My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fiftynine

Chapter Fiftynine – I´m Gonna Kill Him!

It gets late before you’re finally discharged from medical. Rumlow never leaves your side. Holding your hand in his. Even when you’re driving home, he holds your hand. Like he wants to feel that you’re really there. Should you talk about what happened? You don’t remember much after you cut yourself. Just the fear, and that grusom thought that you would never be able to tell Brock that you’re pregnant.

You only found out this morning. That’s why you were late for training. You took one home test in one of the bathrooms, before going to medical to make sure. And the home test didn’t lie. They estimated 8 weeks. And you still can’t understand how you could not notice that you didn’t get your period for two months. A baby. You still can’t quite believe it.

Up in the apartment, Rumlow sits you down on the couch. Wraps a blanket around you, and places a kiss on your forehead.

– Do you want anything? Food? Something to drink? Anything!

You look up at him, smiling. He’s kinda cute when he’s this stressed out. But you do get where he’s coming from. You’d probably react the same way, if the tables were turned.

– Can I just lie down on your lap?

You ask. Tilting your head a little. He comes over and sits down on the couch right away. You lie down on your back, resting your head in his lap. Looking up at him. He puts one of his hands on your stomach. Smiling at you. Carefully moving his hand all over your stomach.

– I love you, YN. Both of you. So so much.

You look down on his hand on your stomach, before you look up at him.

– We love you too, Brock.


When it’s time for bed. Rumlow makes sure that you’re comfortably wrapped in blankets, and that your pillow is in the right place. He lets his hand rest on your head. Putting a pillow behind his back, before leaning against the headboard. You look at him.

– You’re not gonna sleep?

– No. Not tonight. I need to make sure that you two are safe.

He leans down kissing you.

– What about work?

You say, suddenly feeling guilty that you’re keeping him up.

– Don’t worry. I won’t go back there, unless it’s for one thing..

His expression suddenly hard.

– And one thing only!

You don’t have to ask. You get that he’s mad at Pierce, in a way you are to. But it could be a perfectly normal explanation to this. Maybe he can’t swim, or maybe he’s scared of water. If he was out to get you, he could have killed you a long time ago, or he could have just fired you after that incident with David. And you’d be long gone by now.

It’s no use to argue with him about this. At least not right now. You’re tired, and he is pumped full of adrenaline. You can talk more about this tomorrow. You feel safe with him watching over you, you fall asleep almost the second you close your eyes.

The sunlight peaking through the bedroom window wakes you up. You look over on Rumlows side of the bed. He’s not there. Did he go into work anyway? You stretch, and sit up. Yawn.

You hear voices from the living room. Brock and Jack…. And Pierce? What? You walk towards the door. No. Pierce isn’t here. But he’s talking. You try to listen. You don’t get everything, but you manage to snatch up some of the things he’s saying. What. The. Fuck!??! You can’t keep still anymore. This is insane. And if Brock knew this, why didn’t he tell you?

You push the door open, it makes a loud bang, when it hits a cabinet. Both Brock and Jack jumps in the couch. Turns towards you. Looks from you to each other, and then back yo you again. Then they look at a recording system of some kind, in front of them. Pierce’s voice still sounding from it. You swallow, looking at Brock. Folding your arms in front of your chest.

– Err.. Guess there’s no use in turning this off?

Jack says. Looking at Brock again. Brock has his eyes locked on you.

– You want to tell me what this is about?

You say, while walking over to the couch.

– Pierce… I recently learned that…

– OK. Someone who can actually talk! Jack! Explaine this!!

Your voice angrier than you intended, but to be honest, what you just heard Pierce say. Scares the living shit out of you.

– Err.. Well.. Dixon gave me this.. Right before… Right before you..

Jack let’s the sentence die out.

Furious, you take a seat between them, and once again press play on the recorder. Several voices. You know only two of them. Dixon and Pierce. By the sound of it, someone hid the recording device in a pocket or something. Pierce does most of the talking. Only a few times you can hear Dixon and those other voices answering. Not much else. But it’s not the voices that scares you. It’s what Pierce is saying.

Rumlow can feel that you tense up, so he puts an arm around you. When the recording stops for the second time, you lean your head against Rumlows shoulder.

– We’ll get him, YN! We’ll get him for this. I’ll fucking kill him myself!

Jack clears his throat.

– We have to make sure it’s real first. It could be a set up.

– It’s fucking real….

You grab Rumlows face. Kiss him quick. You heard on his voice where this was about to end up. And you do not want to go there.

– Jack is right, Brock.

You kiss him again

– It could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.

Rumlow looks at you. You can see that he is mad, but at the same time, you can see that it’s not you that he’s mad at.

– Reasonable? You heard what he said, YN. What the fuck is reasonable with that?

– He could maybe try to set those other guys up..

You try.

– Pierce has absolutely NO reason for sending lower level Agents into a trap. Except for Dixon it was only new guys. You’ve trained longer than them, YN!

You take a deep breath. Look from Rumlow to Rollins, before looking back to Rumlow again.

– So..What’s the plan?

Rumlow gets up. Walks over to his gun cabinet, and gets his bag out, placing it on the floor in front of you.

– I’m gonna kill him!

You reach down in the bag, pick up a Glock. Checking the magazine, pushing it back in, before pointing the gun at the wall.

– You’ll need help.

You say, while getting up. Rumlow grabs your shoulders. Stops you.

– Hey.. Whoa.. There is NO WAY, you’re gonna come with. I said I’d protect you, and that’s what I’m gonna do.

– Right?

You say, nodding your head.

– Because I’m a woman. You of all people should know what I’m capable of. Both of you. You trained me for fucks sake.

Rumlow plants a kiss on your forehead.

– Because you’re pregnant, YN!

– Yes, I’m fucking pregnant. And do you know what the last thought that went through my head was, when I was in that water??!!??

You’re almost screaming to Rumlow. But you can’t help it. You want to help out with this. With what you just found out about Pierce, makes you furious.

Rumlow just looks at you. Shaking his head.

– That I’d never get the opportunity to tell you that I was pregnant! He tried to kill me, Brock! He tried to kill my baby! OUR BABY!!

Rumlow looks at you for a while. Before he leans his forehead against yours.

– OK! Alright. You’re in! But, please don’t do anything irrational.

He wraps his arms around you, pulls you close.

– Like you won’t…

You almost whisper into his neck.

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