My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fiftyfive

Chapter Fiftyfive – Good Girl!

Rumlow lets his hands glide down your body.

– Mmmm..

You moan, your lips firmly shut, keeping the chain in your mouth. He looks at you, smiling.

– Good girl, keep it there..

Oh God! He gently pushes your legs apart. Sliding his hands up your inner thighs. Fuck! He leans down and plants a kiss on your lower stomach, before he lets his hand glide over you.

– Fuck!

You say, through gritted teeth.

– Later, princess!

He says, before gliding his tongue over you. You grab the headboard. Keeping your eyes on him. Fuck, how you want to touch him. He gently bites your inner thigh.

– Brock!

You’re already now struggling to keep the chain in place. And you have a feeling that he will drag this out.

– Shhh… Sweetheart! I’m gonna make you feel really good. Just stay still and take it!

You still keep your eyes on him. Desperately trying to stay as still as possible.

One of his fingers enters you, quickly followed by another. You suck in a breath. Rumlow lets out a little laugh, before he again lets his tongue glide over your clit.

– Mmmmm..

You moan again, dragging your head back, yanking the chain, you feel it. Shit! It hurts, but laced with the pain, is an excitement. A thrill. You moan again.

– Yes, Princess. Feel it!

He says, before closing his lips over you, pumping his fingers inside.

– Aaaaa.. My GOD!

It’s impossible to not open your mouth. The chain falls down. Rumlow looks up at you. Tilts his head a little, before smiling.

– Want me to take them off?

You shake your head. He makes his way up to your face. Kisses you. His lips tastes like you.

– Are you sure?

He asks. Before he kisses you again.

– Fuck me, Brock! Please!

You beg. Desperate to feel him inside. To feel his body pressed against yours, to taste him, smell him, feel him. He carefully removes the clamps, before letting his tongue glide over your nipples. They’ve never been this sensitive before. Fuck, how you want him.

– You want me inside?

He asks, before taking one of your nipples back in his mouth. You arch your back. Your arms still handcuffed over your head, you yank them. Rumlow looks up at you.

– Well, do you?

– Yes. Brock! Please.

He sits up. Looking at you for a while. Before he moves up to your face. You look at his cock. Already rock hard. When you think about it, this is usually how it looks.

– Now open that pretty little mouth of yours…

You open your mouth, desperate to taste him. His hands gently glides into your hair. Holding your head in place. You close your eyes. Savouring the taste of him, the feeling of him holding you immobile. You love this.

– Ah ah ah.. Eyes on me. Keep them on me.

– Mmmmahha..

You try to talk. But with his cock deep down your throat, it’s impossible to make understandable sounds. He pulls back. Just enough.

– Yes?

– I want you, Brock!

His lips goes up into a half smile.

– I can see that! It’s all yours. Take it!

He pushes himself back in. Your warm, soft, wet lips pressing around him, as tight as you can. He grunts.

– Yes! That’s it. You beautiful girl. Keep going! Aaaa. Fuck!

You love it when he reacts this way to the things you do. To look into his eyes, and really see how good you make him feel. You absolutely LOVE it. You could do this forever. He knows that.

– Fucking beautiful!

He grunts. Looking down on you. Carefully pushing himself down your throat.

– Do you know how fucking sexy you are, when you’re doing that?

He reaches for the handcuffs, opening them. Your hands instantly move up to his chest, touching him. Carefully up and down his chest, as he continues to slowly glide in and out of your mouth.

– To feel your hands on me. Your lips around me. I could do this forever!

He moves down on you again. Plants kisses all the way down your stomach.

– Brock…

You say while sucking in a breath, and reach for his hair. He quickly wraps his arms under both your thighs, grabbing your arms, and holds you in place. Lets his tongue glide slowly over you, before he looks up at you.

– Not tonight, YN! Tonight I work alone, without assistance!

You let your head fall back on the pillow. You’re not able to move your lower body, due to his grip.

– I have only one rule tonight….

Fuck! It feels like he’s expecting an answer. But you can’t say anything.

– You’re not allowed to touch me, unless I say so.

– Mmmm..

You say. Right now you can’t touch him, even if you want to. But feeling his breath on you, and his skin against yours, fuck how you want to. He lets his tongue glide over you once again.

– Fuck, Brock!

You gasp. He lets go of one of your arms.

– Keep it there!

He commands, as he slips a finger inside of you, and immediately joins in with another. You clenche the sheet. His lips closing over you again. You arch your back, the little you can move, with the way he’s holding you. A sound escapes him.

– I want you inside me, Brock!

You beg. He lifts his head. Before he slowly makes his way up to your face. Kisses you again. Before he let’s his fingers glide over your lips. You part them, without him telling you to. Swirl your tongue around them.

– Good girl…

He says, with ragged breath, before he enters you. Grabbing your shoulders. You lift your legs, and wrap them around him. Still not moving your arms. Just grabbing the sheets until your knuckles whitens.

– You can move your arms now, princess!

He says, while sitting up. Still inside you. He drags you up in his lap. Looking down on him, gliding in and out of you. You move your hands up to his thighs.

– Ah ah ah..

He says shaking his head. Before taking a hold of one of your arms. Leaning down, putting two of your fingers in his mouth. Before placing your hand down on you.

– Not me…. Touch yourself.. I want to watch you…

You’re still not used to him doing this. But you’re not blushing anymore. And this feels so good, you’ll do almost anything for you to come together. To moan and breath with each other. You slowly start to move your fingers over yourself. You can feel his hands grabbing your hips. But you keep your eyes on him. How his face reacts to what you’re doing. How you love to feel his eyes on you.

He ups the pace, you do the same.

– Fuck! Faster!

He grunts, and ups the pace even more. Squeezing your hips.

– B…. Fuck!! Aaaaaaaa.. My GOD!

You almost can’t make understandable sounds. The orgasm overtakes you. His moans mixed with yours, his hold of your hips, and the feeling of him inside you. It just gets better and better. It’s amazing.

He lies on top of you for a while. Whispering sweet nothings in your ear. You close your eyes and just take in the feeling you have when you’re with him. Everything is just perfect. You finally found your home, your safe place. This is where you want to be. With him, only him, forever.

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