My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven – Mine! Say It!

His words makes you ache for another orgasm. *what is this stuff?* You finally manage to lift your hands up. Let your fingers slide over a few of his toys. He is organised. Everything has its own place. But you still don’t have a clue what to pick, or what this stuff is used for.

– Too hard for you? Want me to help out?

– I… I don’t know what half of this is?

He lets go of your hair, and reach for an item.

– Well.. THIS is called a blindfold. And it will work perfectly for what I have planned for you!

It’s like he’s taking things slow. Finding out how far he can go. Your guess is that he has been in relationships, where he used much more than a blindfold. He carefully places the blindfold on you. Then he once again carefully places you on his bed. Secure your arms to the bed, with his handcuffs, and then he kisses you passionately.

You can hear that he gets up from the bed. And you can feel his eyes on you.

– Beautiful. And mine…. all…mine…

You can hear something, and you think it’s him removing his clothes. At least, that’s what it sounds like.

He gets on top of you. *Yes, he did remove his clothes*. Kisses your neck. Then he moves up to your earlobe. The electric feeling spreads throughout your body. You open and close your fists. That’s about the only movement you can do with your arms at this point.

– Wait here!

Wait here? It’s not like you have any other choice. He leaves the bedroom, you can hear him finding something in the kitchen. But you can’t make out what. You turn your head in the direction the sounds are coming from, but of course you cant see a thing. Then his footsteps comes back towards you.

He slowly brushes his hands from your toes and up your legs. Then he seductively pushes your legs apart.

– Perfect…

He uses his legs to hold yours apart. Then he reaches for something. Your guess is that it’s whatever he brought with him from the kitchen. He is so quiet you can’t make out what he is doing, but it kinda sounds like he takes something between his teeth. He leans down, and places a hand on each of your thighs, holding them apart. You hold your breath, waiting for what he’s about to do.

Something ice cold touches your clit. You gasp. *Fuck, ice cubes, he got fucking ice cubes* With the ice cube between his teeth, he drags it up and down. It’s freezing cold, but mixed with his warm breath it’s unlike anything, anyone has ever done to you before.

– Shit. Br… B… Brock….

He laughs. With the ice cube still between his teeth, he trails it up your stomach, and up to your neck. You yank the handcuffs. He sits up. Placing the ice cube on your stomach.

– Oh, no no, baby girl.. I’m in charge now. You just lie there and take what I’m giving you..

Once again he takes the ice cube between his teeth, and moves down between your legs. He puts one finger inside you, and quickly joins in with another. Slowly massaging that spot. And at the same time, he drags the ice cube back and forth. The mixture of hot and cold is indescribable. You yank the handcuffs again. He removes his fingers, and sits up. Puts the ice cube away.

– Stay still!

– O…Ok.. I’m sorry..

A little laugh. Before his warm tongue hits your clit. After the cold from the ice cube the warm feeling makes your back arch.

– Fuck!!

– Maybe later… Right now… I decide.. How it’ll be… And… When you come!

His fingers again, rougher this time. You can’t hold back your moans anymore. His tongue teasing you.

– I… B..Brock.. I.. Need.. to….

He stops. His fingers still inside you. But he’s not moving. You buck your hips. He slowly removes them. And takes a firm grip on your hips.

– Stay. Still!

He gets on top of you, and whispers in your ear. The things he does, and the fact that you can’t see a thing, makes all the other feelings so much more intense.

– You want to come?

– Yes. God, yes!

He puts his whole body weight on you, and you can feel that he is more than ready. He breathes heavily in your ear.

– Then beg for it!

– God… Please…

He moves down on you. Takes a nipple between his teeth.

– Please, what?

– I.. I want… to come.. Please…

His hand moves down between your legs again. You buck your hips, following his movement. He spanks you. Not hard, but you’re caught off guard.

– What did I just tell you?

– T…To.. Stay still…

– Good girl… Relax..

He gently lets his hand brush over where he spanked you.

– I don’t want to punish you. But I will, if you do not follow orders.

– Please… Make me come..

– You think you deserve that?

You don’t know what to answer. You focus soly on not to move. His fingers teases your enterance, and your whole body aches to have him inside you.

– Please.. Brock… I need to come..

– Do. You. Deserve. That?

– Please….

His fingers enters you again. He starts to work right away, no warning. Mercilessly massaging that spot. You can hear his breathing. His other hand presses down on your lower stomach. Your moans tells him you’re close..

– Not yet! Hold it!

– Please… I…. Goood…

He yanks his fingers out, and before you can even think he enters you. Taking a firm grip of your shoulders, to ground you. As he plunges into you, over and over.

– Mine… Say it!

– I… Fuck… I’m yours! Please… I…

– Yes! Come around me.. Do it!

You clenche your first around the bead post. As the orgasm overpowers you.

– I can feel your walls pulsating around me… More!

He keeps burying himself inside you. hitting every single nerve. Every single sensitive spot.

– Come for me again! Come on!

The series of pulsating pleasure rushing trough you makes you scream. All the sounds around you dissapeares. You can barely remember where you are. You almost don’t realise that he finishes.

He lies down beside you, covers you both with a blanket, and pulls you close. You nuzzle your face into his neck. He smells so fucking good, and safe. He let’s his fingers trail down your spine.

– You, YN! You are perfectly beautiful….

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