My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen – What Do You Want Me To Do?

He slowly removes your underwear. Then he lets his face linger between your legs. Not touching you at all. Just breathing into your wet flesh. You desperately buck your hips up against him. He pushes you down.

– If you want me to please you, you do as I fucking say!

He continues to breath into your pussy or blow, you’re not really sure anymore. Fuck.

– What do you want me to to?

– God, Brock… Please!

He plants a kiss on your lower stomach.

– Tell me what you want me to do!

– Please!

He makes his way up to your face. Leans down and softly bite your ear.

– Want me to taste you? To feel my tongue on your beautiful wet flesh? My fingers inside? Want me to fuck you?

– Yes!

His lips finds yours. His hand brushes over your hair.

– Yes to what? Tell me. I want to hear you say it!

– Taste me, Brock! Please!

You don’t have to ask twice. He moves down on you. Pushes your legs apart. Gives you a slow teasing lick, before he slips two fingers inside you and closes his lips over your clit, sucking on it.

– Ahhh.. Fuck! Brock!

No response, he works you hard. His other arm holds you in place. Your fingernails scraping the floor.

– P…Please. Brock! C…Can I….

He stops. His fingers still inside you. But no movement. He looks up at you.

– What?

You try to move your hips. But he holds you in place.

– Please, make me come!

– And how did we ask again?

– God, stop. Please. Just make me come!

He removes his fingers, and moves his hand up to your face.

– Ask properly.

He puts his fingers in your mouth.

– There you go, suck it off. Taste, savour. Savour what I Taste, every time my tongue is inside you.

You move your hand down to touch yourself. But he roughly removes it.

– No! That’s my job! I decide! Remember!

– Please, Brock! Please make me come!

He moves down on you again. Lets his tongue tease your entrance, before he easily slips his fingers back inside. He starts to work right away. Finds that spot, and mercilessly pumps you, and at the same time he lets his tongue circle around your clit.

– Goooohhd! Please, Brock! Please let me come!

– Not yet! Soon!

Your whole body tenses. You’re wildly bucking your hips. He uses his free arm to hold you in place.

– Please, Brock! Can I please come!

– Yes! Do it! Come on! Come for me!

You desperately try to grab a hold of something, but there is nothing to grab a hold of in the back of the car. You are so inside your own head that you don’t even realise that Rumlow is on top of you before he enters you, and buries himself inside your core again and again. He has already pinned your arms above your head. It’s like your orgasm is never going to end.

– That’s it! Keep coming! Feels good doesn’t it? Look at me. Let me see how much I’m pleasuring you!

You don’t understand how you manage to do it. But you look into his eyes. The rest of the world dissapeares. You don’t know where you are anymore.

– Fuck! You’re so tight. And I can feel your walls gripping around me when you’re coming.

You don’t know what is happening around you anymore. You’ve never had an orgasm like this before. It just goes on and on.

– I’m coming. I’m fucking gonna fill you up!

A couple of rough deep thrusts, and he stops. You can’t even move. It almost hurts. He stays on top of you. Caressing your hair. Plants a couple og soft kisses on your lips.

– You are fucking perfect!

You can’t talk. Your whole body is numb. He gets up, and zips himself up. Checks on his gear, that it’s all in place. Then he offers a hand, and gets you up on your feet. Your legs are still shaking, so he holds you close for a while.

You exit the SUV, and you check your clothes. You take some time to make sure everything looks good. Then you get back into the front seat. This time, Rumlow drives. You look at yourself in the mirror. Shit. You look like hell. Your hair is a big mess, and your make up is all over your face. You get your emergency make up kit up from your purse. And fix your face, before you get to the SHIELD building.

You and Rumlow part ways, no use to let everyone know about you two yet. You enter the elevator, and reach inside your purse to get your keycard. But you can’t find it. You search every single place, but it’s not there. The elevator won’t move without it. Fuck. This is just perfect, second day at work, and you’re already making a fool out of yourself. You curse at yourself. You could swear you put the keycard in your purse before you left this morning. You can’t reach your floor without that. Not even by the stairs, you’ll still need that card.

You exit the elevator, and collide with Thomas.

– Hi, YN! What’s the problem? Something wrong with the elevator?

You look down. Shit, fuck.

– Ehhe.. I can’t find my keycard… I probably left it at home. And, well. I can’t get the elevator to move without it.

– No problem I’ve got mine. I won’t tell. Stay with me today, and no one will know. And you can find your card when you get home.

You enter the elevator with him. You could try to talk to Brock later, and tell him. He would understand. He knew what happened in your appartment last night. He would probably just give you a new one.

– Thank you, Thomas. You’re a lifesaver.

– Don’t mention it! We have to stick together, right?

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