My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Who´s In Charge?

The taste of him make the spot between you legs throb. *Oh God, I need him inside me* He gets the message, composes himself, and pulls you up in a standing position. Still holding your arms above your head. Your heart is pounding out of control.

– Do you want it?

You nod. And he smiles to you.

– Tell me how much?

– I… I want you inside me….

He lets go of your arms, and takes another hold of your hair, pulling your head back.

– Say it again!

He leans in close, and kisses your neck. You moan. You can’t speak. He pulls you close to him, breathing in your ear. *Please, I can’t take this anymore*

– Tell me you want me…

– I…. Please!

– Please, what?

– God.. Just fuck me already!

You can feel his smile. And you know, you just fucked up. Now he’ll make you wait even longer. Fuck. He yanks you around, so that your back is against him. You can feel his erection against your bottom.

– Show me your bed!

He is still holding your hair in a tight grip. You start to move, slowly towards your bedroom. You have no idea what to expect from here. But you can’t stop. You have never wanted someone this much before.

When you get to your bed, he yanks you around again, and pushes you down on the bed. You look at him, as he removes his shirt. Now totally naked in front of you, you want him even more. He has it all. The abs, the arms, and his… You want it all.

He looks at you for a second, before he calmly comes over to the bed, and slowly, painfully slowly, removes your underwear. Then he leans down and takes one of your nipples in his mouth. Your back arches. His hand moves down your stomach, and before you can think about what is happening, he puts one finger inside you. You gasp.

– Already so wet…

He whispers against your skin. You reach for him, you need to touch something, something to ground you. Another digit inside. Pumping, finding that spot. He is merciless, pumping hard, you can see the muscles in his arm working. All his attention goes into this one task. You desperately try to grab whatever you can get a hold on, to grund you. The hoarse moans escaping you, makes him work you even harder.

– You… You. I’m. You’re going to make me cu..

He looks at you. And as soon as your eyes meet, you get what he is doing.

– Oh, no you don’t!

He says with a smirk. And with that, he yanks his fingers out. Your body aches. You were so close.


Your anger got the best of you. *Fuck, I shouldn’t have said that!* He gets on top of you. Lingers over your face for a second.

– What was that?

You look away, still pissed that he stopped when you were that close. He takes a deep breath.

– Give me your hands!

You still don’t look at him. And you don’t move.

– Not a smart move, sweetheart!

In one swift move, he pins both your hands over your head, and put his whole body weight on you. He kisses you aggressively, biting your bottom lip.

– Who is in charge here?

Fuck him. You needed that orgasm, and he took it away. No fucking way, you are gonna let that slide. You look at him with a smirk.

– Well, me of course!

His eyes searching yours. You don’t blink. *No, sir, you didn’t go too far*.

– Wrong answer!

Another swift move, and you are on your hands and knees in the bed. He gently puts a hand on your back, arching it, so you are on display for him. You don’t dare move. You can feel him looking at your wet flesh.

– Beautiful!

You feel his breath on you. You arch your back more, to get closer.

– Ah ah ah.. stay still. You know what happens to brats, don’t you?

You breathe in hard. You can feel his smirk, behind you. *God, he’s really enjoying this*.

– They get punished! So start counting. I want 5!

You close your eyes.. *5 of what? Fuck, why didn’t I think this through?*

His hand hits your bottom hard. You jump. Don’t dare to say a word. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He stops behind you. You can hear his breathing.

– Can’t hear you! That was?

Still you can’t say anything. Althoug you feel safe around this guy, you didn’t expect this. And you don’t know how to respond. You feel him shift in the bed behind you, and then he once again takes a hold of your hair, yanking your head back.

– I’m waiting!

– O…One!

You manage to finally get the word out. He lets go of your hair, and lets his hand slide down your spine. It makes you shiver. But then, his hand hits your bottom again, harder this time.

– Two… Please!

He pauses for a second. Waiting for your move. But you don’t make one. For some reason, unknown even to you. You want to see this through. Another hit.

– Th… Three

Tears are forming in your eyes, and sweat is bathing on your forehead.

– Good girl!

Then another one. *God this hurts*

– Four….

You try to turn your head to look at him.

– NO, keep your head down! That’s a good girl. Keep that position!

Then another hit, followed by a sqeeze. You breathe heavily. Unable to speak..

– And….

– F.. Fi… Five..

You fall down on the bed. Tears falling from your eyes. He lies down beside you, and kisses your forehead.

– I’m sorry for that. But, you were a good girl. Keep that up, and I won’t have to do it again.

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