My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen – That Girl You Like So Much!

You jump. Fuck, shit. What do you do now? Rumlow gets you up on your feet, and gestures for you to get under his desk. The desk is massive, and easy to hide under. But you feel stupid. Hide under the fucking desk? Why can’t he just say that he had a chat with you? You do work here after all.

Another knock, harder this time.

– Rumlow, are you in there?

A deep, manly voice. Probably one of the other agents. You reluctantly get under the desk. Rumlow sits down in his chair. Not bothering to put his dick back in his pants. He just slides the chair as close to the desk as possible. Oh, so that’s why he wanted you under his desk. He clears his throat.

– Yeah, Rollins. Come on in!

You can hear the door opening and closing. And then footsteps. Yep, definitely another agent. You can hear it on the firm determent footsteps they all have.

– What do you want, Rollins? I’m really busy right now!

You look at his dick. And you wonder how long it will stand up like this. Is he turned on by you sitting under his desk. Him knowing that you study it. Standing proud, a little to the right. Fuck, that Rollins guy. God, how you want to taste him.

– We’re missing the paperwork for last week. Pierce is giving me a hard time and fucking Adwell won’t listen!

– Get Pierce to go to him directly…

You can’t hold the urge to taste him back anymore. You give him a slow lick from base to tip. He clears his throat again.

– …. He will fucking listen then.

Rumlow puts his right hand on his thigh. Points his index finger at you, and moves it back and forth. Telling you to stop. You smile. He wanted you under this fucking desk. What did he think you were going to do?

– It’s not my fucking job to tell Pierce to talk to your subordinates!

Again you let your tongue slide over him, before you close your lips over his tip, swirling your tongue around.

– Aaaa.. Fuck

You hear him say. And you can’t help but smile. Let’s hope Rollins stays for a while, so you can have some more fun. Now you are in total control for a change. As long as you keep it hard as a rock, he won’t get it back in his pants either. The thought makes you smile.

– What the fuck is wrong with you these days Rumlow? Adwell should be fired. He can’t do his job, and you fucking know that.

– Fuck, Rollins. I have a splitting fucking headache. I can’t deal with stupid fucking Adwell today.

You almost let out a laugh. He is so desperate to have Rollins leave his office. Then you once again close your lips around him, but this time, you go as far down as you manage. Rumlow leans back in his chair. Puts his hands on his head.

– Aaaa.. FUCK!

– Wish I had headaches like yours. Sounds like you’re getting one hell of a fucking blow job!

– Get the fuck out of my office, Rollins. Go and do something useful. Go and fire Adwell if you fucking want to.

You can hear Rollins walk towards the door. And him opening it. But then he stops.

– Hey, Rumlow. Beers tonight? The usual place?

Rumlow doesn’t answer. You give him another slow lick from base to tip.

– You can maybe bring that cute new girl that you like so much.. Dixon said you had an elevator ride with her the other day.

You stop! Is he talking about you? He likes you? How many other girls does he take elevator rides with?

– I was taking her down to the garage. She needed a car. She is SHIELD after all.

Ok, so he is talking about you. What? Do you like him? This is getting weird.

– Pfft.. Showing her a car.. Dixon said…

Rumlow shifts in the chair. You close your fist around him, and start to carefully stroke up and down.

– Fucking Dixon couldn’t keep his mouth shut if you fucking duck taped it!

Rollins walks halfway out of the office. Then he turns around.

– Fucking headache my ass!

– I’ll whack my headache up your fucking ass, if you don’t leave my fucking office!

You can almost hear people stopping out in the hall. Then Rollins slams the door shut.

Rumlow pushes his chair away from the desk, and looks down on you. You desperately hold in your laugh.

– So you wanted it that bad, huh?

You can’t hold it in anymore, you laugh until you cry, and both your stomach and your chin hurts.

– You think that this was funny?

He looks at you. Not angry, but definitely dominant. He is going to take back the control you had.

– You think that was funny?

– It was you who put me under there with your dick up in my face.

He once again takes a hold of your hair. Not hard, but hard enough for you to understand that you lost the control you had, when you were under the desk.

– Suck it, then.

– But.. The door?

He looks at you, and smiles. It looks like he is holding in a laugh.

– It could be a little bit hard to suck the door. But, hey. I’m not going to stop you if you want to give it a try.

Then he breaks out in laughter. And you laugh with him. You’ve never seen him laugh before. He is usually his hard self. Very little emotion shows in his face. So this is a welcomed change in him..

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