My Saviour (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight – I Want To Protect You

Your workplace? You don’t understand. You know where that is. You look at him. And he sees that you are confused.

– Oh, yeah. I changed it. You’ll be working on this floor.

– What? But I’m not qualified for that? I don’t want any special treatment..

– Oh, really? Because you seem to enjoy every second of it….

He tilts your face, and places a kiss on your lips.

– Or am I wrong?

– What am I supposed to do, Brock? I’m not an agent. Look at what I’m wearing…

– You’re supposed to monitor chatter, and rapport back to me if anything seems off!

– Why did you do this?

He wraps his arms around you, pulls you close. You close your eyes, and take in his scent.

– I want to keep an eye on you. Protect you. And you are way too beautiful to work down in that shithole. Now follow me!

You follow him, out of his office, he opens a door two doors down from his. And you enter a big room, filled with workstations, and a lot of people. The first thing you notice when you enter, is how quiet the room gets. It’s like everyone almost stopped breathing when he entered. You keep following him all the way down to the end of a row of workstations. He pulls the chair out for you. You can almost feel all your Co-workers looking at you. Fuck. Why did he do this? You have the best workstation of them all, next to a big window, and a stunning view.

You sit down, and as you do you look at him. You try to look angry, but his eyes melts you. But you manage to give him a little frown. He pushes your chair closer to your desk. Leans down and whispers to you.

– That’s it. Keep being a brat…. I can’t wait to fuck you later….

His words sends shivers down your spine. He gives you a sharp nod, then he turns and leave. With firm steps. You look after him. When the door shuts behind him, the office floor awakens again. You put on your headset, and try to understand what you are supposed to do.

– Psst…

You jump up, you were so wrapped up in what you were doing, that you didn’t notice the guy sitting next to you. You remove your headset. And turn your head.

– Hi..

– You’re the new girl..

You roll your eyes. *Way to se the obvious!*

– It shows, huh?

– Not really. You must be good. When Mr.Rumlow treats you like that..

It’s strange to hear someone call him Mr.Rumlow. Especially after…. Well.. Everything.. The guy looks at the time.

– Hey, what do you know. It’s lunch time. Sit with me?

– Sure, why not. You lead the way. I don’t know where the break room is.

You walk with him, and sit with him and talk trough lunch. You learn that his name is Thomas, and that he is quite new at SHIELD as well.


After additional four hours of work. Your workday comes to an end. You collect your stuff, and walk out in the hall. You made sure you were the last one to leave. You really don’t want your Co-Workers to get the wrong idea about you. And you are under-qualified for this job. You only got it because of him.

You make your way to the elevator. Push the button on the wall, and wait for it to arrive.

– You’re working late too.

You whirl around..

– Oh, Thomas.. *Man this guy knows how to sneak up on me*

– Yeah.. I had a few things I needed to get in order before I left.

– Good. I like to work with the best.

– Oh, I don’t know if I am the best….

Then you hear a husky voice behind you.

– Yes, you are!

Thomas is the first one to turn around.

– Oh. Mr.Rumlow. Burning the midnight Oil too?

The elevator arrives, and Thomas enters. Rumlow takes a hold of your jacket behind you. You can feel it, but Thomas doesn’t notice. You don’t move an inch. Thomas puts his hand in front of the doors, so they don’t close. Rumlow looks at him.

– No need to hold the elevator. I’m gonna need a few words with Miss YLN before she leaves!

Thomas nods, and lets go of the elevator doors. After they close, you turn around.

– What was that all about? A few words with Miss YLN?

– I don’t like you being around him!

His words sound hard. *Is he jealous?*

– Are you saying I can’t have friends at work?

– No, I’m not saying that. I just don’t like HIM!

– Do you know him? Do you know ANYONE at the office floor besides me?

He comes over to you. You swallow, hard. One again you are forced to walk backwards. Until you hit the wall by the freight elevator. He pushes the button. Then he leans in and whispers to you.

– This elevator has no windows.. No one can see us in there…

You open your mouth to say something, but another guy shows up. Wearing the same uniform as Rumlow. When the elevator arrives. Rumlow guides you inside, and turn towards the other guy. Raise his arms, and looks at him.

– You’ll take the next one.

Then the doors close, and Rumlow turns towards you.

– Now.. Where were we? Oh, that’s right. I was gonna show YOU. Why you belong to ME!

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