My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fiftyeight

Chapter Fiftyeight – You Should Listen To This!

Rumlow still holds Pierce down on the floor. Pierce looks at him, angry.

– Lt. This is unacceptable behaviour!

Rumlow doesn’t answer. Instead he turns towards Rollins. Looking at him, giving you another set of compressions, before once again blowing air into your lunges. Was that a movement?

Rollins places his palms on your chest again.

– 1-2-3-4-5…

You calf up water. Rollins quickly gets you in recovery position. Water keeps gushing out of your mouth.

Rumlow lets go of Pierce, lies down next to you. Leaning his head into the back of yours. Placing a hand on your stomach, feeling your breathing. Looking up.

– Thank you! Thank you, God!

Rollins looks at Rumlow, holding you. He’s never seen his friend like this before. So vonurable, soft. No question he’s in love with you. When he looks back up again. Pierce is gone.

– Hey! Where did Pierce go?

Rumlow looks up at Rollins.

– We’ll deal with him later. Let’s get, YN to medical.

You pass out again. Rumlow lifts you up, and carries you to medical.


They start to work on you right away. Rushing you away from Rumlow and Rollins. It’s like all the air suddenly goes out of Rumlow. He collapses on the floor. Burying his face in his hands. Rollins kneels down next to him. Placing a hand on his shoulder.

– She’ll be OK, Brock! You saved her!

Brock looks up at Rollins.

– How did you know?

Rollins takes the tape he got from Dixon out of his pocket. Gives it to Rumlow.

– You should listen to this. I don’t know if it’s autentic. But if it is…

Rumlow looks at the tape. Then he gets up, and walks towards the security room. Rollins follows.

Rumlow yanks the door to the security room open. The guards jumps. Looking at Rumlow and Rollins.

– Get the fuck out!

Rumlow commands. The guards quickly gets up, and leaves the room.

Rumlow sits down, Rollins does the same. Putting the recording in. Presses play. Placing headsets on their heads.

Pierces voice. Rumlow looks at Rollins. Shocked. They keep on listening, and Rumlows face goes from shock to pure anger, hatered. When the tape is done. He yanks his headset off, throwing it into the wall.

– I’ll kill him! I’ll FUCKING kill him!!

Rollins gets up as well.

– And if this is real. I’ll help you. We just have to make sure first.

– You heard what he said, Rollins! This is fucking real. I’ll kill him, you hear me!!??

– Let’s take care of YN first. She is the most important one now. Then we can talk about this. Plan this!

Rumlow goes back into the hall. Just for him to see them wheel your hospital bed into another room. He follows. Grabbing one of the nurses arms. She turns around.

– Please. Tell me if she’ll be allright. Is there something wrong?

The nurse smiles at him.

– Lt. Rumlow. YN is fine. We just have to run some additional tests to make sure that your baby is fine!

Rumlow lets go of the nurses arm.

– Our what?

The nurse flinches a little. Before looking at Rumlow again.

– Your baby! YN is 8 weeks pregnant. You didn’t know?

Rumlow takes a step back.

– I… She didn’t tell me. Can I see her?

The nurse smiles again.

– I’ll let you know the second we’re done. Just sit here and wait. I’ll be right with you.

Rumlow sits down in one of the chairs by the wall. Rollins sits down next to him.

– Is she allright?

– Yeah.. She’s fine.. I can’t believe she didn’t tell me…

– Tell you what?

Rumlow looks up at Rollins.

– She’s pregnant… I don’t even…

Rollins places his hand on Rumlows back.

– That’s fantastic!

Rumlow looks at him again.. Rollins stops..

– Isn’t it?

Rumlow shurgs.

– I don’t know a single thing about parenting. What if I screw up?

– You won’t. You love her, and you love that baby. You two… three will be fine.

Dixon shows up, with a new set of dry clothes for Rumlow. He takes them, and go to change. Dixon sits down next to Rollins.

– How’s he holding up?

– We got her back. Pierce is gone. Do you know where he went?

Dixon shakes his head. Looks down. Rollins clears his throat.

– Did he say anything to you? You’re part of the team, right?

Dixon looks up.

– I know you guys look down on me from time to time. Me being unable to keep a secret. Big mouthing everything.

– Why did you give me that recording?

Rollins is careful. Dixon could be in on this. Fishing for information.

– Listen Lt. You know I’m loyal. I’d never betray SHIELD. But I like YN. She is nice. And this thing. Giving you that recording.. That’s not betraying SHIELD. That is saving SHIELD.

Rumlow comes back. Stands in front of Dixon, extending his hand. Dixon gets up. Shakes Rumlows hand.

– Thanks, Agent! It’s highly appreciated! Stay on the inside, we might need it!

– Will do Lt. You can trust me!

– We sure hope so. Contact me on a secure line when you know more.

With a sharp nod, Dixon leaves. Rumlow sits back down.

– We’re putting him in extreme danger, Rollins.

– I know. But he gave me that recording. He knows what he’s giving up. He knows the risks!

Rumlow looks at Rollins again.

– Just make sure his family is safe. Put some of our military friends on that. We don’t know how far in this goes. We can’t trust anyone.

Rollins gets up.

– Right on it Lt. Let me know when you’re safe back home!

Rollins gives Rumlow a sharp nod, before he turns on his heels, walking away. Rumlow puts his face in his hands. Elbows on his knees. Takes a deep breath. He’ll kill Pierce. No matter the cost, no matter what it takes. He’ll kill him!

She’s pregnant. He’s gonna be a dad. She is going to give birth to his baby. Mixed with the guilt, pain, anger and that ice cold scare is a happiness he’s never felt before. Filling his entire body, all the way out to his fingertips. She’s pregnant. A baby. His baby. Is it safe to continue to be with SHIELD if he’s going to be a dad? Putting himself in harms way, when he has a baby and YN at home? What else other than SHIELD does he know?

– Lt. Rumlow. She’s ready now. You can see her!

Rumlow looks up. That sweet nurse from before stands before him. He gets up. Dragging his hands over his pants. Is this how a father dresses? He knows nothing about parenting. Nothing about babies.

He follows the nurse down the hall, and she opens the door for him. Rumlow takes a deep breath before he enters. Looking at you, sitting in the bed. You never looked this beautiful. Carrying his child. And at that moment, when he’s looking into your eyes. He knows that you, you two together, you’ll make this work. Whatever it takes, whatever the sacrifice. No matter what. For the rest of his life, he’ll take care of you and that baby. Caring for you, protect you, love you.

After he kills, Pierce!

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