My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fiftyseven

Chapter Fiftyseven – NOT HER!!!

Rollins pov

– Lt. Rollins, you’re dismissed!

Fuck. He thought he would have more time. Say something to you at least. But no. Pierce has already put his plan into motion. After Dixon gave him that recording, he stayed outside in the hall waiting for you. Hoping to get to talk to you before your training. But then you were late. What is he going to do now?

The look Pierce gives him leaves no room for any kind of discussion. Pierce want’s him to leave. He tries to talk to you with his eyes. Try to tell you to stall for time. Or at least to be careful. Why did you chose this day to be late?

He turns to leave, and he can feel that you do the same behind him.

– Not you, Agent!

This is it, isn’t it? That moment, when he has to decide what to do. If the recording is autentic he’ll bring down Pierce himself, with Rumlow and Dixon. If he talks back now, that will be impossible. And if he’s fast, faster than ever before, he can make it. He have to make it.

He walks as calmly as he can out of the training area. The second the door closes behind him, he starts to run.

Rollins takes the stairs up the five floors from the training area up to the offices, several steps at a time. He knows that time isn’t on his side. But he can run fast, and so can Rumlow. They have to make this.

When he reaches Rumlows office he doesn’t even bother to knock. Just rushing in. Rumlow sits by his desk, doing paperwork with his coffee in hand.


Rollins doesn’t have time to explane. Not about the tape, not about anything. Just get back downstairs as fast as possible.

Rumlow lets go of his mug. Don’t even care about ruining the paperwork. It’s like everything happens in slow motion. If Pierce manages to go through with his plan. Rumlow is going to kill him. And with that, he’ll drag all of SHIELD down with him. It’s better to just get rid of Pierce. Rumlow could easily take over the position as SHIELD leader.

Rumlow isn’t asking any questions. He just runs out the door, after Rollins. Pushing people out of the way, to get downstairs as fast as possible. Leaving the office floor in disbelief. They reach the stairs, gliding down the railings.

Rumlow pov

He’d hoped for the paperwork to be done quickly, so he could watch you train. But Pierce insisted that he’d do this today. So now he was stuck up in this office. He hated the fact that he was breaking his promise to you. He told you he’d be there for you.

Two more cups of coffee, Brock. Just two more, then you’ll go down. You can finish this later. Pierce only said today, not what time.

He knew you were afraid of this water training thing, and he hated himself for not standing up to Pierce. You were more important than him. So much more.

He pours himself another cup of coffee, and try to focus on the paperwork. Dragging his hand through his hair. He takes a sip of his coffee.. Fucking cold. Fuck this shit. He promised you he’d be there for you. Screw this fucking paperwork.

He’s about to get up from his chair, when Rollins comes rushing in. The look on his face makes Rumlow go ice cold inside. Something is terribly wrong!


Rollins sounds desperate. A tone in his voice Rumlow’s never heard before. Don’t ask questions, Brock. Follow him! He drops his cup on top of the papers. Running after Rollins out in the hall. Pushing people out of his way. Not even bothering looking at them. The only thing on his mind is you.

He glides down the railings in the staircase. The two agents don’t say anything. The only sound they hear is the thumps when their feet hits the floor.

Rollins pov

He doesn’t even care what Pierce is going to say when he returns with Rumlow. He just rushes into the training area, to see Pierce standing at the edge of the pool, looking down in the water.

– Where is she???

He hears Rumlow shouting behind him.

Pierce just continues to look down in the water. Rollins follows his gaze….

…. Then he sees you. Lying on the bottom of the pool, a thin red line forming in the water around your lower stomach, from where you cut yourself with the knife.

– She’s in the water!

He yells at Rumlow!

Rumlow pov

– She’s…

That’s the only thing he hears Rollins say, before he spots you. Swan dives into the pool, and quickly makes his way down to you. You’re lifeless. Just like his mom was. He tries to drag you with him up to the surface. But your gearbelt is keeping you both under water.

Please, please don’t leave me YN. Not now! Not like this! He gets his knife out, and cuts your gearbelt off. Then quickly gets you to the surface. Rollins is there, helping him to get you out of the water.

Rumlow isn’t even looking at Pierce. His only focus is on you. He leans down to your face, listening if you’re breathing. Nothing!

– Not breathing!

He yells to Rollins. Rollins quickly gets down on his knees next to you, placing his palms on your chest. Then starts to push.

– 1-2-3-4-5-6….

Rumlow is looking at you, while Rollins gives you CPR. God, i never ask you for much. And I’m probably not the person you care the most for, given what I’ve done. But, just… Please.. Please don’t take her. NOT HER!

– 25-26-27-28-29-30 BLOW!

Rumlow leans down, and blows air into your lunges. Two times. Still nothing. Rollins continues to do CPR! Rumlow looks up at the ceiling.


He yells, as tears starts to form in his eyes.

– 27-28-29-30 BLOW!

Again, two blows into your mouth. Still nothing!

Rollins sits back, look at Rumlow. Shaking his head.

– No! You DO NOT stop now.

Rollins hesitates for a second, lifting his hands. Before placing one of them on Rumlows shoulder.

– She’s gone, Brock! I’m sorry.

Rumlow screams in anger and pain, before leaning his forhead against yours, letting his tears run free. Not bothering with who’s looking, or what they’ll think.

– No. She won’t leave me.

Rumlow again looks up at the ceiling.


He places his hands on your chest, and start to push.

– 1-2-3-4-5…

Pierce puts one of his hands on Rumlows shoulder.

– She’s gone Lt. Let her rest in peace!

Rollins looks up at Pierce.


He yells. The anger, frustration and pain in the room fills the air completely.

– 29-30 BLOW

Rollins leans down, and blows air into your lunges. Two times. Nothing.

Pierce squeeze Rumlows shoulder. Rumlow explodes. Putting Pierce to the ground like he was a piece of paper. Taking a firm grip around his throat.

– Continue, Jack! Don’t stop! Don’t you fucking stop!

Rollins continues. 30 compressions, 2 blows…

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