaze. Laughs a little.

– You want this?

You nod. When he is like this you really struggle with the words.

– Lift up your skirt!

You look at him for a second, before you drag your skirt up to your hips. He looks down on you.

– More!

You continue to lift your skirt up to your stomach. Slowly.

– Stop! Perfect!

He looks at you, for something that feels like an eternity. His eyes. Devouring you. Them alone could probably make you come, without him even touching you. He lets his fingers brush over your underwear. Looks into your eyes. Smirks at you.

– You’re already dripping for me. I can feel it, and I haven’t even removed your underwear yet..

You buck your hips up against his hand. He carefully places his other hand on your lower stomach.

– Stay still!

– Please… Brock!

His laugh again. Then he gets down on all fours, and slowly makes his way up to your face.

– I’ll tell you what we’re going to do…

You hold your breath. Keeping your eyes on his.

– I am going to please you. And you WILL ask permission to come this time.

Again you nod. You have to concentrate this time. You don’t know why he keeps playing this game. Maybe he wants to teach you to hold it. But why can’t he just say that?

– I decide! What were you going to do again?

He leans down. Lets his tongue glide over your lips.

– I… I have to ask permission to come!

– Good girl. And how do you ask?

Where is he going with this? Is this turning him on?

– Please, Brock! I… I want to come!

He plants a soft kiss on your lips.

– Repeat after me! Please, Brock. Can I come?

Another soft kiss. He holds it a little longer this time. Like he’s letting you process what he just told you.

– P…Please, Brock Can I please come?

– Good girl. Very good girl.

He lets his hand slide down your side, and into your underwear. He smiles at you when he sees how your pupils reacts when he lets his finger slide over your clit.

– Dripping wet. For me to enjoy. Beautiful!

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