My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Five

Chapter Five – Good Girls Get Rewarded

He puts his arms around you. Kisses your forehead again.

– Come here. Let’s calm down for a second. Did I scare you?

You move closer to him, nuzzle your face into his neck. He smells good.

– Are you sure you are fine? I’ll never do that again if it scared you. Trust me on that. I’m not a monster.

He moves so that he can see your face, searching your eyes. A few tears are still running down your cheeks. He brushes his thumb over them, whiping them away.

– I.. I’m fine. I just never experienced something like that before.

He kisses you. Holding your face. The kiss is intense, but soft.

– So.. We’re OK? I promise you. I will leave right away, if I went too far. I will NEVER do anything to you without your concent. That is the first rule.

You look at him. You can see in his eyes, that he means what he says. You give him a little smile, and he smiles back relieved.

– And, what’s the second rule?

He gets on top of you. Slowly and carefully he again pins your arms over your head. And the whole time he’s looking intently into your eyes.

– Make your lady come.. At least twice…

You laugh..

– You just made that up…

– You are absolutely right. But I bet I could..

He presses his groin down on you. You move desperately with him. He smiles down at you.

– Later. I have something else for you right now. My beautiful girl, deserves a reward for her good behaviour.

He lets go of your arms. You move to touch him.

– Ah ah ah.. Keep them there.

He gently moves you arms back in place.

– Right there..

You don’t dare to move them. He kisses your neck, and continues down to your collar bone, further down, he takes a nipple in his mouth, and gently bites it. You look at him continuing down your stomach, placing kisses and soft bites. All the way down.

He gently pushes your legs apart, letting his hands slide up your inner thighs.

– Beautiful. I can’t wait to taste you…

Then his tongue is there. Greedily tasting every inch of your pussy. His lips closing over your clit, sucking it. He grabs your bottom, lifting your lower body up from the bed. His eyes are open, looking straight into yours, as he fucks you with his tongue. As far in as it goes.

– Fuck. Please. Don’t… Don´t stop!

You can’t make out what you are saying. Your desperate moans echoing in your ears. He lets go of your bottom, and his fingers joins his tongue. You cant keep your arms still anymore. You have to grab a hold on something. You grab his hair. You can almost feel his smile when you grab a hold of him. The angle he is pumping inside you, his other hand pressing down on your lower stomach. His muscle tensing. You’ve never felt this before.. It’s building fast…

– I…. I’m going to co..

You can’t understand how you manage to say it. But you feel that is what you are supposed to do. Your words only makes him work you harder.

– Yes.. Do it! Come for me!

Your orgasm hits like a tidal wave. Your whole body shakes. Every muscle tenses. You are pretty sure you’re screaming, but you cant hear it. When your breathing finally starts to go back to normal, he gets on top of you, and whispers in your ear..

– I’m not done with you yet!

You look at him. You feel drained. You can’t even move. Not done yet.. Jesus this guy has stamina. He lies down on his back beside you.

– Get on top of me!

You turn towards him.

– W..What?

– Come here, sit down on me!

There’s that command again. You slowly do as your told. Your legs are still shaking, but you manage to get on top of him. You slowly start to sit down on him. He’s big, so you take your time. *God, fuck. He’s inside me. This is what I’ve been waiting for all night*

– So thight. You’re so thight around me! Keep going.. Fuck..

He seizes your bottom and mercilessly pumps you, as hard as he can. None of you can form words anymore. It’s all a mess of grunts of pleasure, sweat and heavy breathing.

It’s building, you can feel it building in him to, on the way his muscles are tensing.

– Oh, God.. Fuck me!

He smiles to you. His eyes are intense, but then so are probably yours.

– Let me know when you….

None of you can say anymore. He pumps you hard and rough.

– Oh, God.. I… I’m going to….

– Yes. Do it! And I’m gonna fill you with mine.

You are shaking so badly. That you are afraid you will be stuck on top of him. You are unable to move your legs. The waves rushes through your body again and again. His pace is decreasing, and soon it’s only breathing left. His hands move from your bottom to your thighs. Then you dismount him and fall down on your bed. He turn to his side, and lets his fingers trail down your spine.

– You’re gonna be cold.

He kisses your shoulder, and covers you with a blanket. Then he puts his arms around you from behind. You turn to your back. You want to see him.

– What’s your name?

*Jesus this is embarrassing. I just let him fuck the living shit out of me, and now I ask for his name* He looks at you. *Does he feel the same way? Maybe names doesn’t mean anything to the dominant ones*

– It’s ehh.. Brock. You?

– YN

Again he looks at you. You could really drown in his brown eyes. It’s like his soul is bottomless.

– How old are you?

You’re not really sure if you want to know. But you don’t know what else to say.

– 46. You?

*Fuck. 17 years. He is 17 years older than you. Hell, he could be your dad* You cringe your face..

– Something wrong? You don’t want to tell me your age? You were out drinking, so you are at least 21.

He looks at you, it’s like he is trying to figure out your age just by looking at you.

– You just dominated me to the point where I almost broke, and then you fucked the living shit out of me. It’s embarrasing.

– Well. If it is, then that goes for the both of us. I don’t care. As long as I didn’t do anything illigal. And I don’t believe I did.

– You didn’t. Well except carrying a concealed weapon.

He sends you a playful smile.

– I always carry a concealed weapon. But I believe we were talking about how old you were..

You sigh.

– I’m 29. Way too young. I don’t even have that much experience. With your…. Stuff.. You should probably find someone a little more experienced than me..

He puts his arms around you, gets close.

– Hey. Don’t say that. I’ll be more than happy to teach you. If you’ll let me, that is.

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