My Brother´s Best Friend (Romantic Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – You´re Reading Porn!

For the next hour, you go through the house one more time. Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Lights off, no stove left on. Good.

A honk sounds from outside. You walk out in the hallway, get your shoes on, and grab your bag and your suitcase. Honking again. More this time. Shut the fuck up, Brock! God, you haven’t even reached the car yet, and he is annoying you. This is promising. God!

You step outside, and send him an annoying look. He laughs back at you. Gets out of the car, ready to take your suitcase, and put it in the back for you. You snatch it from him.

– I can handle myself, thank you.

He sends you a teasing smile. Great, he hasn’t changed a bit.

– I know, YN!

Stupid! Just like he always was, and just like he’ll always be. Screw this.

– You could have knocked on the door you know! I have neighbours..

He lets out a little laugh, and playfully nudge your shoulder.

– Now, where’s the fun in that?

You hit his shoulder as hard as you can. He looks at you, tilts his head a little. You look back, angry.

– Careful, YN! I might fight back.

You roll your eyes at him.

– Sure you will. Just get me there safely, OK. And DON’T talk to me!

– OK, YN! No need to bite my head off. This was a detour for me.

You roll your eyes at him again.

– Oh, so you did this out of the kindness of your heart? Am I supposed to be thankful? You could’ve said no, you know!

He looks at you. It looks like he doesn’t get why you’re so hostile. Well, no surprise if he doesn’t remember. It’s not like he cares about anything other than himself, anyway.

– Well, I thought a three day trip with company sounded more fun than doing it alone. I’m starting to think I was wrong about that.

He opens the passenger door for you. You don’t get in, instead you get in the backseat.

– Just get me there in one piece, OK?

You say, before you close the door. Put your air-pods in, turn up the volume, and fish up a book.

Rumlow turns around, look at you. His lips moving, but because of the music you can’t hear what he says. He reaches for your air-pod. You slap his hand away. Turn off the music, and look at him.


– Are you gonna lie back there the entire trip?

– What does it look like?

Now it’s his turn to roll his eyes. You turn the volume back up.

– Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

He says, but you can’t hear him.


«I don’t make love. I fuck hard»

Fuck, why did you pick this book? It’s not like you haven’t read it before. You love this explicit stuff. That’s almost all you read. It’s just that 50 Shades Of Grey is NOT a good book to read, when you’re with… Fuck! You can’t exactly change the book now either. Forget it, YN! Keep reading. Don’t think. At least not about him.

You don’t know how much time has passed, when Rumlow clamps the breaks in, the sudden stop, makes you violently slide off the seat, and down on the floor. Your book gets thrown into the front seat, and one of your air-pods rolls under the drivers seat.

– What the hell! What was that for?

You yell at him. He turns around, smiles at you.

– I warned you!

You get up from the floor. Rubbing your shoulder.

– No, you didn’t!

– Yes, I did. And if you were a little bit more cooperative, you would have heard me!

– Pfft.. Cooperative…

You lean forward to get your book from the front seat, but he beats you to it. You try to snatch it from him. But he’s faster than you. Reads the Book Blurb. Then he turns to you, and smirks.

– You’re reading porn!

You try to snatch the book again. Once more he’s faster than you.

– It’s erotica!

He laughs, lets his tongue glide teasingly over his lips. You swallow.

– Whatever helps you sleep at night! It’s porn!

– Fuck you, Brock! And give me my book back!

He hands you your book, but keeps holding on to it, when you try to take it.

– I have rules. If you follow them, I’ll reward you. If you don’t, I’ll punish you…

– Huh?

What is his fucking problem. God! Is you reading erotica like an invite to sex? He’s even more arrogant than you remember him.

– Is that really how you like to be fucked?

– What?

– That’s what he says in the book. It says so right there.

He points to the back of the book. Then he smirks at you again.

– Screw you!

You snatch the book back.

– And find my air-pod!

Another smile. Another lick over his lips. Where is he going with this?

– So this is how this is going to work? You ordering me around?

He slowly nods his head while he’s talking to you. Does he really think he has a chance? Cocky!

– It’s your fault that I lost it. You and your stupid breaks!

He gets out of the car. Reaches under his seat, and get your air-pod up from the floor. Gives it back to you. When you’re about to put in back in your ear, he stops you.

– You know, it would be great to get to actually talk to you.

– Talk about what, Brock?

– I don’t know. Your book maybe!

His laugh annoys you more than you can take. You lift the book, and try to hit him with it. He ducks, and that makes him laugh even more.

– I might have gotten you all wrong, YN. Maybe you’re the one with the rules.

You don’t want to continue this conversation. It’s going places you do not want to end up.

– Why did you stop, Brock?

He looks at you.

– I’m hungry.

He points to a diner.

– You want anything?

Well, couldn’t hurt to eat something. You exit the backseat. Rumlow isn’t moving. He just stands there right in front of you. You open your mouth, ready to tell him to get the fuck out of your way. When he carefully removes your air-pods, leans into the backseat, pushing you backwards, you almost fall down on the seat. His arms on each side of you. Him looking over your shoulder. Putting the air-pods back in the box.

– You don’t need these when we eat.

He stands up, but waits a bit when his lips pass by your neck. His breath tickling you. You swallow again. What is his deal? You push him away.

– Yeah.. Like that’s ever going to happen!

– What’s not gonna happen?

You walk past him. Intentionally bump into him.

– Nothing, Brock! Nothing is going to happen.

You keep walking towards the diner, not turning around. So you don’t see his smirk.

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