My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fiftysix

Chapter Fiftysix – Not You, Agent!

The weekend is fantastic. Just you and Rumlow, in bed, good food, tons of sex, hugs, kisses, he is so romantic. And he takes extremely good care of you. When Sunday comes, you’re almost sad to go to work again the next day. You could just stay here forever. But work calls. Literally, when Pierce calls Rumlow, Sunday evening to let you know that it’s time for your training in water. You’ve been dreading this. That heavy uniform of yours. You’re pretty good at swimming. Mastering all the different techniques. But with those clothes it will be hard, no matter how well trained you are.

Rumlow uses the remaining time you have left to teach you different techniques to keep yourself afloat. You listen to him, and although he makes you feel a little bit better, you’re still nervous for this water training thing.

– Listen, YN. I have some stuff I have to take care off. But I’ll try to be there for you. OK?

You give him a hug. He holds you close.

– That makes me feel a little better. But what if I sink?

Rumlow plants a kiss on your forehead.

– We’ve all been there. Rollins will be there. He’ll help you, if something happens.

– Good to know…

When you go to bed on Sunday, you’re beyond nervous. So it takes a while before you fall asleep. Listening to Rumlows calm breathing. Looking at him when he sleeps. God how lucky you are. To have him by your side.


You rush into the water training area. You’re late. You look at the time.. not that late. Only about ten minutes. Shit. You know how Pierce feels about being on time. And you weren’t wrong. He stands there, arms folded over his chest. Looking at you when you enter.

– Sorry, sorry. I know I’m late. I’m so sorry.

Pierce clears his throat.

– Well, Miss. YLN. Now that you’re here we should get started we don’t have all day.

Rollins takes a step towards you.

– Cut her som slack, Pierce! It’s only been ten minutes.

– Slack? If this was an actual fight. We both could have been dead by now, due to her inability to follow simple orders!

– I know! I know Mr. Pierce. I… I just had to take care of something. I’m really sorry!

Pierce gives your gearbelt to Rollins, and he helps you to get it on.

– Next tine you need to take CARE of things Miss. YLN make sure you do that on your own time. So you don’t waste mine!

It doesn’t seem like he likes you very much. But maybe this is just how he is. To toughen you up. And as long as Rollins in there, you feel kinda safe.

Rollins jumps into the water. Stands on some kind of platform. The water only reaches up to his hips. He’s taller than you, so the water would probably reach your stomach at least. You jump in. Yep. Your gearbelt is below water level. But, at least you can stand up.

– Remember, YN. Use my size against me. Just like I’ve taught you before. Winning has nothing to do with size. It has everything to do with…?

Rollins looks at you.

– Speed and precision.

– You need to be tactical. The water will slow you down. But it will also slow me down. The only difference is that the first one to get the upper hand, wins. If I pin you under water, you will eventually drown.

You swallow. Look at Rollins. God, you hope you’ll never end up in a situation where you actually have to use this.

– Miss. YLN. Ready?

Pierce looks down at you. You give him a nod, then turn your focus back to Rollins.

– Go!

Rollins reaches out for your foot, you easily see his attack, and move so he can’t reach it. Before quickly turning back against him, grabbing his arm, and throwing him over your shoulder. Placing your foot on his stomach when he hits the platform floor. Quickly removing it again, so he can stand up.

You turn towards Pierce. His face totally emotionless. Did he not like that you overpowered Rollins this easy.

– See, Pierce I told you, she’s a fast learner!

Rollins drags his hand through his wet hair as he speaks to Pierce.

– Nah. You’re being to soft on her. Give it your best shot, and she’ll go down like a twig!

– I wouldn’t count on it.

Rollins says, before totally out of the blue launches towards you. You block his attack yet again. Twisting his arm behind his back, and pushing his face into the water. Before you just as quickly release him.

Rollins turns towards Pierce again.

– She has been trained by the best. She knows her stuff. You should see how she’s handling knives. Rumlow taught her well.

– Kives huh?

Pierce keeps looking at you. You don’t care one bit for his emotionless face. But at least you showed him that you know how to fight.

– Fine that’s it for today. I guess you have some skills Agent YLN!

This is the first time today he called you Agent. And you don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Rollins get’s out of the water, before helping you up. Pierce is still just standing there looking at you. You start to remove your gearbelt.

– Keep that on Agent!

Pierces voice is harder than usual. He turns to Rollins.

– Lt. Rollins. You’re dismissed!

Rollins turns to leave, and you follow.

– Not you, Agent!

Pierce’s determined voice behind you. Rollins looks at you. You feel that he’s trying to say something to you with his look. But you can’t understand what. He gives you a sharp nod, before he quickly leaves.

You slowly turn towards Pierce. You’ve never been alone with him before. Not even when he put you in jail. There was still those other agents there. And now. His whole appearance makes you really uncomfortable.

– So, you know your way around knifes?

You swallow. What are you supposed to answer?

– Well. Br… Lt. Rumlow taught me well. As Lt. Rollins said.

Pierce picks up a knife from a table. Presents it to you.

– Then let’s see how good you really are!

Then he tosses the knife on to the platform. You look at it.

– What are you waiting for Agent? Get down there and pick it up! In a fight you should keep your weapons on you at all times.

You know that you shouldn’t disobey Pierce. But you don’t know what he wants with this. And you don’t feel safe, with Rollins gone.

– Agent!

Pierce almost screams to you.

You make a split decition to jump in the water to get the knife. You jump on to the platform, before leaning down, under water to pick it up. As soon as you get the knife in your hand, a sound is coming from the platform. You can’t quite place it, it’s muffled because of the water.

Suddenly the floor of the platform gives in under you. You have nothing to stand on anymore. And you can feel the gearbelt pulling you under water. You desperately trying to get up to the surface. But your gear is too heavy. You try to cut it off with the knife. But because you’re panicking you cut yourself, causing you to drop the knife. You open your eyes, looking up to the surface of the water. Pierce just stands there watching you sink.

Oh God! You’re not gonna die today. Not like this. Not now. Everything is finally coming together in your life. Not now. Not like this. You use your remaining energy to try to swim towards the surface. But there’s no use. Your lungs feels like they’re about to explode. You can’t hold your breath anymore.

You take a breath, filling your lunges with water causing you to calf, more water in your lunges. No. No. No. No.

This is it! You have so much left to do in this life. So much to say to Brock. So much to experience with him. You can feel the energy leaving your body, and everything around you goes pitch black….

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