My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fiftytwo

Chapter Fiftytwo – I Love You

The sharp blade easily cuts through the thin strap on your bra. Rumlow stops for a second, looks at you. You slowly nod your head.

– Please, Brock! Undress me.. I want you!

He carefully cuts off the other strap. Continuing to look into your eyes.

– I trust you Brock! Just like I did the first night we met. Just like I do now. You won’t hurt me.

He takes a breath. Before he takes a hold of the front of your bra. Drags you up. Before letting the knife cut your bra in half, exposing your breasts to him.

– Fucking perfect!

He says, before putting the knife down on the nightstand, and burying his face between your peaking breasts. You gasp, grabbing his hair. You can already feel his erection through his thin sweatpants. Trying to break through, into your wet flesh. Rumlow lets out a moan into your skin.

– Fuck, Brock!

He lifts his face, looks at you. Before sliding his hands down your sides, grabbing your remaining underwear.

– Brock!

He stops. Again he looks at you.

– I need to be inside you, YN!

The words makes you float over with wetness.

– Then, remove my underwear. Fuck me, Brock!

He reaches for it again. You grab his face, and kiss him.

– No, Brock! With that..

You look at the knife. He looks at you for a bit, before he makes up his mind. Did you push him over the edge, or did he suddenly understand that he can do this, without hurting you? By the look in his eyes. Dominant Brock is definitely back.

He shifts in the bed, so he’s sitting between your legs, instead of on top of them. Before he quickly removes his sweatpants. You watch his every move. Eagerly waiting for his next move.

– So you want me to use this, huh?

You don’t answer. Dominant Brock is back, and you want him to do indisplicable things to you. He lets out a little laugh.

– Bad Girl!

He grabs your hips, pulling you up in his lap. Before he takes the knife from the nightstand, and cuts your underwear off. Leaving you exposed to him.

– Mine

He hisses.

– Yours

You respond, almost without thinking. Then he lifts your lower body up, and lets his tongue glide torturously slow over you. You try to buck your hips. But he’s holding you in place.

– Shhh, princess. It’s my turn now!

Again his tongue over your wet slith.

– Please, Brock!

He slowly closes his lips over your clit. At the same time he’s smiling down to you.

– Fuck!

You say it while sucking in a breath. He lifts his face his lips glistening from being on you.

– Do you have any idea how incredible you taste?

– God! Don’t stop!

You try to buck your hips again. But this time he places you back down on the bed.

– B… Brock.. Please..

He makes his way up to your face. You reach for his hips, to push him down on you. Desperate to feel him inside. But in one swift move he pins your arms over your head. Holding them in place using one of his hands. Then he kisses you. His soft lips on yours. Tasting like you and him mixed together.

His free hand travels down your stomach, before teasing your entrance, and smearing your wetness over your sensitive parts. You let out a moan into his mouth.

– Yes! That’s it! Tell me you like it. Tell me you want it!

– I want you, Brock!

He lets two of his fingers enter you. Letting go of your arms. You move them instantly grabbing for him.

– Fuck, B… Brock.. D… Don’t stop!

He sits up. Looking at his fingers moving inside of you, and your walls gripping around them. Desperate to keep them inside.

– You want to come?

– Fuck, Brock!

He stops, slowly dragging his fingers out.

– No, Brock. Please…

Again he makes his way up to your face, takes a gentle hold of your throat, dragging his wet fingers over your lips, before kissing you.

– Do you want to come?

– Yes, Brock!

Your words almost desperate. He leans down, let his tongue touch your earlobe, before whispering in your ear.

– Then beg for it!

– Ahhaaaa… Please, Brock!

He sits up again. Lets his thumb glide over your clit.

– Gooooood! Please, Brock… Fuck..

– Please, what?

– I want… I need.. I want to come! Please make me come… Pl..

Slowly he places one of his hands on your lower stomach, before he again slips two fingers inside of you, and then he starts to move them. It looks almost violent what he’s doing. But fuck how intently good it feels. You vision blurry, your hearing muffled. The intense warm feeling spreads throughout your body, before exploding in your lower stomach, sending waves of enormous pleasure to every part of you. You feel like you can’t even breathe. Between the moaning and screams of pleasure, you try to keep your lounges filled with air.

Your orgasm is so intense you don’t even realise that he stops. Carefully pulling his fingers out. And plants a kiss on your lower stomach.

– You’re so fucking beautiful. You know that?

You can’t answer. You can barley see clearly. The only thing you manage to do right now, is to breathe. Gods above that was fucking intense shit.

When you start to come back to reality again. Rumlow drags you up in his lap. Your legs on each side of him, giving you the ability to feel his erection against you. But he doesn’t enter you. Instead he takes your hands, and places them on his abs. You explore. Every inch, every part, every muscle. His firm and strong upper body feels amazing underneath your fingertips. The whole time he looks at you. Marveling how you react to the feeling of him against your fingertips.

– I want you, Brock!

Your words soft, almost like a whisper. He takes a hold of your waist, pulls you close to him. Before he slowly and carefully enters you. Filling you up inch by inch, all while resting his forehead on yours, looking into your eyes.

When all of him is buried inside you. You stop for a second, just looking at each other, before you start to move together, savouring that amazing feeling of being this close to one another.

– I love you, YN! Mine!

– Yours, Brock!

– Turn around…

His words lingers in the air for a second. Before he pulls himself out of you. You quickly turn around, desperate to have him inside again. And he wastes no time entering you again. Your walls gripping around him, instantly. The way he’s moving, hitting every single sensitive spot. He takes a firm hold around your waist, lifing your upper body up, so you’re on your knees on the bed. Back against him, his lips on the back of your ear. Him breathing heavily. Then he starts to move. The angle he’s hitting your spot, his arms holding you tight, pressing your bodies together.

– Aaaaahhaaa.. Fu… Brock..

– Yes! Grip around me! Feel every inch of me when I’m fucking you.

His words sends waves through you. You lean your head as far back you manage, as he continues to massage your walls every time he moves inside of you. He can feel that you’re close. So he slows down.

– Brock… Please!

Again he whispers in your ear.

– Tell me you want to come…. Beg me, to make you come!

Your legs like gello under you. The only thing that’s holding you up, is his arms around you. You can’t even move with him. That’s how close you are.

– Please… Brock… I… I need…

He gently bites your ear, and one of his hands caressing one of your breasts.

– Plhease… Make me come, Brock!

His grip around you tightens even more. He’s holding you in place. Then he ups the pace. Moving himself inside of you, like you were one. Grunting his own pleasure in your ear.

– You’re so tight around me. So tight… Come for me, YN! Now!

It’s like the whole world around you disappeares. Every sound, every sight, everything but a bright light and the intense ringing in your ears. It’s Euphoric. You can feel in your chest that you’re screaming out your orgasm. But you can’t hear anything. This is the most intense thing you’ve ever experienced, and God how you hope you can experience it again.

– I love you, YN!

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