My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fiftyone

Chapter Fiftyone – We´re Gonna Play

You lie there beside him, just holding each other for a long time. Occasionally he carefully touches your bandaid. You look up at his face.

– Does Pierce know about your phobia for knifes?

He lets his hand rest on your bandaid.

– Does it hurt?

You shake your head. Then you lean into him, resting your forehead on his.

– Does he know?

– No, he doesn’t. And he don’t need to.

You sit up. At first he puts his hand on your back, before he sits up as well.

– What if you end up in a fight someday, where the enemy is a woman? What do you do then?

He looks at you. For a long time. Not saying anything.

– I never thought of that.

You stand up. Collect your clothes, you put on your underwear, and your t shirt. Rumlow sits there, looking at you. Then you go out into the living room. Pick up the knifes, before you go back to the bedroom. You don’t say anything. You just place the knifes on the nightstand. Then you walk over to the closet. Rumlow comes after you, and stops you.

– What are you doing?

– Helping you get rid of your phobia. It’s called exposure therapy. Here, put this on!

You give him some sweatpants. He takes them. Puts them on.

– What are you going to do, YN?

You turn towards him. Place your hands on his hips. Before leaning up to his face, place a kiss on his lips.

– We’re gonna play.

He swallows.

– Play?

– Yes, Brock. Play. If I win, I get to decide everything for the rest of the day.

– And if I win?

– I’ll decide what you’ll do to me!

He swallows again.

– I don’t know if I like where this is going.

You gently grab the necklace around his neck. Slowly dragging his face down to yours, before you whisper in his ear.

– You will….

He takes a deep breath, before he walks over to the nightstand. Pick up his knife. You gently grab his wrist.

– You don’t need that…. Yet..

Rumlow puts the knife back down on the nightstand.

– So…. What’s this game?

You take two steps backwards. Look at him.

– We’re gonna fight.

– I’m not gonna fight you, YN!

You tilt your head. Give him a little smile. He swallows again.

– What if I hurt you again?

– This is the whole point of exposure therapy, Brock! You have to do this things, so you learn that you wont hurt me.

– What if…

You walk up to him again. Put your finger over his lips.

– I trust you, Brock! You won’t hurt me. Do you trust me?

He nods.

– Then let’s do this! Come on!

In one swift move, you pin his right arm behind his back.

– Smart move, sweetheart. But not smart enough.

He grabs you with his left arm, spins you around to the front of him. Your back against him. And he holds you immobile.

– So this is how you want it, huh?

You ask. He leans down, whispers in your ear.

– I kinda like having you in this position, YN!

– Don’t get too comfortable. Jack taught me some trix!

When you say the last word, you do what Rollins taught you that first day. Use your back, and your leverage to throw Rumlow over your shoulder. He lands on his feet knees bent in front of you. He slowly stands up. Turns towards you. Smiles at you, and tilts his head.

– You really think I’d fall for that? That’s the oldest trick in the book!

– Who said I was done?

You get in fighting position, and Rumlow launches towards you. He’s fast, but so are you. Blocking each others attacks one after another.

– Pierce was right. You have excelled!

– Shut up and focus, Brock. You lose focus, I win!

Rumlow grabs your wrist. You quickly take aversive action. One leg over his arm holding yours, before pulling your body backwards dragging him with you. Then you wrap both your legs around his shoulders and his neck. His hand trapped underneath you. He is immobilised.

– What du you think about this?

He smiles at you.

– Good, Agent. Very good. I’m impressed. But you see. Speed isn’t everything. You also need strength.

His free hand takes a hold around your waist, lifting you up. Flipping you around. Placing you on all fours, with your legs on the floor and your upper body pushed down on the bed, pinning your arms on your back. Holding you there for a while, before he leans down, and whisper in your ear.

– I think you lost.

– Is that what you think?

He gently bites your earlobe.

– Try to get out of this, sweetheart!

– That’s not what I ment!

He lets go of you. Turns you around. You lie down on the bed. Look up at him.

– I won. That means I decide what to do to you.

You laugh.

– That’s not what I said, Brock!

He looks like a question mark.

– I said, if you win I get to decide what YOU were going to do to me. You see. I rigged the game. It’s like strip poker. Even if I lose, I win.

He places his hands on his hips. Shakes his head.

– You tricked me!

You slowly shake your head.

– No, Brock. I outsmarted you. There’s a difference.

– Already thinking like an Agent. Good, YN!

You look at him, before you lift your finger, telling him to come down to you. He gets down on the bed, slowly making his way up to your face.

– So.. What do you want me to do to you?

You give him a teasing smile. Before you let your hand glide down his upper body.

– Undress me, Brock!

He leans down, parting his lips, before taking your bottom lip between his. Your wrap your arms around him. Parting your lips, letting your tongue meet his. His hands glide down your side. Grabbing your shirt, before he lifts you up on his lap, dragging your shirt over your head. Marveling your upper body, and your lace laid underwear. He lets his hand glide down your back, ready to get your bra off you.

– Stop!

He stops. Lets his hands fall down to your thighs. Looking at you.

– Are you teasing me, YN?

Again you smile to him. Before you reach for his knife on the nightstand. He follows your movement. His hands twitching on your thights. He knows what’s about to happen.

You present the knife to him. He looks at you for a while, before taking it. With the knife in his hand, he continues to look at you.

– Use that!

You’re surprised that your voice is as confident as it is. You could have taken it too far with this.

– What?

Rumlow looks from the knife and up to your face. You slowly lie down again.

– Take my underwear off, with that!

– YN?

– I trust you, Brock!

He slowly lifts up the knife, look at it. Before he carefully places it underneath one of the straps on your bra. You look at him. Noding your head. Telling him that this is OK.

– Good boy…

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