My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fiftyfour

Chapter Fiftyfour – Anything You Want, Brock!

For the next week, you train with knifes. Rumlow teaches you just about everything he knows. And you excel this time too. Maybe you have a neck for this fighting thing. Even Pierce is impressed with how fast you learn things. But it takes it’s toll. Friday you’re exhausted. As soon as you enter the apartment with Rumlow, you fall down on the couch.

– YN? Is everything OK?

Rumlow is cute when he’s concerned. And he has been quite a few times this week. Not only because of the knifes. He keeps asking if you’re fine, like ten times a day.

– Yes, Brock. I’m just tired. This week has been… Packed. I need a weekend in bed.. care to join me?

He smiles at you.

– Now that’s a deal I want in on! Look, I’ll draw you a bath. Then you can relax in there while I make dinner. Sounds good?

You yawn and stretch.

– Sounds perfect! Just make sure I don’t fall asleep in there..

– Want me to join you?

He asks while extending a hand to you. You smile, and take his hand.

– Did you even have to ask?

You stand up. Still holding his hand.

– Come her!

He says, before he grabs your behind, lifting you up. You love it when he does this. Again you wrap your legs around his waist.

– What do you want me to do to you in there?

He whispers into your neck.

– Ahhaa.. Anything you want, Brock!

You can feel his smile against your skin.

– Really? Anything?

He gently bites your shoulder.

– Yes, Brock! I’m yours…

He carries you into the bathroom. Puts you down on the floor, and turn on the water. Then he turns back to you. Looks at you for some time.

– On your knees!

Oh, dominant Brock. You love him. How he commands you around the dirty talk, that alone makes you wet as fuck. How he pins your arms against the wall or behind your back. And how he grabs your hair. None of it hurts. He knows what he’s doing. And you know all to well what to do, to make him do all the things you love.

– And why is that Mr. Rumlow?

He tilts his head a little. Before he pushes you up against the wall. Pinning your arms over your head. Just like you love, just like he knows you love. You smile at him.

– If you keep playing this game Miss. YLN, I might have to punish you a little bit.

You send him a teasing smile.

– You should. Mr. Rumlow. I’ve been a bad girl… I deserve punishment.

– Really?

– Mmmm..

He leans in closer, his lips almost brushing over yours. You move to meet them. But he moves away.

– Ah ah… Bad Girl.. I want your lips on other parts of me..

He lets go of your arms, and start to undress. You do the same. Clothes falling to the floor. Before he again commands you to get to your knees. This time you oblige. He gently takes a hold of your hair, guiding your face to where he wants it. You put your hands on his hips. Look up at him, looking down at you.

– Now open that sweet little mouth of yours…

He don’t have to ask twice. You love to do this. To see his eyes, as you swallow him down. To feel his legs shaking under him when he’s close to coming. To feel his hands in your hair, to hear his moans. Fuck. So hot.

– Yes! Aaaaaa.. Fuck.. Like that. You sweet little thing..

You carefully drag your head back, let your tongue swirl around his tip. The slightly salty taste of his precum hits your tongue. Fuck, you want more. Something wet hits your knees. You move your eyes over to the bathtub. Water pouring over the edges of it.

– Ehh.. Brock?

He looks at the tub. Lets go of your hair.

– Fuck!

He quickly turns the water off. Before he casually enters the tub. Sits down. More water pouring over the edges. He gestures for you to join him.

– Err.. Shouldn’t we clean up?

– Nah.. It’s already soaking wet. Just like you I think. And right now all I want is you.

The way he says it makes your belly clench. Fuck, how you want him. You enter the tub. Start to sit down.

– Stop!

He commands. Before seizing your behind, and burying his face between your legs. Shit! Fuck! Your legs are about to give in under you.

– Fuck! Brock..

– Mr. Rumlow!

He murmurs into your wet flesh, before he lets his tongue glide over you. You grab his hair. Your legs shaking. Fuck!

– I… I.. Mr… fuck!

A long slow lick, before he looks up at you.

– Sit down on me!

You take a deep breath, before you slowly strattle him. More water pouring over the edges of the tub. He doesn’t seem to mind that his bathroom is about to be water damaged. He is there, rock hard, waiting to enter you.

He grabs you the second you start to sit down on him. Plunging upwards. Pulling you close. It feels incredible. The two of you moving, breathing, moaning together like you were one. His lips on your skin, savouring the taste of you.

He grabs your shoulders from behind, pushing you on to him. The way he hits all your nerves, all the right spots.

– Aaaaa.. Fuck, Brock!

He’s holding you tight. Wiggles himself.

– Aaaaaa My God!!

– You like that, princess?

He whispers in your ear.

– Yes! Fuck, Brock…

He pulls himself out.

– Brock, please…

You beg.

– Come here, princess. Let’s continue this another place!

He gets out of the tub. Takes your hand, and you follow him into the bedroom. You’re both still soaking wet from the tub.

– Get on the bed!

He commands. Voice soft, but still a command. You know him that well. You lie down on the bed. Look up at him with anticipation.

– Please, touch me Brock!

– Shhh.. Princess! You said I could punish you, right?

You swallow. He has a plan.

– Yes!

– Good!

He walks over to his cabinet of toys. Back against you. He takes out a couple of things. Small things as it look. You can’t quite see what it is. And even if you did. You’re not that familiar with toys such as his.

He turns around and walks over to you. A small chain, and something else. But you have no idea what it is.

– You know what this is?

He asks. You shake your head. He continues to secure each end of the chain to the two small things.

– These are nipple clamps…. one will go there…

He carefully bites your right nipple.

– And the other one will go here..

He leans down and carefully bites the other one.

– And this….

He presents the chain to you.

– This will go here…

He puts the chain in your mouth. Before he proceeds to put the clamps on your nipples. It’s not that tight. But it’s tight enough, and if you arch your back or pull your head back. You’ll yank them. And that’ll hurt.

When he’s done he just sits on top of you. Looking at your peaking nipples and the chain in your mouth.

– And of course there is these…

He lifts up his handcuffs. Leans over you, and secure your arms to the bedpost. You’re immobilised….

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